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10:08 AM, Thursday July 22nd, 2004:
And somehow, in the blink of an eye: it's over. I can't say I'm sad really. It's a good sign that this should be your last time, when every take for every character is a little less weight on your shoulders. Granted, there were some fun times, but as I said in the last entry with everything going on, these shoots were the definition of "chore". I wanted it over so badly. It felt like doing yardwork. Yeah, you're happy when it's done, but it was a chore - your hands hurt, and this other things you'd rather be doing.
Let me also say that a big part of that feeling is because I'm responsible for EVERYTHING. And for some reason, this time, it finally hit me. The addition of all the other actors, 8 in all, added a few more things in my head to think of. That and there's a lot of post-production stuff that you'd normally have an effects supervisor watchin' out for, that could've saved me a ton of work. There are legitimately 5 other people that could be busy as hell on the set while shooting this, not to mention the editors later. And this time around, my mind was fried. Hell shooting a movie that I starred in, directed, produced, wrote and edited would be easier than this. Something about the timing that gets annoying even after 5 years of doing it. And the hair dye! And the Eyebrows! AHHHHH. Heh. Good lord I know how to whine sometimes don't I? This is suppoed to allow the reader to "FEEL" the there you go. Now to the pictures:
"How will I be funny without intense sexual innuendos?"
"Oh yeah, I'm simply gonna be me..."
"First, I'll poke fun at Cameron's geekiness..."
"...then pretend to have a 2 second attention span like Dewey..."
"...and I'll dress up EXACTLY like G, yet somehow look completely gay."
"In this way, I'll make sure no one forgets who this show is really about."
This isn't supposed to be the way it happens. I'm not supposed to labor over every word for 4 months writing the script and not only avoid writing Spencer's song until the day of the shoot, but not even picking the song to parody?!?! Am I nuts? Well I kept procrastinating. I shot ALLLL of Spencer...and then sat there and thought: "You're in some shit Kontras, time to pull a mircle out of your ass..." And I grabbed the Overature of Oklahoma, added a hip-hop beat under it, and wrote the lyrics out in 20 minutes. Then in a quick brainstorming on what the other TVs should do...I just figured Spencer would be funny trying to act like the other members. I thought it would be humorous, and also show just how much we've all come to see these characters as different people. It would stand to reason that if you're trying to do different characters, making them dress identical would make it obvious it was the same person. Yet, Spencer playing Dewey is by all means - Spencer playing Dewey. It's almost freaky. Spencer as Cameron is fuggin' classic. And of course how he acts throughout the song is just...well perfect. I don't believe I've ever laughed so much at myself as watching Spencer play with Dewey's Gameboy and randomnly hit buttons and smile. The last piece of the show just fell in my lap. This will be very special.
Now the shoot itself was really just filled with dread. There was no excitement going into it. Wasn't thrilled about sitting in a hair salon for 2 1/2 hours to get what may be the worst dye job ever (looked fine on TV though). My takes were pretty good. The show is extremely segmented and plot driven, and the only real room for "performance" is the song, but even with that - things turned out really well. It's amazing how short 30 minutes can be when you're trying to portray such a crazy-ass plot. Anyway, the day dragged out forEVER because I didn't want to be in the middle of a take, when someone would get there. So I'd wait... and wait, and wait. And then add to it, that every actress I booked except one, didn't show up. After having a great turnout for Dewey, I ended up simply praying the last person would show, and she did. Incredibly, she was perfect.
"I'm here!"
If Spencer was a woman, he could only hope to look like this. LOL. She was exactly what the script called for. Happy, spirited, youthful looking, and always happy. Some killer facial expressions and what's nice is you just come off liking her. A hard thing to put your finger on, but Spencer has that too. I guess you just like someone who smiles all the time. I could learn from that couldn't I?
Yes, Live Adam pisses us all off, welcome to the club.
"You're a little too cute, mind if I come back please?"
You can't see it too much here but all the sudden: 5 O'Clock shadow? In my life I have never had any growth later in the day. For every Trinitron though, I was fighting the beard the whole shoot. All the make-up in the world couldn't hide it. I'm officially too old to be in a boy band.
So she did perfect, I redid another take as the "G" spencer and that was the infamous final take! Forever! The last spencer take, for the last T3 take, for the final show. It was nothin' but celebration...until I realized I completely forgot one part for her. (sigh). Luckily she lives close (oh and her boyfriend is a big-ass Xbox geek...WORD) and they were able to stop by the next day to finish it up. So Sunday, July 18th, 2004 marked the final shoot with the final backdrop...and all that jazz. There was a part of me that was a little bummed. Because although I do plan to do "The Journey" 4tvs show, or even as a short film, the creation side of 4tvs is coming to a close. But honestly, it was short-lived because I couldn't wait to tear down the backdrop that had been set up in the middle of our house for the past month.
So as dreary as this entry sounds, man - everything went perfectly. The actors were great, the show pacing is incredible, it's just one thing after another - and it kicks off with a killer surprise ending to the series. I couldn't be more happy with the product, and to date - it is obviously the coolest thing I've ever made. Granted it'll only total about 90 minutes when you add up all 3 shows, but it's a huge chunk of my life. It says so much and means so much. I simply cannot wait to perform this. End of August can't come fast enough.
And folks, there's zero sex. Can you believe it? I have to admit, I wasn't entirely sure that was possible, but man - when you see this show, you'll never know it's "censored". It really plays just as easy as if it were filled with cursing and sex. Obviously at the beginning you notice the censors, but when they all quit and the story moves forward, even though they're "solo" the audience never has time to think about the fact that they're "Clean". And that is the biggest reason is that I didn't use replacement words. There are no "Friggin's" or "Darn it's", I just avoided it completely and it comes off very natural. Of course, the outtakes more than make-up for that. Heh.
Alright, look forward to the next entry. It's gonna be dedicated to the 8 actors that were involved in a 4tvs set for the first time ever. I've wanted to really spenc time talking about how much they hepled out, but it didn't really fit with the entries. Now I can devote a whole entry and video to the fun we had. Expect that this Sunday. Otherwise - I have more than enough to do until then. But you better believe I'm gonna be playing the hell out of NFL2K5 with Marty on Xbox Live throughout the next few days. Adam needs a fuggin' BREAK.