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10:14 PM, Wednesday, October 20th, 2004:
I write the title as a question because that's what I pose to half the country who truly believes his record deserves another term. In all honesty, in all seriousness...what the fuck do you have to do to get fired? Forget whether he had ulterior motives to go into Iraq. The two reasons he claimed to the UN, the US, and every person on the planet was that Saddam was hiding weapons, and he had ties to Al Queada. That was why we had to go in, kill thousands of people, and take over the country. The UN didn't agree, half the US didn't agree and the majority of the world disagreed. But he decided to go ahead. That's fine, that's his choice as president - he had the power to do so. But these are the sorts of decisions that you stake your career on. He did, and he was wrong.
To me...that's the end of the debate. There is no choice. He fucked up, and fucked up bad. War is a BIG DEAL. Killing people is a BIG DEAL. When you make a mistake on something this huge, it is something you lose your job over.
Of course beyond that simple point is the fact that people in his administraion have said he wanted to go after Iraq since his first day in office and used 9/11 to get there. Understanding that makes the whole plan come together. The "Axis of Evil" speech where he set-up that if you harbor terrorists we will kill you, into Iraq having the weapons and ties to Al Queda leading to the war. A pre-emptive strike on a country that ended up having nothing we said it did. As someone who's followed politics closely my whole life I sat back and laughed at the political suicide Bush committed. To be so blind with your own agenda to not see that a pre-emptive war against the UN's wishes and half of your own country is a kamikaze mission. And then for it all to be a mistake! Wow, if that's not the final nail in your coffin...
Uhm, but it isn't. No one seems to care. No one remembers Vietnam, no one has read a history book. No one can see past the spinning, and even when someone shows the whole thing in a movie - the director fucks it up by putting so much of his OWN agenda into it - that it taints the whole picture. For crying out loud Michael, the truth was bad enough...why couldn't you see that?
The implications for re-electing him are so severe. Don't the republicans see that? That a vote for his re-election is a vote of support for what his administration has done the past few years? God that prospect is frightening as hell. It's probably the most taunting, arrogant thing we could ever do to the rest of the world. This election is just so serious. The stakes are so goddamn high. Anyone miss the 90's yet? Where's an intern with loose-lips when you need one? Where's the days when arguing politics just meant gun control, abortion and the economy? Looooooooooooooooong gone.
It's funny, I've been Libertarian ever since I could vote. I've never supported any two party candidate as I believe to even get to that level you're bought off. John Kerry is full of hot air and lies like the rest of them and will say anything to get elected. Anyone who thinks otherwise is truly naive. That's not to say he's a bad man, but he's a robot right now playing the percentages to get elected. Just like in 2000 when everyone was pissed at Bush for suing Gore when he wanted a recount. How it stalled everything and fucked up the whole process....uhm Gore would have done the EXACT same thing. Politicians pretty much have a rule book that their handlers follow and they stand up and read the words. The two party system is a joke...but this time around it's a very bad joke. It's deadly serious. If you don't believe me, just watch what happens on election day in Florida. When thousands of people are turned away at the voting stations. Here's what kills me: Officials in Florida told voters that didn't get their voter cards to COME DOWN TO THE POLLS ANYWAY, as their names might still be on the list. Why don't they just fuckin' hand them torches as they get out of their cars? That place is gonna riot, and riot HARD. You know it's gonna be crazy when the Democrats are placing thousands of lawyers at the voting stations just to get the lawsuits in on time. Man, this can't be over soon enough.
I would beg and plead for those of you voting for Bush to reconsider, but if you've already made that choice you have to believe that everything I've just written is off-base. If that's the case then there's nothing that anyone could say to you. But I do ask you one more time:  What does it take to be fired? Ask yourself what exactly a sitting president would have to do to make him lose his job? Then again, you guys answered "Blow Job" to that question 6 years ago and still don't see the ridiculousness of that. Clinton should be kicked out of office for lying about sex, but Bush should be re-elected...
For once however, I'm speaking publically about it. I've always kept quiet because I don't support the system at all. Carlin said it best when he said voting democrat or republican is like rearranging the seats on the Titanic. I really couldn't agree more. I don't support Kerry. He is the most politician-like politician out there...but Bush has to be removed and Kerry is the only guy who can do it. For that reason, and that reason only you better believe I want him to win.
The video however has nothing to do with supporting a candidate and everything to do with my absolute outrage that half the country doesn't see what's happening. Where's the outrage? Where's the music? Seriously, I love Eminem and all - but why the fuck does he continue to spit out copycat songs and videos when he could singlehandedly destroy the establishment with his position in the world. He has more talent with words than anyone I've ever heard, and if he would just look at the world around him - wow. He could absolutely change everything. Get the youth back into caring about more than just their ipods. (sigh) Well my song is just a remake of Country Joe McDonald's anthem that I felt was ready for an update. Amazing how much is relevent today.
I realize for many of you who follow me, this changes how you view me. For once, I just don't care. I've never felt more strongly about something in my life. This is as much a part of who I am as The Trinitrons. I only wish I could do more.
PS - Please don't confuse my use of footage from Fahrenheit 9/11 as an endorsement for that movie. As I said above, I think Moore completely hurt the cause by exagerrations, misleading facts, and straight out propoganda when the truth was just as damning. I do feel he's an incredibly valuable person to our society but it always pains me how easily the "facts" in his projects can be ripped apart. It's sloppy filmaking. However, the movie was the only thing I own that had any visual representation of what I'm singing about, and for that reason I used the footage. Mr. Moore if you somehow happen upon this I hope you understand my criticism of your work and realize we're both trying to show the country (the world already knows) what an incredibly dangerous man this president is. I just wish you'd have done your homework a little better.