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12:00 PM, Thursday, March 11th, 2004:
As I'm staring at their table it hits me like a ton of bricks: I feel baaaaaaaaaaaaad for Nick Lachey. It's honestly why I can barely watch even one segment of their show. Nearly every moment Nick has a look of frustration on his face as if to scream: "What, the hell, was I thinking..."
So Jess and I saw Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson at the Outback in Burbank last Saturday night. They were eating with her parents and I believe her little sister. Scary, but I know the whole family from that VH1 story on Jessica that is repeated ad infinitum. The entire wait staff was all giggly and staring. I have to admit though, I had to look over a bunch too because it was like an HDTV version of their show. Just kinda surreal. But then it hit me...
This overwhelming feeling of wanting to pat Nick on the back and buy him a beer. And it's not just because she's stupid about TUNA or BUFFALO wings, or any other piece of common knowledge. That's just life experience, and she's obviously been sheltered. But she's stupid about EVERYTHING. Anyone see where Nick was playing her his new song he was working on? And she just laughed in his face and said it sucked? I mean what the fuck? I wish that was this entry's video. Couldn't find it though.
It's as if she's too stupid to form constructive criticism and just blurts out shit. I always relate to him, because he seems sensitive about what he does, is trying to create his own "persona" outside of 98's all pretty stressful. It's like he's riding this wave that at any moment can crash down. You need your wife to be supportive, to be helpful. She's honestly too stupid to even realize that. Especially amazing considering that they're both in the exact same profession and she has to go through those feelings too. Whew.
And on top of all that, the whole world is now seeing this because of the show and the amount of embarassment he must feel...whew. It's gonna get to him. They might make it 5 more years, but I highly doubt it. Her being stupid is one thing. He can at least feel like a father figure and teach her, care for her, protect her...all that. But if at the same time she just wallops his ego around every fuckin corner. Goddaaaaaamn. That shit will not last. And I don't mean to be so shitty to two people who have certainly heard enough of this, but in the strangest of ways, my heart goes out to Mr. Lachey. Seeing them in person just made it hit home harder...but I didn't buy him a beer. There were enough on the table already.
Miller Light if you were wondering...
The LA press releases finally went out yesterday. I'm fairly certain it won't garner any press, but it at least puts my name and story in their heads when I send out future ones. Changed it up a bit:


LOS ANGELES - Mar. 10, 2004 - Star of the critically-acclaimed one-man show: "Adam and The Trinitrons", Adam Kontras, is getting more than he bargained for when he decided to do a little guerilla marketing. Kontras attached a sign with his website,, onto a building outside of the studios of "On Air With Ryan Seacrest" in hopes that it would be viewable on the nationally syndicated talk show that shoots against a backdrop of windows in Hollywood. It worked so well that the show had to rework their camera positions to avoid the sign and it only appeared during one segment. Satisfied, Kontras took down the sign and wrote about the story in the journal section of his website including pictures of his sign's 43 seconds of glory.
"It garnered two funny emails from a guy in Boston, but otherwise there was very little reaction. It was pretty harmless unfortunately" Kontras said.
Apparently the producers of the show felt otherwise as they forwarded his journal entry to their lawyers because of the screenshots used to tell the story. A few days later Kontras was served a cease and desist order from Twentieth Century Fox to take down the pictures.
"There are thousands of fansites with screen captures of shows that easily fall under the "fair use" section of the copyright laws. Fox is just targeting me for getting my sign on their show." Kontras said.
The "fair use" exemptions of the copyright laws are generally vague and depend on the courts to define them on a case by case basis. Kontras is confident that his site, and every other fansite showing pictures of celebrities and television shows, are safeguarded as they're communal sites sharing pictures and ideas with other fans, not profiting from the pictures with advertising revenues. Kontras has no advertising on and simply keeps the journal for friends and family following his journey in L.A. In fact, only now are complete strangers checking out his "sign entry" on the site since the cease and desist was ordered.
"This would've been the non-issue of the century had Fox not gotten the lawyers involved. Now they've got every tiny website in the world protesting their overuse of the copyright laws while reading about my sign. Thank you letters to the law firm are forthcoming." Kontras said.
Kontras is currently finishing up pre-production on his final stage show about the fictitious boy band: Adam & The Trinitrons. It's a one-man show in which he plays all 5 characters on-stage with 4 televisions showing pre-recorded versions of Kontras as the rest of the band. The final show in the Trinitron Trilogy ironically deals with censoring the band due to the current wave going through the country since Janet Jackson's Superbowl "malfunction". Kontras will premiere the show at the end of May in LA and is currently booking a college tour for the fall. For more information you can follow "The Journey" at
About Adam Kontras:
At 19, Adam was the youngest talk show host in 610 WTVN (Columbus, Ohio) history running his late night "Late Show" for over 3 years. His production skills soon landed him the job as Production Director across town at CD101 where he continued the "Late Show" tradition on the FM airwaves. It was here, Adam started building his one-man show, 4tvs, which would eventually take him to Los Angeles just 2 years later in January of 2000. He quickly made waves on the net starring in a Movie Review show (with his TVs) for Hollywood called Movie Minded. In 2001, he reworked his one-man show into a boy-band parody; The Trinitrons, that got him into venues such as The Ha-Ha Café and most notably The Comedy Store. He's currently writing a sitcom pilot and bible with the characters he's developed in The Trinitrons and is set to premiere the final stage show of the Trinitron Trilogy in May.
# # #
Again, can't really imagine it being newsworthy out here other than the fact that it concerns the enigma that is Ryan Seacrest. It is also kinda cool that I show how well the sign worked with the now illegal famous pictures. Who knows. As I said two entries ago, unless they bring it up or it's written about again - the story is over. I see they've now put PLANTS in the friggin window to avoid copycat sign makers. Classic. Funny shit though. Good chapter in the Journey for sure.
Oh and I did send out a DVD to Media Morsels to thank them for their article. Wrote 'em a quick note:
Couldn't be more sincere about what that first article meant. Seems so little now, but it truly did inspire the hell out of me. I was absolutely certain that was the start of it all. And as much as Darryl drove me crazy with his inability to even listen to the show others were writing about, looking back it really is good that he didn't. I would not be happy being in radio right now. Not only would the "what-ifs" antagonize me forever, I simply have more to produce than what can be heard. Radio does indeed have that limit. Hard to accept that sometimes when you're so caught in the day-to-day journey, especially considering just how well received the radio career was. Worlds away man...
For all intents and purposes, the script is done. Basically meaning, by the time I  find the 4 replacements amd get all the scheduling done, I'll have written the final song lyrics. The only other barrier is my actual hair. I'm about 3 months from it being the appropriate length for Dewey without going with wigs. Of course if you remember this was kind of the whole point to this final show and the tiny bits, was finding wigs and having the ability to do new trinitron shows at any given moment without growing hair...
...but that plan is starting to show chinks in the armor. The way I see it happening now is simple: I make the final show, and the 3 bits that would be playable on TV. Quick little 2 minute set-ups to give everyone the idea. If anyone ever wanted more than that, I guaran-goddamn-tee you I would find a way to make it happen. So basically, if you gave me one week and wanted a 3 minute trinitrons for a could happen. But until that day comes, I'm not gonna kill myself over being ready for that.
I guess the bottom line is, and a tad bit unsettling to write, I'm looking well past "The Trinitrons" in terms of how I'll make it in this city. The Trinitrons are continuing for more artistic reasons than anything else. There's still a great story to tell, and it's still a visually impressive show that I believe will be spotlighted on television at some point this year. But my "way-in" to the industry is most likely not going to be through the show. And to tell you the truth I absolutely LOVE writing this paragraph. It proves to me once and for all that no matter how often I feel down on myself for wanting so badly to "make it" in this ciry, I am at heart an artist. I care about the product I create first and foremost and get fulfillment from that...more than the financial success or career aspects of the endeavor. Granted, I'll be fighting the latter tooth and nail until I succeed - but I know what place that will have in my heart. Good to know.
Strange how things shift sometimes. All I can say is the Adamazon effect lives on boy. That section of my site catapulted me into a self-awareness I just never had before. Can't beat it. It makes me feel like the luckiest man on the planet.
Any dibs on how long that will last? Heh.