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11:13 PM, Monday, June 28th, 2004:
I absolutely believe that the amount of hours it takes to make one Trinitrons show is equal to a full length feature film. Without a doubt. And I flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy at post-production stuff. This final go-round however has gone to an all new level of intricacy and editing. It's really trying my skills as a director as keeping tone throughout the 30 minutes is surprisingly difficult with as many cuts as I have in this show. I believe when people see this show, they'll have no doubt why I'll be making films after this. T3 is now every bit short film as it is live show.
Cameron is in a sense the star of this final show. True, G and Spencer will probably have the most memorable bits, but we finally see Cameron come into his own in what takes every moment of the past two shows and the beginning of this one to see develop. This time however, Cameron finally loses his shit.
Tiny bit lost.
Here it comes.
It has officially been lost.
I've somewhat bucked the trend from the previous two Cameron entries that would show variety, but as you'll see from the video - that's the story to tell. The other story to tell I'll get to in just a moment, but first the shoot last Friday the 25th:
Again, hard to start. I wonder if every first shot of the day is like that? It's a pattern I'm noticing especially since I'm wearing all the hats here. It's just really difficult to stop the constant prep and say: "Time to hit record". Once I did however Cameron fleeeeeeeeeeeeew by. 3 hours and everything was done. The bits, the song, everything. I was amazed at the ease. All but 2 of the 9 scenes were done on the first take and although I did them again to be safe, I always used the first one. I think that's where writing it really helps. I've done this a million times in my head already so I feel the part sooooo much. Everything else is just the technical timing of 4tvs...which after 5 years of doing it I'm pretty damn good at. So Cameron was very good, very fun and very quick...
...then, came, Mikey.
The story is that Adam long ago promised his (and Cameron's) brother "Mikey" that the NEXT band he was in, Mikey could be in it. Knowing of course it would never happen. Well it does happen in this show and he begrudgingly has him replace Cameron when he quits with the rest of the band. Mikey is the biggest loser on the planet. An embarassment to the family and in the truest sense of the cliche: not the sharpest tool in the shed.
In an effort to look different than Cameron, even when wearing the exact same outfit (as all the replacements do) I had to go all out. I shaved my goatee differently, wore my clothes inside out and the piece de resistance: the glasses. At Christmas 1999, my grandmother got me and my uncle these pop-bottle glasses and I remember at the time thinking "I gotta save this for a 4tvs character". The time had finally come and the result? Whew...
After watching all the footage, I got a really sinking feeling. It's funny to laugh at the stupid character. Not so funny to laugh at someone pushing mentally retarded. My heart just sank for about 3 hours after the shoot. A year of trying to write this clean inoffensive show, struggling over every word and now I'm gonna look like I'm making fun of retarded people? GREAAAAAAAAAT. So I made some clips and sent them to various people online and just about everyone said I pass for just a big dork.As long as I don't call him "Slow, retarded, special" I'll be alright. I'll be very careful on how I introduce him and already have some ideas on introducing all 3 brothers with pictures of them together as kids. Gonna be very funny photoshopping 3 of me at different ages into pictures. Anyway, it looks like disaster is averted. But for a moment guys, I really thought I was screwed. Aside from redoing G, G's replacement, Cameron and Mikey - there was no turning back. Whew.
Now that I've edited all the footage and synced up the audio (as well as using some great de-noising software) I'm pretty pumped. This is an extremely complex show that is coming along perfectly. I now direct all my attention to finding the Dewey and Spencer replacements in an effort to shoot during my boss's vacation in the second week of July. I could of course do Dewey as early as July 3rd if I have a replacement, but with everything being so perfect - I want to be sure I find the right person for the last two spots.
So if anyone knows any stoner dudes in their late teens - early twenties, lemme know. Otherwise, enjoy the video and lemme know what you think.