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6:28 PM, Tuesday, July 13th, 2004:
I guess if there was ever a Trinitrons to do on auto-pilot...Dewey would be that character. For reasons I can't really get into right now, the Dewey shoot was like pulling teeth. I wanted absolutely nothing to do with it. While the camera was rolling, I was fine, but the second the take was over - bam. Done. Dead. Completely out of it. Even messed up some takes because my mind wasn't in the right place. All completely unlike me in every possible way.
The set has something to do with that though. When you're shooting in your house, by yourself, there's very little to "be up" for if you're in a bummed out mood. You literally only have to be "on" when the camera rolls. That I was. Here's the pics:
Everything's funny to Dewey Anderson...
...even getting shocked by Adam's new censor system.
The script they're forced to read? Laugh. Riot. it isn't always funny. Jesus I look miserable here.
Of course that was Sunday. Two days before that was the shoot for the "other" Deweys and that was indeed a good time. Amazingly everyone showed up and we all had a blast. Nothing like a room full of Dewey's to get the party started. Very surreal to say the least. The winner of "Who gets to be Dewey for a Night" was Mr. Chad Cunningham:
Dude, you rule...
...but you're in my space man - GET!
There was no reaching for Mr. Cunningham. He had it from the first take and was a pro throughout. It wasn't the easiest of choices though, as several of the guys were really funny, but Chad was the perfect match in the end. Luckily I was able to use two other guys in the show as part of the "audition" process that Live Adam has, so that's cool.
As well, I played Tony Hawk with the two Dewey's I used for the audition process and it turned out really funny. It'll definitely be an extra on the DVD. Very funny moments. I may even go back and do Cameron and his brother Mikey doing some sort of videogame thing.
The actual day of shooting for Dewey went very smooth. Did nearly every scene in one take, and although I did seconds in case, I just ended up using the first. Dewey certainly has some funny moments, but honestly - it's the story and how the audience is taken through it that stands out in this final show much more than individual performances.
Jesus there has to be more to say here. Lemme see what I wrote on the last two shows...
...ahh yes - the "how I feel about the project up to this point" part of the entry. So impossible to write about now. I mean, technically - looking over the's very, very good. It's gonna be a KILLER 30 minute show. I mean, there's just so many great little things in it. Emotionally, I just want it to be over. I'm now having trouble with not accepting my posting because I'm not offering money. For some reason it wasn't a problem with the Dewey posting but now it is. ?!?! So what was originally going to be a final shoot this Saturday with Spencer and the actress playing the replacement, is now completely up in the air. (sigh). I'm just done. Just basically ready for this to be in the can and I can start working on the post-production stuff. To say I'm looking forward to the premiere and DVD release party in Columbus is an understatement. It's just that for the first time, all the weeks/months of work that it's going to take just isn't really pumpin' me up.
But tomorrow's another day. Let's hope I can get a suitable Spencer replacement as the first 3 TVs have been PERFECT!!!! Thank you Chad!