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11:44 PM, Wednesday September 2nd, 2004:
Adam, you can stop now. Grab a beer, watch Cheers and hang with the pups. You don't need to produce anything more. You made it. Relax already.
Nah, just a little bit more...but I will grab that beer.
So in what was to be the final Trinitron Chronicle, the big premiere, I'm realizing it isn't the end of the line. The finished product is the DVD, not the show, so tonight was simply another taping. Strange isn't it? You can see the winds of change sweeping over me as we speak. Errr...write. It's not a change so much as... well lemme get to the show:
It was surreal. I was a director who happened to be onstage during the movie. That's what it felt like. As I've tried to explain before, this final show is very story centered and Live Adam is just along for the ride. I think everyone at the show tonight saw a guy who wants so badly to make films he could barely stand to be onstage...not because he didn't like performing - but because he wanted to WATCH the show.
The big jokes all worked, and although this show doesn't have as many one-liners and sexual innuendos as the others - the story is solid. To me it was my tribute to the characters to give them a little more respect and end it the right way. And man did it end right...the reaction was awesome - people really just didn't see it coming. In fact it's staring them in the face and they still don't see it...and then it hits 'em. This might be my favorite of the 3 simply because of the audience reaction to the last moment.
After the show I met some lady who completely grilled me on what I was doing. You have to have a path, you have to have a goal...why are you doing this...what do you want to be? What I wanted was to kick her in the nuts, but luckily she has none and I just sat there and tried my damndest not to scream. On one hand, I actually enjoy this personality type. She's what makes a good manager and understands that there's a wealth of talent and just didn't want to see it wasted. However if she only knew, the years I have spent answering those goddamn questions and that finally - FINALLY - I've gotten to the place where I enjoy the art so much, nothing else matters...she'd know it was not the time to grill me. I'm not at that place. I will be, but the art is so satisfying, this DVD will be so fun to look at in 10 years - that is what fuels me. All that other shit will come in time, it's ten times more important for me to be at peace with what I'm doing and create my HEART. Because I guarantee you all - at some point, that freedom will be gone. I will have to run every creative idea through someone, some suit that just doesn't get it, and the "art" of it all will go away. Now, I get to enjoy the process. So lady, please...shut the fuck up. But thanks for comin! ;-)
After the crowd left Marshall, Daniel and I ran through certain parts of the show and taped it from different angles (even moving the camera which will make me have to friggin' track every frame of that shit for the TVs...nightmare). Strangely enough - this pissed off the theater owner as he thought I should give him more money for that extra hour? !?!?! Every show I've ever done there (ten of em) the guy running it all but gave me the keys while he went and drank in the back with his buddies until like 1 in the morning. So needless to say I was a bit surprised when he asked for $20 more. Whatever, I was apologetic and explained this was the case for every show I've ever done there. In fact because my show is only 30 minutes (the improv show is usually 90) I figured it was all even. Thinking about it now though, it occured to me why he was pissed - he knew I had a full house and his agreement was just a flat fee not a piece of that. Petty as hell. I gave him the $20 and drove off. Seems a shitty way to leave all that after 2 1/2 years, but for as small as the theater is I just don't see the point in continuing to rent that out. He seemed like a pretty unhappy guy too. The improv group that used to be there moved somewhere else and I don't know...I just got a depressed vibe from him. Hope things work out for him. So that will be the last show there. C'est La Vie.
Now comes the insanity of trying to edit all of this in less than two weeks. Forget just the editing - try using that GODDAMN DVD program. That's the part that will drive me bonkers. Wish I had had time to learn a new one. Alright, so the final taping is done! Heh. That's so exactly what tonight was. It was another day of taping with extras. This show will BE the DVD.
PS - I'd like to act like this video was done at this time - but that's a friggin' lie. It took me another two weeks to get this video done, but for those reading after the fact - it all just fits together so neatly! LOL - enjoy, good trailer.