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3:35 AM, Sunday, September 26th, 2004:
You know I'm so focused on the next show that telling the twist of T3 no longer seems like the "sin" it has been for the 6 months I've known of it. In fact, I actually thought of it over a year ago and am amazed that it came off so well - but Columbus took the cake. No reaction will be better than those sitting in that first show last night. So much so that I'm going to take the audio from Columbus and insert it in some places on the DVD, and especially the end.
What's even funnier is that what creates the great reaction isn't just people clapping and yelling... it's that they didn't get it right away. See, the entire show (and really the entire trilogy) is setting up one moment: the last 5 seconds of the show. I truly thought everyone would see it coming from a mile away. Now, had that been true...the audience would be clapping in anticipation right as the lights come on. But they don't. They had no idea. The lights come on and it's right in front of their eyes, but it's such a shock that I believe the audience truly doesn't believe what it's seeing. It's truly a moment of magic for me because it means I succeeded on a a whole bunch of levels in the scheme of storytelling. Just as much as a writer/director as a performer.
Now if this isn't enough of a motivator for you guys to finally download the new version of windows media player, I don't know what is. Heh. I'm talking specifically to the few of you who have been having problems with your media players. That or mac users who don't want to admit that there is a version of windows media player for your beloved special box. Here - was that so hard?
(ed., 02.06.09 - apparently it was, which is why I'm putting the whole fuckin' Journey on Youtube)
Anyway, that's the peak for me. That is what makes it so easy to put The Trinitrons away and move on. It was incomplete at one show, and has now come full circle. I'm incredibly proud of these three DVDs that as a whole make a killer 90 minutes of entertainment. I'm so in tune right now with what matters as an artist that I actually laugh at people that think I'd be bummed that this idea didn't make me famous and wealthy. I will get a level of fame and will certainly make my money before my days are over. But I guarantee it will be a time filled with utter frustration trying to keep the freedom I have right now. The second there's money behind you, those with the money make the decisions. It's the balance you share in an effort to get a bigger audience. I will still fight to make it to that level, but am aware that my proudest moments as an artist may be in what I make on my own. From The Boyles to The Trinitrons...therein lies me.
The day of the show turned out to be pretty crazy. Our normal stomping grounds may be a thing of the past after their lack of organization almost cost us the room. They had no clue who I was for a good 30 minutes until my father finally faxed over the paperwork. Complete mess. Then there was no bartender so we had to just buy a bunch of pop and throw it in a bin. Weak. But since this was a kid-friendly event it worked out pretty well. And the kids had a good time for sure. Incredibly no one cried, no one talked too much, it was pretty great. And nothing beats a bunch of 5 year olds thinking your a rockstar. LOL. I was very happy that my cousins and other friend's kids finally got to see what it is I've been doing all this time in LA. Oh and Media Morsel's little "Gone and Forgotten" bit actually garnered me at least ONE renewed WTVN fan. ! Can't remember the guy's name for the life of me now, but he said he read that, saw the site - and started following The Journey. And man, he remembered some pretty errant WTVN things. He remembered the Marv Albert / Barbara Walters mock interview I did that seriously I think I ran twice in the 3 years I was at WTVN. It never even made it onto an anthology disc either. Crazy. Heh. Welcome to the new journey buddy. Hope you enjoy it.
So the final step in the Trinitron story is shipping out all the promotional DVDs to agencies, publicists and important people all over this city. Of course without an agent, manager or a publicist getting other agents managers or publicists to actually watch the disc is quite difficult. It is a crapshoot, it is a longshot, but it's what needs to be done. I still haven't forgotten my goal to be on television with 4tvs this year, although even I can admit that I may deserve a Mulligan for all that has transpired in the past few months. I'll write up a little bio insert for the DVD, have a cover letter explaining my goals and I still think a Good Day LA morning show is entirely feasible. Which would set-up publicity for the "real" one-man show:  The Journey.
See? It all just works out in the end right? Well, I'm just schemin' like I've always been but I guess that's the point. I continue to do that, and continue to believe. And The Journey show is gonna rule. It will be the biggest thing I've ever tried to put together and should simply leave people with their jaws dropped.
Alright, must sleep - it's almost 5 AM.