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12:58 AM, Friday August 27th, 2004:
I gotta admit, it's kinda cool it all happened in a one calendar month. Life has it's poetry every now and again.
And really, I pulled it off amazingly quick considering I also finished T3 in the same month. In fact...holy shit. I completed T3, and this garage conversion in the exact same period. Oh yeah, I finished T3 today.
Realize of course there has been considerable time off work lately. It's been slower than usual, and since we've already established I'm done at the end of next month, I believe there's a bit of a phase out. Oh well, you move onto the next gig. I have more skills than I believe any human should be allowed sometimes, and I'll find something.
Even with that though, man I flew on the room. The carpet came in a week ago and I had the strangest experience of moving my entire life...100 feet away. Though it probably sounds easier, it really isn't. It's exactly like moving for real - just without the scenery of highways. All the hard shit is still there. What blew me away was that everything actually worked. I mean, I routed more cables than the carpet guys had ever seen before and I plugged everything in and - voila. Worked the first time. Get this - I even routed an ethernet cable under some unused sprinkler pipes underneath my driveway, under thouse through the garage wall - split two times, soldered back together and boom. No problem. Jess is completely networked from inside the house. Nothing EVER works that good.
There is bad news however. The creek. Goddamn the creek in the floor board. It was the one spot I knew I'd never get out - and when everything else is perfect, it sucks even more. Smack dab in the middle of where everyone walks when they come in. (sigh). It's the only spot in the entire place, but GOD it bugs me. That and as I mentioned before the drywall job - fucking pathetic. The ceiling is even more of a laugh. It's stable as hell, but I need to get that bubbly ceiling paint stuff to hide the flaws. OTHERWISE, it's awesome. It is now my home. I will still have the tiny bedroom (and I do mean tiny, it's 9x7!) but 95% of my life is now here.
The real house though - whew: depressing as shit. Jess and I spend zero time there. It's just a constant reminder of everything that we still don't want to think about right now as it does us no good anyway. So much has to be done, and this will be dragged out for at least another 6 weeks or so. So difficult.
And by the way - to all the "husbands" out there getting shit from their wives because you still haven't finished that deck or basement project, I have a good reply for you. "No problem babe, all you have to do is leave me and I'll get right on it." ;-) That should shut 'em up for a bit. Heh.
So of course, the other news is equally as huge - T3 is complete. Of course there's a few audio things I could work on for the next 3 years, but I have no more time. I have 2 1/2 days at work (thank GOD!) and then the show. Can't believe that it took every second of my free time to complete this. It is by far the most labored over work I've ever done. I'll get into it in The T3 Chronicles Part 7 probably on Wednesday if I can find the time to edit the Trailer. The final Chronicle will be the premiere and then - it's a PAAAAAACKED 2 weeks as I try to finish the DVD and burn 50 copies by the time I leave. I haven't even begun to start on that and last time it took me about a month to finish everything. Son of a bitch I just don't know how I finish it all. I need that 10 day vacation in Columbus in the worst way.
For now however... Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse and kickass this Thursday night at 8 PM.
Hope you LA folks can make it out. Check out the shows page for all the info.
PS - Wow, just counted - 10 entries in this month. That's 25 friggin' entries in 2 months. All with videos and.... ugh. Head spinning man. What a period of time...