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9:12 PM, Tuesday, May 25th, 2004:
Fuckin' word. It's onnnnnnnnnnnnnnn baby. ON. Ironic that the start of the Cleanitrons push has to have the F-Bomb as the first word - but this is no flippant curse. I have every reason to be pumped.
Not only did my HUGE BLACK FOOTBALL player pan out (this seems so racist sometimes), but it turns out that he's the "short one" in the family. His brother is 6' 6" and 310. HELLS YES. The absolute hugest stumbling block to this shoot has been erased. He said both he and his brother will come down for the shoot and we'll see who works best. Can you believe that? Could I be more lucky? Can you imagine what it would've been like to have to walk up to random towering black guys to be in this? LOL.
Man, I know what's going to happen here. This final show is going to be so damn funny that I won't be able to give up 4tvs. I'll say I'm going to but I'm gonna end up doing a 4th one. It's just such a "freeing" canvas that mixes film and live performance so well. As a creative person it's so insanely fulfilling that I can't imagine not having it. God this struggle is annoying sometimes. Anyway...
I'm agoing to try and do the impossible and shoot this 2 weeks from this weekend. I still haven't written all the lyrics, even found Spence's song (though I know what it'll be about) or done the hardest part: the audio script. It's going to be the stretch of all stretches, but I think I can pull it off. If I can...there's a possibility of doing both G and Dewey in one weekend. Man, I'm kidding myself - there's no way. I still have to finalize the tiny clean 2 minute bits. This is nuts.
Well, we'll see how much I can pull off in the next couple of weeks. It's unfortunate that determination and motivation don't mean dick when it comes to creative production. It comes when it damn well pleases.
Yahoo, yahoo, yahoo - you have no idea how concerned I was about finding the G replacement. This is more than perfect. By the way, the Columbus premiere of T3 will be either Thursday the 23rd, Friday the 24th, or Saturday the 25th of September. Because it's a "General Audience" type of show it may need to be on the weekend instead of my normal "Thursday" gigs. We'll just have to see. Hard to believe there was ever a time when staying up until 8 PM was too late on a school night. Ha. Moving on...
As I mentioned in the last entry - my dad was in town, and damn Jess and I had a good time with him. The only goal for those 4 days was to relax and not worry about anything. Which to us equals watching movies and talking. The other great thing was I could make him play videogames and he had no excuses. LOL. He had nowhere to be so he haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad to try. Heh. Actually he ended up doing pretty well at one of the racing games I had with a steering wheel. Oddly enough taking on Marty Moose back in Columbus. Xbox Live rules.
Expectedly the trip was far too short and I can't wait to get back home in mid-September. It sucks to have to pack years of "hanging out" into a matter of days, but that's part of the sacrifice of The Journey. Guess I'm just glad I have a relationship with my dad where I actually want to hang out with him. And the man fixed my subwoofer hum! Yahoo! Ooh and the disdain pedal on my piano - hot damn! I should've paid for his ticket!
Anyway, the video is of me trying to recreate an incredible shot and failing. It's about a 60 foot shot, and I was amazed that I could shoot it normally: forward, and not have to hurl it over my head. Not bad. Heh, I played more basketball with my father in 4 days then I did in the entire year I've been here. Anyway, I made this crazy ass shot and then proceeded to do it right away within 3 times. So of course I had to get my camcorder.
Little did I realize that I would spend the next 20 minutes, every ounce of energy and muscle strength in my body - and never make it again. Thankfully I can speed up the video - ;-).
And finally - gotta mention Sunday's episode of The Sopranos as it did something no fictional story has ever done to me as an adult: truly, truly bum me out. If you haven't seen it or care to see it in the future, skip the rest of this entry, otherwise please highlight:
So we all knew the second Adrianna started talking to the feds at the end of Season 3, she would be gone. It was as inevitable as anything on the show could be. It is "organized" crime, and there are rules. So that's what makes Sunday night's gut-wrenching show so extraordinary. It actually hurt. If you've watched all 63 shows leading up to this moment, you have to have felt something you didn't think was possible: A true pit in your stomach for several hours afterwards and actual sadness as if a relative died. I even felt it the following day. Incredibly powerful. And they twisted it at the end just enough, to get you to really feel for her; think she may have found a way out, experience her elation in thinking her fiancee would go along with her, then in the end realizing it was all a lie and she was going to be killed. Hell it even went further than that. To get her to come with them, Tony Soprano told her (and the audience for that matter) that her fiancee had attempted suicide which the audience thinks is because of his struggling with the decision to talk to the feds or stay in the "family". Then you realize as she does that it's just a cover to get her to come with them to be killed. It was so amazingly well written and acted that I struggle to find the words to describe it. The storytelling is not only the best television has ever seen, it is easily some of the greatest moments I've seen on film. It is epic in every sense and will most likely mark the end of all mob storytelling for at least a two decades after it's completion next season. You can't touch it. Hell no one thought The Sopranos could touch what The Godfather and Goodfellas accomplished and they actually set the standard out of reach. I would actually give my left testicle to be involved in that show for the final season. Heh.
Alright - so I'm pretty much shutting The Journey down for two weeks while I haul complete ass to finish everything up for a T3 shoot in 18 days. Wish me luck...