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11:35 PM, Friday, June 11th, 2004:
Here we are. The final Trinitron Chronicles. I'm already G'd Up and the set is ready to go. Wait, I'm ahead of myself...
So this morning I'm off to get my cornrows...for the LAST FRIGGIN' TIME. It was cool the first time, fun to revisit 2 years later, and now - let's just be done with this already. So I get there and it's now a service station. (sigh). I figured - ahh there's bound to be another place that can do them...
Eight shops (I swear to you I counted) and 2 1/2 hours later I finally realized my ass was gonna have to drive to South Central. There just wasn't any other choice. No one in the valley did it. The bottom line is, unless you're black - you don't do cornrows. As a last ditch effort I called up Robert (the New G) and asked if he knew anyone and luckily he did. The girl was off that day but was willing to take me at her apartment. Cost me a bit more, but man was it a lifesaver. She did a helluva good job.
Anyway, we'll get into all that fun in the next entry (probably Monday)... this is about all the pre-production stuff and as I mentioned in the last entry - I bought a pre-amp. Not only did it allow me to make a fun Late Show Song after all these years, it made the T3 audio script a breeze. Have I ever explained how that all worked? Well, might as well give it away for the last one:
The big secret to the timing of 4tvs is the audio script. I do the entire show audibly with all the characters and songs on a big-ass 5 track timeline. Since I didn't have a pre-amp before I would have to read the entire thing into a microphone - then edit it together. Now, I was able to do it directly onto the tracks ala The Boyles in the 90s. Then, when I do each character I MUTE the track for the character I'm performing, and all the other ones stay in place. After I finish the character, I input the REAL audio and go from there. Doing that allows some room for ad-libs in the first couple characters. By Spencer however, there's no room to move 'cause everyone else is set in stone.
That was a dry paragraph. :-)
The uniquity of this audio script of course is - I'm not playing all the characters. So it's gonna be quite a little directing exercise to keep their timing right - but luckily quite a bit of their interraction is with Live Adam, so I can just adapt what I say live. Very pumped for this challenge.
Just finished with all my soundchecks and lighting - even turned my webcam on for a bit of voyeuristic behind-the-scenes action and put it at the end of the video. You'll notice that there's actually a TV behind the curtains this time (of course there's no full-out set again - 'cause, fuck that noise) which means even more ridiculous post-production for me. I swear, this might as well be a short film with as much stuff as I've crammed into this one...
...which may just be where this is leading. I mentioned it a couple months ago - but this latest script really drives that point home. I want to do films. I want more complicated plots than a stage show can allow. This one is just all over the place. The audience goes back and forth between "Meanwhiles" and although I think it's gonna work really well... it's screaming to be a short film.
As well, it is clean. Don't know how I did it - but the whole censor idea worked out pretty well and it keeps the characters from seeming watered down. They are still themselves at heart, Adam just... well I don't want to give too much away.
Alright, gotta get some sleep - I shoot tomorrow and Sunday with the G's replacements. Expect Part 2 on Monday.