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12:50 PM, Sunday July 25th, 2004:
It's really not that I despise other humans so much that I will only work with myself. Simply, the situation never presented itself to include other people in this type of project...until now. I went all out for the final Trinitrons Chapter and included 8 slots for actors and actresses to be part of the show. As those who have followed the journey know, the band quits and Adam is forced to hold auditions to replace the band. His choices however have more to do with his insecurities than what's best for the band. So without further adieu, let me introduce every actor in order of appearance.
Joe Koons Jr.
Joe Jr. came for the part of Dewey believe it or not and I immediately switched backdrops and made him do G. I mean who are we kidding here? This dawg had the same exact cornrows and talked so street it actually embarrassed me. I'm a pretender...this dude obviously had it in his soul. Unfortunately however, that made this part a bit difficult for him because he's supposed to be a "wannabe" that is wrong for the part. So after a few laughs we got some takes that worked. Great start to the audition process.
Daniel McCoy
Daniel and I have been buds for awhile and have worked on a few free lance video projects together. He's gonna be providing some equipment for next months DVD shoot. One day I noticed that his perfect "Gangsta Rap" name would be "Mickey - D" because of the "Mc" in his last name. At that point I knew he had to be in the show. Little did I know that he would blow me the hell away. He just went Cuh-RAZY. It's some seriously funny shit. We had a blast during the shoot and I believe it was the first and certainly last time I've ever shaved another man.
BWAHAHAHAA. That was fun to right. We were trying to get his beard just like G's and well - I ended up just having to shave him myself. Goddamnit that's funny. Anyway, he was supposed to be the first auditioner, but he was so over-the-top it would've absolutely ruined the other guy. This way it leads up correctly to...
Mark Searon
Mr. Searon. Whew. This cat is huge. As I described in G's Chronicle it was quite an adventure to get this shoot goin'. I had originally done it with another guy, Mark's friend Robert, but it ended up Robert was just too damn nice. So at midnight before I had to take out my cornrows and go back to work, I was able to pick up Mark from work and get this done. The result is perfect. Dude was extremely nice, but on-screen was insanely intimidating. I mean when we were both watching the footage he kept saying: "Damn, I look mean as hell dawg!". Very funny shit. Let me also highlight Robert...
Robert Rhodes he did everything Mark did, but I just eventually had to use the meaner guy's footage. I mean just look at him man. Gentle Giant in every sense of the word. He will end up on the DVD for the Basketball bit though:
Good Golly I look tiny.
Then came the Deweys...
Ricardo Hausz
Ricardo's look was dead-on man. The hair, the hazy gaze...even his speech patterns were awesome. For Dewey's auditions however, Adam isn't picking on looks, but brains - and lack thereof. Ricardo ends up being too smart, thus doesn't get the part. Honestly, all the Dewey's rocked and it could've gone either way, but in the end I had to use Ricardo as the "wannabe".
Tim Toupe
Another incredibly funny dude that was more than worthy of the part, but A) that wig is a distraction it's so goofy, and B) he's 6' 4". That part with both Dewey and Fake Dewey on-screen at the same time just doesn't work when the fake guy is a half foot taller than me. Once again however, I got to use both of them for the videogame bit on the DVD...
"Dude..." "No dude..." "No DUDE..." "Duuuuuuuuuude.", there's a film hidden in these scenes I'm tellin' you. You could have so much fun with these characters.
Chad Cunningham
Chad however got the part of Dewey's replacement, and he really nailed the spirit of Dewey for sure. As I said in Dewey's Chronicle, he's an incredibly natural actor who didn't even realize that his takes were for the actual show until we were done. He just thought it was the audition process...but he really nailed every moment and will certainly make a mark in the final show.
Now Cameron was a different story. He was never written to have an actor counterpart, but for it to be his "slow" brother. It allows me to do something I wanted to do back in 2001, which was doctor photos of myself at different ages to look like I had younger or older brothers. Now since we find out Cameron and Adam have this brother Mikey we never knew about, I get the chance.
Mikey Kontras classic is it gonna be scanning those glasses into pictures of me when I was 9. LOL. I can't wait to start some of that post-production. Whew, I don't even look mildly retarded in that picture. It's straight up full-blown severe. God I hope I don't offend anyone...
And finally, Spenceriffic:
Lisa Sanson
The absolute perfect rendition of Spencer as a woman. As I mentioned in the previous chronicle, she was the only person to show up for her audition and it didn't even matter. She was perfect from the moment she walked in the door. A few takes later she was done and now part of Trinitrons history. Giddy-up.
So there ya go. The wannabes of T3. Thanks a million fellas...and femellas... Hope you had as much fun as I did, and hope you dig seeing yourself perform live onstage, while you sit in the audience. Can't say I've been able to do that. Heh.