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11:32 PM, Wedesday August 4th, 2004:
I believe we've now officially put every phase of my life into purgatory. This is going to cease to be amusing relatively quickly, but for now - it makes me shake my head and laugh.
So I sit down with Doc at work and explain to her that unless things get really busy, and I can depend on more normal hours, starting in October I'll have to get another job. To which she replied that she had a feeling it wouldn't get much busier and now that I mention it she was thinking about going it alone soon anyway.
I mean there are zero hard feelings here, it's just the way it is (sound familiar?). So starting October 1st, I will no longer be working at the Chiropractor's office. In the meantime however...we get to joke about the situation and say things like "You'll get rid of me soon enough" (sound familiar?) all for the next 2 months. The parallels at work and at home are just insane. It's this huge state of change when you're not really all that unhappy. At work, yeah there are things that bug me, it's not perfect...but it's nothing "quitable" at this point (sound familiar?). But lack of hours and lack of money...well there's no compromise there. Kinda like movin' back to Ohio. Heh. Again, the parallels are uncanny. But in my mind, at least it's only for 2 months...
...or is it? Ahh the chaos in my life continues:
So I get home last night, ready to tell Jess - and of course she one-ups me. She told her boss and to make a long story short - they begged her to stay until Christmas. Now we had worked up a proposal for her to actually work from Columbus doing HR work. Though a bit of a longshot, Jess is an incredibly dedicated employee and they know it. Leaving the job is killing her, and she really wants to continue even from a long distance. The proposal is pretty huge, even including flying back every month for meetings and whatnot, but several companies have their HR person out-of-town.
Thankfully in this situation, everyone's being honest. They truly appreciate her, and really need her to stay until Christmas. She really wants to be able to continue with this company back in Columbus. I believe we can predict what's probably going to happen here. She'll agree to help them out, if they allow her to work from Ohio. Which means this puppy (our personal situation) gets dragged out until Santa's on vacation. Wheeeeeeeeew.
I am pretty mixed here (surprise, surprise). Jess has to do it if they let her work from Ohio starting on January 1st. That's just a no-brainer. What's another 3 months (which better be in writing) if they guarantee her job in Ohio? For us though, it's taking the slowest 2 month period EVER and making it fiiiiiiiiiiiiive months. Long only because, our day-to-day life is that of a happy married couple. Hell even moreso than in the past several years...but we know we need to split up. Personally, that meant trying to embrace this single/artist life. Workin' on my guest house. Transforming myself from part of a team, to being my own independent person. It's a slow transition, but once you start...it's very difficult to put on hold. The thought of this limbo state for 5 months is almost unbearable....but thankfully the almighty dollar will probably make the decision for us. A few more months means a bit more debt erased and an easier transition. Financially mind you, not emotionally. Though by that point, I think we'll be so sick of the "limbo" situation we'll be ready to move on.
Poetically however... it ranks up there. Exactly 5 years. I will start the new phase of my Journey in January 2005 exactly 5 years after it originally started. Hell I'm plannin' on trying to recreate the infamous 1999/2000 New Year's Celebration Jess and I had at my father's house the day before we left. I was flying back for Christmas/New Years anyway, and Jess will be actually moving back. It would be a cute video. Same place, 5 years later...both about to embark on a new phase in our lives, just as we did before...
...but goddamn that's 5 months away. Time will tell. We're both honest we each other. If one of us is going stir-crazy, we'll deal with it as it comes. I just know that we're going to miss each other tremendously, and we might as well have fun while we can. Oh and my idea of fun is literally almost killing myself.
I didn't realize that the garage door springs were "sprung" so to speak as I was taking the door down. It whipped back and came to rest on my chest, which although it was done "whipping" when it hit my chest, it still left a helluva welt....the scary part is my HEAD was directly in front of it like 10 seconds before, and I just happened to move to the right as it flew off the wall. Scary, scary - stupid shit. I then went to the other side and unhooked the spring. Duh. But of course it's on tape....
Next up on the FUN ride? Our Anniversary on the 13th. Now that'll just be a barrel of laughs won't it?