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7:49 AM, Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004:
You all know how I feel about Bush. Longtime readers know how I felt about the 2000 election and that every vote should be recounted in Florida. It was obvious then and now that the Supreme Court ruling to stop the recount because there "wasn't enough time" was absolute horseshit. When the difference is 500 votes you get, it, right. With all that being said as well as me wanting to Bush out of office more than you can possibly imagine...Kerry lost and needs to concede. Period.
This is 136,000 votes. You have to understand that the provisional votes won't all count. The people got them because they "felt" there was a reason they weren't on the lists. Meaning they went to vote, the voting places said "you're not registered" and instead of having the people go apeshit - they gave them a provisional ballot that they could fill out and if by some chance it was a mistake, and the person should have been registered it would be added to the total. So even if there's 200,000 provisional ballots and let's say 75% of them are actually legitimate, Kerry would have to win those ballots at a margin of 91% to 9%. Not only is that not realistic, even the 75% assumption is outrageous. Add to that a 3.5 million popular vote lead and the first majority of the popular vote since 1988 - Bush clearly won re-election.
The humorous thing to me is watching all the Republicans this morning saying the exact same thing they said in 2000. I mean verbatim. Of course, they're right now. But when the margin was 500 votes, they acted the exact same way. "It's OBVIOUS we won, I mean what's the big deal? Why doesn't Gore concede?!" LOL. Politicians are classic. But this is one time where Kerry needs to see the writing on the wall and not drag this out. Truly because the country is very clear here. 3.5 million is obvious and needs to be respected.
I can't be too hard on the Kerry camp right now, because Bush would do the same thing were the roles reversed. It's not a democratic or republican action - it's a political action. WOAH.
Breaking news: Kerry concedes, press conference at 1 PM EST.
BWAHAHAHA. That has to be a first for an entry. As I'm typing this Kerry called Bush, therefore rendering my entire entry worthless. Well honestly, I'm glad I got my feelings in before I knew because it shows I'm a level-headed person and not a die-hard democrat. It was wrong to not take your time and recount Florida, and it was right to not drag this out. That's just common sense.
Now how do I feel? I thought fear would trump hope and it did. If you can make the masses truly believe that they will be unsafe with the other guy, it makes no difference what the other issues are. It's why organized religion has "worked" historically over thousands of years. 9/11 scared people, and the people in this country want the terrorists to pay. You wear a towel on your head? You're more responsible for the attack than me man, so get out the way. I believe it is a simple way to feel about life, but it is the reality in this country. When you look at all the state maps and see all the rural areas vote RED while all the urban areas vote BLUE - it says a lot, and when Bush gets re-elected by 3.5 million votes, it says a lot too.
Still blows my mind that the youth vote STILL didn't get out. Incredible ain't it? I mean we had 15 million new people registered, and only 7 million more votes than last year. Huh? 112 Million people voted? What the fuck? People are so stupid. I'll be the first to tell you that voting is usually the equivalent to rearranging the chairs on the Titanic, but this year it actually mattered...and the kids just had better things to do.
I am still certain that the Bush Administration will be mired in shit with the Iraq situation for years, and I do also believe that we just flipped the bird at the terrorists. I think there will be growing insurgence in Iraq, and that Bush alone, and his re-election, will create more terrorists than are defeated when it's all said and done. I believe any "hits" however will be aimed at our troops overseas because, well, they're right fuggin' there. Why set it up in the states when there's 140,000 troops sitting in the middle east. Draft? I don't know how we're going to avoid it unless we pull out early. Bush can promise all he wants, but if it is the difference between winning or losing Iraq? Yeah, there'll be a draft.
And finally if I take any solace in this, it's that Bush is now smack dab in the spotlight for the next 4 years. All the sinister things I believe the administration did to bring us into the mess in Iraq haven't gone anywhere, and they certainly didn't get to pawn it off on another administration. In fact, now that I think about it it's a very "you made your bed, now lie in it" sort of proposition. They can blame no one now with how it turns out. And when the Halliburton Investigations come down, it'll be on a standing vice-president. It could very well be Watergate-esque. But more than anything, Bush is now completely going to be held responsible for it and there's so many lies surrounding this war, he'll have nowhere to hide.
So there you have it, the end of my political ramblings. This "journey" has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with chronicling this crazy-ass road to success. Sorry I had to side-step for a couple of weeks, but I had to get my feelings about Bush off my chest. Instant Karma's gonna get him. No doubt. And I venture to say this second-term is going to be very, very bumpy.