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11:45 PM, Sunday, July 4th, 2004:
I gotta hand it to Charlotte for one thing: She saw outside the box. In a town where you have to literally package yourself into a finished label, she saw potential beyond what's obvious. Good trait.
"I just don't represent Stand-Ups..." He said after watching the DVD. "I did bring you up to another manager friend, but alas she also isn't representing comics."
And the slow lob is smashed back with the verocity of a 17 year-old russian girl winning Wimbledon. I of course did explain that what is on that DVD wouldn't necessarily be considered stand-up, but I guess when given a lack of adjectives...I am standing up. I'd put a "LOL" here, but I just thought of the Other Paper for some reason. Heh.
Man, rereading this I just realized I've made allusions to 4 different entries spanning 3 years. Good luck following this.
The guy was nice though, said he'd pass along the DVD. And I honestly can't really argue with him. You know? It's like if your wife comes to you and says she "never loved you like that"... Not a whole lotta comebacks there. And if he actually watched those 30 minutes and saw Stand-Up, then he is incredibly wise to stay out of the comedy arena as a manager. Which of course he mentioned from the beginning. Super-nice guy though, I'm sure we'll bump into each other in the future. And he gave me a great piece of advice on how to protect my G4 pitch. That's awesome.
In Trinitron news... things are ready to go man. I put a posting on Craig's List and got about 30 replies within 48 hours. Couldn't believe it. I picked the top 7 headshots and guys that seemed cool, and I believe we'll have about 5 come by to try out this Saturday the 10th. Which means that come this Sunday, I can cut my FUGGIN hair already. Some of these guys are classic though. I picture quite a funny scene this Saturday...maybe we should all play some Tony Hawk - 6 "Dewds" playing video games would rule.
The fireworks tonight were more than surreal. Kerry knew of a good spot to see CBS's fireworks and you wouldn't have to pay $8 a head to get in. But apparently everyone knew this as there were families hanging out in...parking lots...with blankets. It was really sad actually. I mean, you know the little islands of grass in parking lots? Yeah, that's where they were. And at the McDonalds, on the's like "so here's the 4th of July in LA" The kids are great though. They don't give a shit at all. There's friggin' explosions in the sky. Just looking at their faces was priceless. Kid asked his dad how many there were halfway through... "842, son". Heh. I'll have fun being a dad.
Alright, so barring some big news - expect to see some Dewey action in a week, followed closely by Spencer...although I might just wait for the following weekend for that too. We'll see.
PS - the video is just of some sparklers in our backyard....kinda spiffy.