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1:08 AM, Friday, September 24th, 2004:
Man am I whooped. It's such a good whooped though. Being productive is a drug. And even more amazing, is that on top of all I've produced in the past 2 months and am still producing - oh speaking of which, here's the final cover:
I think I like the back of this one more than either of the last two... ANYWAY on top of all I've produced in the past 2 months and am still producing, this week in Columbus has been spent literally dreaming about the next show. I'm watching it in my head as I fall asleep now.
The biggest influence for all this is my dad's new keyboard that has allowed me to create the "theme" for the entire show. It'll pretty much be the glue that puts all the pieces together and is actuall an instrumental version of the last song I posted: "Empty Walls". Once I nailed that instrumental piece - I just saw the entire show. I'm just so excited for this show. I have so many ideas flowin' out of me.
Some great ways to trick the audience and really play with the live/taped thing. This show will be incredible. And being able to bring back all the old "Hearing My Thoughts" sets as I tell "The Journey"
Hell forget even the music - I just imagine me onstage talking about coming to LA, and in each TV are all those very first Journey videos running on every's like a living breathing website performed live. I mean - FINALLY there's a substantive reason to have chronicled 5 years of my life so anally and all with videos. It just seems perfect people. It just seems like the key. It seems like the culmination of everything... and the best part? The ending. That it doesn't end. I end it saying... "This will be Entry # ____, the Journey continues". Whew. I'm gonna take my time here and really make this special. I want to have it ready by August 2005 when we're having a Family Reuinion so I can get more of the family to see all this. The Journey isn't exactly a pretty story - but it has the potential to be completely special. I just can't wait. I start working on it the second I get home.
And then there's that word man...home. I can't even express how hard the past few days have been. How unbelieveably envious I am of Jessica for truly being able to live back here. In every single way except my starry-eyed dreams - Columbus is home. Family being footsteps away, grass - actual weather patterns, great neighborhoods - HUGE houses for $150,000...basements, no traffic, sincere people, good schools, friendly neightbors...ugh. I could go on and on. This is home. But I can truly, never have that. Why the fuck do I sacrifice all of that happiness? I've said it a million times man - I believe it's right. I believe if you overlook the 6 billion people on this planet, and a big hand picks them up and scans scan comes up: entertainer/artist. Period. In the history of mankind I just don't believe there's been a more obvious candidate to be what I am. What I've created in the past 10 years is proof of that if nothing else. But man, Jessica is extremely lucky...
...funny considering her week. Get this. I step on the plane Thursday. She starts to get really sick. By the next morning she's completely dyin'...throwin up, flu like symptoms - just hurtin'. I told her she should probably go to the hospital - good thing, it's her appendix and she has an emergency appendectomy that night. (sigh). I mean could the timing be any worse? Everything went alright but recovery from that surgery kinda sucks. You can't laugh, cough - stand up, do much of anything. It's a good two weeks she's gonna be out. Thankfully she's kinda moved in with Marshall and Mary for the week (thank you 500 times over guys) and she's in good spirits. It sucks because she was planning to come out to surprise me at the show tomorrow night, as she was only gonna be able to get away from work for like 4 days. Not now. Sucks, her being there made the last joke of the night so much easier to swallow. I kinda poke fun of me being divorced twice at 28 and it will and would've been uncomfortable either way. It's just an uncomfortable joke - but it will be a good segue into talking about a few things at the end of the show. $10 saysa about 10 people find out we're getting divorced at that exact moment. Heh. Can't be any worse than hearing about it on the radio first. LOL. God my life is fuckin weird.
...but goddamn do I love it. For the first time in my life, I'm completely cool about getting older. Why? I know I will fill everyday of my life with amazing ideas, amazing projects, amazing productions - all in an effort to entertain and get me to the next level. And when I'm dead and gone - anyone who cares will be able to truly know who I was and what I stood for with a few clicks of a mouse, and a few hours of entertainment. How can you possibly be unhappy about that? And it comes full circle because if I was in Columbus right now, there'd be zero motivation to continue to keep climbing a ladder that only goes up 5 rungs. I'd be sitting on that 4th and 5th rung forever. Yeah in LA, I may only be on the 7th of 1,000 - but I'm movin'. That movement, that Journey....that's all that matters.
Here's hopin' the show kicks ass tonight. Errr...kicks butt.
Yeah, the only worry now is keeping "Live Adam" clean. LOL.