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6:55 PM, Wednesday, April 28th, 2004:
Wow, wow, wow. This week 10 years ago was just incredible. I remember being bummed about Cobain but being so into my own project that I hardly thought about it. I loved Nirvana but the blooming of the obsessive producer in me was sprouting and even the death of their frontman couldn't stop it. I was making this tape.
I remember vividly every step of the process in making "Unreal":
I remember one day just saying - I have enough songs for an album, so it shall be! I took the first songs I ever completed recording at my dad's and made a tape.
I remember going to Sun TV and buying the clearest tapes I could find so it looked more professional than MAXELL over it. Unfortunately the tapes ended up being the cheapest possible and sounded so friggin' bad I'm amazed people didnt demand their money back.
I remember my future wife Burgundie saying the poses looked good and to this day I'm not sure what the hell she was thinking. LOL. Honestly, I remember having a blast. I was shooting pictures for my first cover! Very cool.
I remember getting the pictures back and flipping through them at Damon's Steakhouse as Burg, Jeremy and I watched the Bulls play the Cavs in the 1st round of the playoffs sans Michael Jordan. It was game 3 and they barely won it.
I remember knowing right away which picture would be the cover. And in Burgundie's defense, I thought I looked cool too. LOL.
I remember cutting it out and going to Kinkos and printing everything up.
I remember typing up every song and hand writing all the liner notes for every copy. Heh.
I remember the feeling of creating a project I was proud of and selling it to kids at school. ____ always fucked with me and said "Man Adam, that's UN-REAL" about anything that happened in class for the rest of senior year.
I remember Kevin Grapski looking at the tape and saying:  "What the fuck dude, it looks like you're getting ready to take it from behind here. You're gonna send this to record labels?" - He was quite right, but I had no intention of sending this to record labels, I just wanted my own tape. Kevin's in a band in Minnesota right now.
Now, ten years these songs are finally on disc. A final thank you to my Dad on putting these songs to rest my remastering them one last time for the disc. We both worked are butts off on these tracks. Unfortunately all I hear now is a kid with a stuffed up nose pre deviated septum surgery. The first 10 songs are before the surgery and's quite a difference.
But honestly this is a red-letter day not because it was the beginning of my musical career - it was the beginning of my adult life. It was the first brick in what will be a lifetime of creating and finding my way in this world. It's that wanting to make a project and obsessing over every detail on a shoe-string budget. From that moment on, April 28th 1994 - I became Adam. So I have incredibly warm memories of it all, no matter how many sections of the disc make me cringe. Heh.
As well as what was released in 1994, there's the college tape "Tomorrow" on this disc as well. Basically a reworking of the "Unreal" tape with a few new songs. A year later I released my first CD and as I've said, the rest is history.
So if you'd like to hear what started it all with songs dating back to 1991, pick up a copy on Adamazon. Can't beat $8.88. ;-) The tapes were $7 back in 1994! Heh. Oh and check out the very special first Customer reveiw. Nobody was more surprised than me to receive that email. It's been 3 years since I talked to her.