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4:22 PM, Thursday July 29th, 2004:
What's this? A chance to write about something non-Trinitron related that I don't have to lock? Could it be? It's about time...figures it's the friggin' law again.
So Amazon is a little irked at me. And oddly enough it isn't so much what Adamazon looks like, but the fact that I registered a name, Adamazon, that has their company name in it. So because I just added an "AD" to Amazon - they now want to own that name. A bit of a strange predicament here. This goes back to all the "fair use" copyright laws I looked up when Fox got all medieval on me for the Seacrest show (which was just cancelled on Fox btw).
Back then if you recall, I received a cease and desist for posting screenshots of the show, in which I was in the background. As you can see here:
That my friends is absolute horseshit. It shows the one big hurdle people have yet to understand about the internet. Uploading your personal journal in no way is the equivalent to publishing a magazine. Period. Especially if you have no banner ads, and are simply chronicling your life. It's truly to the scale of a church newsletter that you hand out for free to the 50 people in your congregation. So to sue said newsletter is outrageous. With the "net" however it gets all friggin' murky. There seems to be no precedent for intent and size. Whereas say Fox taking the church to court would get thrown out, Fox taking me to court over the screenshots seems a little more likely because no one can put their finger on "the net". It's all crap anyway because there's no intent to "use" fox for profit. Hey I was on TV, here's a picture, isn't in the same boat as publishing the picture - hell it's not even in the same ocean.
In the case of Adamazon however, it's even blurrier. I put that site up for one reason: to show off everything I've done in the past ten years as a pardoy in itself. Thought it would be creative as a guy who is known to many people as a parody guy - to parody a popular site to show my own things. I set it up like a store, and made it a joke - it's ADAM-azon! Wahaha. It is by no means an e-commerce site, and although it is "working", meaning someone could by something, I've sold ONE CD in 8 months. If Amazon would like my $8.88, they can have it. LOL. The point of the site is to creatively/comically and impressively parody Amazon's site with all me. Nothin' but me me me me me. It's a joke.
Granted, it is incredibly convincing, and could be perceived as something in conjunction with Amazon. And this is where there are some precedence in the internet world. Many people have piggy-backed domain names and gotten NAILED. Foogle comes to mind. They basically registered the "typo" of google to get added hits and have people use their search engine. Basically trying to deceive people for profit. They eventually got bought out by google. Which I'm thinking is trying to happen here. Check out the letter:
 ...oh no, wait - you can't. Because I fuggin deleted it. (sigh). My email account gets about 500 emails a day - and I screwed up and erased it. It basically said they want to avoid the court so they wrote this letter to offer to give me what I paid for the name and they won't pursue this. All I had to do was reply to the email I just friggin' erased by August 8th. Wonderful. LOL.
Anyway, it had to be one of the nicest legal letters I've ever seen, but the fact that they're so willing to pay me for the rights to the name really intrigues me. What purpose could they possibly have for it? No one is mistakenly going to Adamazon instead of their why aren't they giving me the normal run of the mill cease and desist? Not real sure about this to be honest. I really want to fight for the freedom of the little guy. To be able to draw a mustache on the mona lisa and post it on his personal site and not get SUED for it. Infringing on a copyright has to have a better definition, and has to take into account the hits on the site and the intent. I mean if I have 50 hits in 8 months, is this reasonable? If I take the "store" part out and give them the $8.88 I've made is there really any problem here?
Do they not have to prove that I am somehow infringing on their copyright for personal gain? I mean we've all heard of "Lindows" and how Microsoft is barely getting the judgement on does this stack up? It doesn't. I'm just showing all my projects in a parody form.
And parodies of that not covered under fair use? Is there a precedent for it? What if it was a consumer advocate website about how a company SCAMS people and they registered the name "" and they mocked their site layout? I wish I had the money to push this to a certain ruling, because there has to be some sort of protection for "bloggers". If you write about your life - and you're on TV, and you show a picture of it...that is in NO way infringing on the rights of the original broadcaster. And that's the other problem. The law now states websites in the same category as a broadcaster of content - and that's just way out of line. You should be able to register your site as "personal" and as long as you don't have banner ads, and you don't get more than so many hits a month, your safe from things like this. Because Adam the person cannot fight Amazon the company without Wells Fargo the bank.
So what do I do? I don't know. I don't want to do the whole press thing again, because the last thing I want is to be seen as an unoriginal bastard who keeps getting slapped with copyright suits. Expecially when I consider myself so friggin' unique. On the other hand, there is a happy medium here. And all I really want? Is to be able to show my projects the way I have. It is OBVIOUSLY a parody - and you can't STUMBLE on the site unless you go through 4tvs, so I'm find it very difficult to see where anyone would be deceived. If it's the money aspect for Amazon, fine - store will be gone, but from the letter I gather it's more of them owning the "name" Amazon and that because Adamazon has that within it, they own it. That's very hard to swallow when my intent was parody not profit. And honestly if I can keep my pages up they can have the name. Could there be a happy medium? Could I maybe have some section with Amazon? Could they maybe find it so well done they spotlight the initiative? Seems like a longshot - but if I was in their shoes, I hardly see what it hurts. So we'll see what happens. I know I should milk it, but I'm just not in the mood to send out press releases again for something this stupid. Maybe I'll incorporate it into the press releases for the T3 premiere in Columbus.
In other non-Trinitron unlockable news I'm having lunch tomorrow with one of my contacts at G4. Basically just getting a feel of the level they want their pitches to be. I have the skill to pull off an entire pilot episode, but most of the time that's just a waste of time. However, in the case of G4 lack of a big budget is their #1 concern right now. So something tells me a completely fleshed out idea would bode well. Either way, my passion for the topic - and my ability to gauge what's missing on their network right now has to shine through in any meeting. I just know I'm gonna be working for that network in the very near future, I just have to present the information the right way. Luckily, with this meeting, I should get a bit of insight and then we'll go from there. Still not computing how I'm gonna pull all this off with the Trinitrons and the "locked" issue over my head. So much to do in the smallest amounts of time.
Should have an update Sunday on what happened with G4. Thankfully, that's August 1st so it won't be buried anymore. 14 entries. Good lord.