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10:32 AM, Friday, October 8th, 2004:
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh shit. Get a load of this story:
So the interview Tuesday went incredibly well. Like stupid well. I sat with the lady for TWO hours and pretty much just talked about life. She said she knew if someone was wrong for the position within 5 minutes and literally 2 hours later we were havin' a ball. I couldn't believe how good it went. There was a grunt position open, but she was considering making the grunt work be spread over all the designers and bring in another designer. Either way - there was a job and the only other candidate was a girl right out of college that she was leery about. So she said after the interview to let her talk to a few people (I assumed to figure this grunt/designer thing out) and I should call tomorrow afternoon.
Yahoo. I was pumped. Being that she's the only one who has last say in this, couldn't have gone better. The only hint of negative seemed to be that she thought it might be too limiting to me as there's very little design in this job and basically a lot of grunt work. Wasn't sure how to tell her I'd shovel dog shit for a living without coming off crazy, but it didn't really matter as that was hardly touched upon.
I shall preface part 2 of this entry by saying she made it very clear that she is somewhat forgetful and needs to be bugged now and then. In the inteview she even joked that a guy was wondering if she'd take a restraining order out on him as he was calling so much. So I said I would call her tomorrow afternoon.
Now it took all the restraint in the world not to call at 12:01. But I was cool and since our interview was at 2:00 and she had just gotten back from lunch, I figured I'd give her until 2:00 the next day. Very, very difficult. But I made it, I left a message at 2:00 and proceeded to wait. Nothing for another hour so I called again, and was able to catch her. She said that some of the people she needed to talk to called in sick and to give her another day. No problem.
Of course that does suck. You all understand the tightrope I'm walking. This job is absolutely HUGE at this point. Hard to have a successful divorce when one person is without income. My entire life is completely hinging on this phone call and boom - another 24 hours. No big deal though, the interview was perfect. 24 hours.
Called the following afternoon (yesterday) at 2:00 and left a message...same routine. Finally got her at 3:30 PM, but she had another really important meeting and said she'd call me back. AHHHHHHHHH. This is when I think that something's wrong. But I figure I'll wait until 5:00 and call there's two people in her office and she can't talk. LOL. She actually laughed at this point. Took my home number and said she'd call by the end of the day. She also talked with me for a second that she was again concerned that I wouldn't like the job, and that it would be unfulfilling and boring. I wasn't able to answer her then but it drove me nuts for the next hour. How do you answer that question? I just worked in a chiropractor's office for two years. That wasn't the excitement of century but I was good at it and enjoyed it. I really just wanted to get her to understand that my creative fulfillment comes in a million different ways and I don't expect my job to be the source of it all. Grrrrrr. So frustrating.
6:00 rolls around and of course...nothing. That's what she said the work day was 9-6. So I figured I was completely screwed for another 24 hours. I left one more message and then tried to "catch" her for the following hour thinking maybe she would come back from a meeting and I'd get her right before she left.
Now at WORST she would have some sort of caller ID and realize I was calling every 10 minutes. But in that case, it would be slightly amusing as she'd see how much I wanted the job. Then again, it wasn't a cell phone so I doubted even that was a possibility. I truly thought she had gone home. She said sometimes they stay until 7, so I figured I'd try to get lucky before then because after that - it's a whole 'nother day.
At about 6:45 I gave up. Totally bummed. Had no idea what to do. I started to get the feeling she wanted to be wowed. You know? Like you hear of people applying for jobs that send creative baskets to the person or do some imaginative thing that tips the scales. I've never been in that position, and hell after what she said about the "limiting" aspect of the job being overly-creative seemed like a negative. It was just amazing to me that this had gone on for over two days after an interview like that. And really that interview was the strangest "Dance" I'd ever have. It felt quite a bit like the next 2 days where you have no clue whether to push or wait. But then...
She called back. 7:00 she calls back and this is where Swingers comes in. She was in the office the entire time having a meeting with her boss and heard exactly how many times I called. (sigh) I was completely apologetic and explained I was just trying to catch her before she left, and never would have dreamed she'd be sitting there listening to the phone ring without answering it for an hour, but INDEED she was. (sigh) I tried to joke about the guy with the restraining order she had mentioned and that elicited the zinger of "At least he was amusing".
It's funny at the time I was all horrified, but looking back on it a day later I don't think I was out of line at all. I only left one message and she has said, and proved, that she needs reminders...but what a nightmare. It was such a moment man. The moment she said "Are you the one who's been calling me every 5 minutes in the last hour?"...all I could think of was the scene from Swingers. Heh. Great scene.
Anyway, it was swept under the rug and she assured me she would have an answer by tomorrow. But she covered her tracks really well. Said the boring comment again. Said the grunt work was better suited for someone right out of college who would actually be excited for something like that 'cause none of us knew any better at that age, and that they were already training two new designers so it looked like there wouldn't be a third. So somehow, some way - I lost this...maybe. Ugh. My only glimmer of light is that she could hear the desperation in my voice and actually said:  "You really need this soon don't you..." So she knows where I stand, and all I can hope is that she throws out the ball.
I am in line at the unemployment office Monday (as I should have been last Monday) depending on the call today (and I'm sure as hell not calling her - LOL). I have never been on unemployment in my life, but I really have little choice while I'm looking for a job. Mortgages don't stop while you're out of work. I'm still in shock though. This was such an obvious lock on Tuesday. At least I count my chickens in both directions. LOL. I've already prepared for losing it before I lost it, just as I prepared for having it before I had it.
I'll learn...