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11:43 AM, Thursday, September 17th, 2004:
I start with a sigh because it's all you can do really. The best laid plans right? "I'm going into filmmaking like everyone else. I have all the skills, it's a helluva lot more marketable than 4tvs. T3 marks the end."
And then the "flux capacitor" vision part 37.
I've been threatening to do "The Journey" , as a 4tvs show, forever now. It's even a nice little inside joke on the first T1 DVD that it says: "Coming Fall 2002". An idea of a 4tvs show that takes you on the ups and downs of this hellish LA road. Special because with the TVs - I can do say 30 seconds of a Trinitrons show change a hat, and go right into a song or another part of the story - all in one seamless visual presentation. Hell I can even talk about the infamous "Comedy Store" night…do a moment from that show - and even have THAT audience's live reaction for sound.
It never came to fruition as I couldn't find the story arc. There just wasn't enough content and without some direction it'd be pretty boring. By this year it was pretty obvious it wasn't going to happen. I was "done" with 4tvs and if anything it would be a short film…but even that - what's that? A movie about your life? Made by you? Huh? Just doesn't work. Then early year I did and it occurred to me that the Journey songs were now a project within itself. And on top of that, this year they became more than just songs…the videos themselves portrayed the feelings as much as the words (i.e. speeding up the video when I'm cuh-RAZY)…
I mean, those songs, and that way of recording emotions as they happen, are special. They are the journey. A show of these songs started to creep into my head, but I didn't want to just talk, and then play a video of me singing. How boring would that be? I'm right there - I should perform it…but damn those videos are good.
Then Tuesday night happened. During the 51 minute Chinese water torture my mind was all over the place. In and out of dreams, daydreams - basically hallucinating (you should all try waking up every hour. Good times - lol) I thought of the show and had just a killer idea. One of those ideas that yeah, will probably change my entire life for 2005 and put off any "filmmaking" until thereafter. Picture this badass show:
The 4tvs, and in the middle a piano/keyboard sideways. I actually perform the songs while the "DV Therapy" video comes up, but here's the wrinkle: there's a videocamera on me, just as it is in all my "DV Therapy" songs. That image is piped into one of the TVs while I'm doing the show live. The other TVs will have whatever images are necessary for the story. But as I tell the story, I control everything that comes on. I time it all out, flip the image from the pre-recorded 4tvs DVD to the live shot of me when performing, then back to the 4tvs DVD when I talk about the Trinitrons. Mixing the video as I go, and the kicker - the camera will be recording. I record the show just like I record my DV therapy videos, just this time in front of an audience. Then, THAT footage can be reworked into the next show. The sense of what's live and filmed will be blurred. As well I get to perform live and taped at the same time, and the audience sees it on all 4tvs and they see it live - WITH the original footage of when it was shot. AHHHHHHHHH. Heh. The best part, I can easily monitor everything. The camera has a viewable screen, and I can use my portable DVD player to watch from my vantage point what is being seen live. If written correctly, this is the Aspen show. This is it. This is the one-man show that truly shows an audience something they've never seen before, all the while allowing me to sing and play music, and talk people through the entire story.
ON TOP OF THAT gooey mess of fun.- it's always breathing. The Journey always continues. The hard part will be keeping this to an hour. But man, what an awesome hour. The mix of live/taped/ that whole jumble chaotic goodness - that's the shit. That could be specTACULAR. Of course for the next 51 minute burning cycle, I didn't come close to sleeping. You kidding? The second I thought of taping myself, like an entire DV therapy video live onstage and having it come through one of the TVs? Well that did it. That determined my 2005. No avoiding it. Add to that the beginning of the show, where I can actually trick people into thinking it's taped. I can start off singing a song, have old footage come up, then me live onstage singing it before the spotlight comes up…and then they realize it's live when the spotlight comes on. So many possibilities.
One problem. I need new TVs. It's time. It's so necessary that I'm considering going down to 21 inch flat screens as anything bigger is OUTRAGEOUS for flatscreens and there's no way I'm replacing the TVs with the clunky ones again.. What sucks about going smaller is that I will have to blow-up everything I've ever done 4tvs related, so thay're the correct size for my big-ass LIVE head. I can pull off a 21 inch for $6-700, and though not doable now - doable in the near future. That also means I could change my entire set-up and basically get rid of my trailer. That could be $1000 - $1500 right there. Those pups are in high demand out here. To pull off the show though, I would need a video mixer and those bitches are pricey as hell. Ugh. But you know what, it will happen. I can't believe I'm gonna do this, and I can see everyone saying - JESUS YOU WERE OUT MAN! You were "movin' on…". Now you're gonna redo 4tvs from the ground-up for one show? A show that hasn't worked financially for you in 5 years?
Yup. You bet I am. And it's gonna be the coolest thing anyone's ever seen. So there. I mean what's my alternative? Buy a camera and make short-films to get into festivals like everyone else out here? I mean it may still come down to that, but I can't ignore something with the potential of being this awesome. Sure it has the direction of Aspen as it will be more "intelligent" than The Trinitrons, but that is NOT why I'm doing it. I'm doing it because it's the right thing to do. I physically become euphoric thinking about it. The show I see in my head should make you laugh and cry. OOOH just had another good idea. Man… this really is it. I'm now devoting the next 12 months of my life to this. All in an effort to get it done in time to push it for Aspen…Christ - Aspen 2006 which they'll choose in November 2005.
The final piece of all of this is what the hell does that do to T3? Does it render it useless? No, I still think I can get on TV with it, I still think it can make some noise, but now when it does garner interest - I'll have another project to point them towards. That's always a plus. But this "Journey" 4tvs show is the key. All those videos…360? All that content that can be weaved seamlessly into one show taking you through 5 years. Man - that's the shit. That's the piece de resistance of 4tvs.
But for the next week - it's all things Trinitrons for one last run. It's an awesome show and I just can't wait to share it with everyone. And for the first time I can truly say "EVERYONE". Heh.
Goddamn I'm tired. And now October gets to be filled producing this new show. Ha. Classic Adam. Don't ever stop man. Run like the bear is 2 feet behind you. Run, run, run.
Oh and here's just one more song for the show. Watched this with Jess this morning. Balled our eyes out. Isn't life FUN?!!? (sigh).