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9:30 PM, Tuesday, June 15th, 2004:
This whole "Last Trinitrons" thing is starting to get very hard. As I started "G" this weekend I was surprised how "ho-hum" it felt, but as it ended (last night at 2:15 AM) I was surprised at how much I loved it. More than anything, looking forward to writing this entry, and sharing the shots with all of you. So I'll get the pictures out of the way, and then tell you the incredible story that was G.
Always gotta see G in the normal garb. This is actually from the Trinitron Bit.
Not a big fan of being told what to say in the full show.
In case you were unsure of G's solo persona, he makes it pretty clear.
Not getting the memo on the meaning of "ice" in the rap world, G tries to be cool.
A look at the future of G...
So I'm ready to record and as it was last was insanely hard to start. It's a strange psychological thing that I can barely explain. There's something about the "first shot" that you just can't get to. You find a million other things to do before you just DO IT. I was ironing the trinitron curtains, doing more sound checks, screwing with the lights. I guess it's just hard to believe that you're actually READY to start. Eventually I was and it was a mad-dash to get a few scenes done by the time Jess was home. Got 3 done, and knew I'd finish the rest tomorrow. Also that day I was shooting the New G.
Woke up and nailed the rest of my scenes in the morning and early afternoon. Cut the hell out of my forehead with an ice cube. Heh. As you can see in one of the shots "G" doesn't get the meaning of ICE in the rap world. Well in one shot (one I screwed up the LAST line in) I throw the ice cubes really high in the air and then let them land on my face. Sounded really funny in theory. But really hurt in reality. So my stuff went relatively smooth and I was ready for the New G.
Robert and his friend Mark arrived around 4 PM and "big" is an understatement. They're approaching Shaq sizes. His friend was taller but I felt bad not using Robert as he had just gotten corn-rows for the shoot. Besides, what's 3 inches when they're both 180 pounds heavier than me? LOL.
Whizzed through his stuff and then shot some stuff of us playing videogames for the DVD. I just had to take advantage of how small and white I looked next to them. It was quite fun. All that was left was heading down to Hollywood for a few random shots for the "what happens to the trinitrons" part at the end of the show and I was doing that with Jess on Sunday.
Of course after I loaded all the footage something just really kicked my ass. Robert's friend was simply meaner. When I checked the game footage, they're both supposed to "stare me down" and his friend Mark actually did scare me down. Robert is just too damn nice. So I looked over more of his footage and all I could see was this gentle giant smiling the whole time. Even though he wasn't actually smiling - you see his face and YOU smile. He just looks like a happy guy. I knew I had to make that call to Robert and see if I could get his friend back to reshoot it. Sucked. Last thing I wanted to do...but you absolutely HAVE to do what is right for the show here. Hurt feelings aside - the show is what will live on and to have the right guy for it available...I had to try and pull it off.
Well they never got back to me all day Sunday which started to worry me. It left me with one day to pull this off before I had to take my cornrows out for work. I finally got ahold of Robert and got Mark's number - called him up and guess what. He was working a double shift and was getting off at 11 PM. (sigh) I had to work the next morning and best of all...he didn't have a ride to my house. (sigh x2). Well it's an adventure right?
To make a long story short, we got it all taped laaaaaaaaate last night. Saw some sections of LA at midnight I was pretty sure I'd never see, heh, and the result...
...was unbelieveable. You all may not take my word for it, but both Robert and Mark are nice to a fault. Laughin' all the time - just nice guys...but tell me if this isn't the meanest lookin' mofo you've ever seen.
The shots are brilliant. It really makes the show. It was a problem before because you had to believe that both Adam and G are truly intimidated by this guy, and now there's just no doubt when you see us on screen together. It will make for some HUGE laughs during the show for sure. I cannot wait.
So there's G in all his glory. The video has to be one of my all-time favorites for the Trinitron Chronicles. Just tells the story really well and has some great moments. Mark spinning his head around at me when I tap his shoulder just RULES. I will absolutely miss the character and I'm finding it very hard to say goodbye to this. I know for my own sanity I have to move on if this round of shows doesn't do anything for my career, but I feel like I'm leaving a baby behind. Just gonna have to see what the road brings.
This most definitely is taxing my powers of multi-tasking though. Even if it's just watching Reagan's funeral while shooting G and checking sound levels. Throw in all the mini-directing and producing of everything, I'm kinda....tired? It feels like climbing a mountain. It's a good feeling, but I really do long for the days of being one of theose things. I can't imagine what it would be like to get up and just have a "part" to worry about. How much better would I be if DURING the taping I wasn't thinking about technical things? Then again, maybe I wouldn't be. Maybe I need that business in my brain to not become bored. Hmmm. I'm ready to find out anyway. Then again, after directing Mark and then looking at the footage - I was just as hapy about the "shot" as I would've been had I been the guy on screen. Interesting I guess.
Another oddity: I'm a fuckin goofball. Like I didn't realize how contorted I make my face when doing G. Just look at the video. A couple times when Mark would turn to beat my ass after I tapped on his shoulder he just laughed because of how stupid I looked. Heh. It's good, I'm supposed to - but man, it is most definitely a SWITCH for me. I am immediately G, or's just there. It's that kinda shit that makes me know I can't ONLY be behind the scenes.
Goddamnit I just have to be EVERYTHING don't I. (sigh)
Anyway, up next is...Cameron oddly enough. I need more time to look for Dewey's replacement (may still be Paddy in a wig) and since I play Cameron's counterpart (wait'll you guys see this - LOL) it will allow me to keep the process going without completely shutting down everything while finding someone. Dewey and Spence's replacement are now gonna be hard as hell because G's was so perfect. I want everyone to live up to that one and it's gonna be a challenge to say the least.
Here's hopin'. Look for Cameron to be shot on Monday the 21st and Thursday the 24th. Movin' right along man...