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8:30 PM, Wednesday, May 19th, 2004:
I was looking over the journey the past week and thinking of what a fitting end to it all would be. As if I were a reader of some story. With all the character development I've read in these entries - how does it end? So far I've decided straight-jacket. That actually makes more sense, more reasonable if you will, than any other outcome I can think of. Take that however you see fit.
Unfortunately Mr. Manager wasn't able to get back to me before he left for Cannes (not that he said he would), which leaves me with a nice big month of "meh" before he returns. I really haven't thought about it too much since the day I knew he had already left, but it is kinda hanging there. Which of course leads to that other thing that's just been haaaaaaaaanging there: The Final Trinitrons.
For the last Trinitron shoot everything was dictated by my schedule. I had certain long weekends off and that determined the shoot. I knew I could do it no other time and boom. That was the date. I would get everything done by "x".
Well it's all screwy right now because of the appearence of guest stars in the final show. Even more lovely I'm onscreen with said guest stars as each character (sigh). Couldn't make it easy could I? Another wrinkle, is I can't really be "G" at work. So I have to do ALL of G's stuff on the same day including the scene with the guest star so I can take out my cornrows and be presentable the next day. So let's say I set it all up for a June 12th shoot. I get my cornrows, ready to go, work it all out with the guest star. That day he calls and says "Can we do it next week?" - I'm absolutely fuuuuuuuuuuuuucked. Remember, I'm not wearin' wigs here and it's my real facial hair. So the thought of starting the whole process of scheduling these actors and putting ungodly amounts of preperation into one day, knowing full well that they'll blow you off for a sunny day is daunting to say the least. But I'm not changing a word of my script so I do eventually have to do it.
Yesterday at work however I realized I knew someone who would be perfect. Couldn't believe it. Out of the blue it just hit me in the face. The "fill-in G" is supposed to be extremely intimidating. A huge black guy who you'd be crazy to say a negative word to. Amazingly I realized yesterday that I know a towering football player that is absolutely perfect. This guy has to be 6' 3", 300 EASY. He's actually waaaaaay too nice for the part, but something tells me if he can rip people's heads off to get a pigskin 10 yards, he can be intimidating. I'll give him a call next week.
That tiny incident has finally brought my ass up from the ugliness of the past 2 months. It's really difficult to have to waste 2 months of your life. Granted, I redid the bathroom, kept the house up, kept the journey going creating videos and whatnot...but I need to be pretty hyper-productive career-wise to be happy. Period. Whenever I'm stuck in a time where I have to wait - I just get really antsy and really bummed. And nothing is more "patience-testing" then waiting for hair to grow. LOL. Anyway, it looks like the ball is starting to roll now and at the end of the hill will be the fully realized Trinitrons that will either end it all in style or open up more doors to this industry. My focus is just on the production of it all right now. I pray there will be someone to help push it around to the right places when it's necessary - I believe there will.
Amazingly, even though the Columbus Show, which is tentatively set for September 23rd or 24th, I'm pushing it time wise. Not only does it all have to be completed - but it has to be performed, filmed and the DVD completely produced and pressed before then. Because of the guest stars, the shooting schedule will take every moment of June and July as opposed to just 2 or 3 weeks like before. Leaving just August to film a live showing and September to edit it all down. In the "no-job" days this was easily with domestic life under every crevace it's a helluva task. But it's the kind of hyper-productivity I crave. The busier I am the less I have time to bitch and moan.
And that's good news for EVERYBODY. Heh. Anyway, my dad is flying in tomorrow for a long weekend and I have more than enough to do by the time he lands. Expect a funny video or two next week.