9:12 PM, Tuesday, May 25th, 2004:
I can't believe I'm doing this. I had it set-up soooooooooo perfect. The very first Trinitron Chronicle starting on a round number and at the beginning of a month. That's classic Journey management there baby. So here I go blowing the whole thing because I bought a pre-amp. Whoopee.
This is actually somewhat Trinitron related, and I'll get into all that in the next entry - but I needed it to complete the audio script as I couldn't for the life of me find an adapter I've used for the past ones. I decided to go out and do it "right" and found this great USB pre-amp from M-Audio thanks to Daniel (Tone Mesa dude...errr the guy with the cool video cameras. Heh).
Anyway - that allowed me for the first time since CD101 to record an a capella song. Hard to believe really. I've simply not had a way to pull it off until now. I figured for shits and giggles to make a Late Show song. Funny, it's been almost 10 years since I did my first one in 1995. For those of you who weren't listeners back in the day - it was how I opened the different hours on my show. I'd do a little one minute song parodying a popular song and introducing the show. By the end of my reigh at WTVN, those group of songs had more personality than almost everything I ever did ('cept maybe The Boyles). It was something about the randomness of them and the haphazzard way I threw them together, that just capture a time. I really couldn't labor over them because there were 50 other bits I was trying to complete before I went on the air. So it was a lot of one-takes and off-keys to get 'em on the air asap.
To shorten the process, I would start to get a rhythm with 'em. Drums, Bass, Lead, oohs...there was a pattern. Because of that they had a certain feel that was just cool. It "sounded" like a Late Show Song. If you listen to more produced songs like Come To, you can easily tell the difference. And honestly, the Late Show Songs are a lot more fun to listen to when you compare em. Of course the fact they're a minute each helps. ADD lives.
As I'm typing this the song is looping in my earphones and I gotta say:  It's kinda freaky. I'm sitting at WTVN and playing it in their little production studios and copying it to CART and DAT for the show. For the first time in 6 years I've thought about the labels I would be printing in the production room while listening to a loop of the new ditty. I guess what's amazing is that you do A), B) and C) and voila you have "Late Show Song". Like when the Beatles got back together in 1995 and recorded "Free as a Bird" I remember Ringo's quote: "Wow, it sounds like a Beatles Song". I mean there's no reason it shouldn't sound like a Late Show Song, but listening to it now just really floors me.
Yeah, I miss WTVN big-time. But lemme clarify that: I miss being 20 and producing like a madman and everyday being another way to show-off in front of an entire city. I can't go back to that. I can only go forward to a different medium and even then...nothing will beat who I was at 20. I had a very, very special few years when I was 19-22 that few people ever get to experience. But man, listening to this song I'm right there man. Right there. It's funny, everytime the song ends while I'm typing I feel like I should start talking and opening the hour. LOL. I should put together a full one-hour late show segment one of these days. Christ it would take me forever. Heh.
Anyway, enjoy it. I can now lose my mind trying to finish all the Trinitron stuff before the first shoot in about a week. Whew. Expect the first Chronicle next week.