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12:58 AM, Friday August 27th, 2004:
It's not really my intention to just sit and whine about how long shit takes. I think I'm just astonished. I'm astonished at what...say a 14 hour day bulding the guest house looks like and a 14 hour day editing T3 looks like. It's remarkable.
14 hours is a long time. When I got up this morning I was certain I would not only finish this TINY 30 second piece, but another piece I needed to finish just to lock the picture and start concentrating on the audio. Certain. Well I was certainly wrong. And it's not like I was slow or there were problems with the computer - or I was stuck creatively. I pretty much knew exactly what I needed to do each step of the way, it just took forever.
So yeah, you could say things are getting kind of tense with T3. I open on the 2nd. That's 6 days away. I can't say I'm not even close, but man - I don't know how I'm gonna pull this off. And then the DVD? Wow. I've never missed a deadline so it would be the equivalent of hell freezing over, but it is getting chilly. The probelm is that it obviously just takes too fuckin' long for the tiniest parts. Hell, what I have to do tomorrow will take alllllll day as well. And there's no way around it. It's pain-staking frame by frame roto work that is absolutely draining...
...the show however is incredible. This disc is going everywhere. I'm tellin' you this is gonna be in every person's hand I can find. There's just no weak spots, and it friggin' mooooooooves. It's just a great ride. Packed with so many great parts - you will all be amazed that 30 minutes of your life has just past. It makes T1 look like the goddamn opera. My generation of short attention spanners should be lovin' it.
Which makes me even more amazed I can sit at a computer for literally 14 straight hours and move a mouse and click a space bar. There's zero rendering time, so you're moving straight through. Almost 100% in photoshop just making all those pictures, and planning the bits of animation. Oh and searching on Google for shit. Goddamn I am a Google God now. I can find a picture of anything. Heh. I'll leave it at that. It's amazing how much porn pops up in image searches for even the most innocent of things. Must suck havin' kids now. But for adults, the internet is so awesome. Need a sound effect? Boom, internet. Need a background? Boom, internet. It's just all there. Needed a picture of a 5 person tandem bicycle. Got it. Then needed that same 5 person tandem bicycle, but with everyone's legs the opposite way.... Got it. It's incredible. Hardest part obviously is how big the pictures are. resolution is key in most of this.
Anyway, this little sitcom opening is a parody of "Three's a Crowd" from the mid 80's. The short-lived Three's Company spinoff that I was absolutely in love with as a 9 year old. I was soooooooo hot for the female lead. I know, I was nine, but believe me - I was hot for her. Hell even some of the plumbing worked at that age. I had crushes on women from the womb man.
Anyway... last year I found it and actually - hell I posted it didn't I? Yeah, here it is. Heh. I believe it is the quintessential 80's sitcom opening. From the theme to the visuals.
Unfortunately no one ever saw it, but that's alright. The song was just so perfect, and I literally had to change about 4 words to "parody" it. Good thing to, because I had to sing over the dude. Out of context, it's hard to fathom how it works into the show, but does. It's not the opening of the show either, it's stuck in the middle. Y'all will dig it.
As well, this little opening was the first thing I completed in my (gasp) new studio. I'm conflicted on whether to call this a Guest House or a Studio. Since there's no running water, may just have to stick with studio. Anyway, yes - it is complete. It's been complete since Monday, but the "moving" process took up quite a few days. I'll get into it in the next entry, but suffice to say - the room is amazing. Still can't believe it's the garage.
So there ya have it. Enjoy the video and let me know what you think. Oh the Columbus show is official. Friday, September 24th at the Comfort Inn Club Room. Same place it's been the past 2 years, but this time we get the room we had the first year. It's a cooler layout, but seating is a bit awkward. Get there around 7:30 and you'll be fine. Sorry I don't have flyers made yet - but I'm woefully behind on the editing, so the flyers are last.
Must sleep.