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10:47 PM, Wednesday September 15th, 2004:
Apparently, a pretty good form of torture is waking someone up every hour. If done for a few days it can lead to insanity. It should give you some insight to this project that spending the last two nights waking up every 51 minutes and 30 seconds to change a DVD in the burner was the most peaceful and wonderful moments of the entire DVD making process. Yes folks, the state of DVD authoring in the year 2004 is that…friggin'…horrible.
I promised myself after the T2 disc that I would find a new program, as DVD it! Pro is easily the worst software I've ever used…but alas, there just wasn't enough time. I had no choice but to use it. The problems are stupid to get into but it can pretty much be summed up in vague errors that give you no idea what's wrong. So you redo the disc from scratch ten times. But this go round we had an entirely new problem…once the disc was burned it wouldn't play correctly. 5 of the 20 videos just didn't work, but the rest of the disc was fine.
After a night of re-rendering each file, changing a million settings…and still nothing working, I realized this was probably not going to happen. There's just too many things it could be. I was ready to go buy new DVDs, a new burner, whatever. So Tuesday I started with DVDs. I tried one, and no luck. Changed one setting - tried one more and amazingly…it worked. As of this moment, I have no idea what made it work as the setting was completely unrelated…but it was on now. I had 48 hours until my flight took off and I had to make as many copies as humanly possible even if that meant no sleeping.
The other kicker in all this was I have no buffer period. It is routine for me to labor over every second of my DVDs. Writing down every sound problem, every picture or button that isn't perfect - basically things no one will notice but me…but this time, I had to live with it all. Luckily, I've done this so often, that my first shot is pretty kick-ass. The DVD is filled with all sorts of goodies, and it's as much a part of the experience as the live show is. There's a few things that irk me, like the live show has one pause in it because I had to break the show up in order for the program to see it. It's at a good point in the show and most of you won't even notice it but ugh….shit like that bugs me. But really, that's about it. I'm just grumpy that I can't obsess over it and redo it 500 times.
When all is said and done I'll have about 40 DVDs ready, and obviously cases for more and I'll just mail out the DVDs later. Unfortunately I will have zero T2 discs and only 5 T1 discs available as well. That suuuuuuuuuuucks. But you can blame all that on the guest house. As I sit here 12 hours before I fly home, I cannot believe what I pulled off in the past 6 weeks. There's no way I should have all of this ready. But knock, knock, knock - I do…
…of course not only don't I have the covers done, but I don't even have it designed yet. Since I could do it in Columbus, I had to put it off. I'm tellin' you man - every possible second to get this done. Unbelieveable.
But enough of the technical bullshit, the final Trinitron DVD is done. As well, it marks the end of the Trinitron Chronicles. 23 entries of pride and joy resulting in 3 pieces of "art/content" that I couldn't be more proud of. They are who I was at a moment in time, and are unbridled creativity. More specifically, all that transpired during T3 is just unheard of. It hit me last night that you can see my wedding ring on the first chronicle video, and that it's gone by the last one. There's something in me folks. It's this insane need to produce CONSTANTLY. It never wavers no matter how bad the situation is. Hell we were moving into our house last year during T2 - it was craaaaazy. And now all this? It's what makes me feel destined to pull this off. It's sub-conscious. My mind/body deals with every possible roadblock as a reason to produce more art. Good or bad, produce, produce, produce. And if you can believe it last night I had an epiphany about my next project that will consume the entirety of 2005. It's gonna be extraordinary.
For now, enjoy watching me freak out about 1 of easily 35 problems in the last week. And btw, I never really drank because of this. I needed every waking sober minute to pull this off, it just made the video funny.