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9:37 AM, Friday, March 5th, 2004:
"Until further notice, the seacrest thing is over on every level. No more signs, no more emails, hell no more faxes unless something happens."
Well that lasted all of three days. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL.
Those LOLs will all make sense in a second.
A huge thanks to Amy at CD101 who took the time to scan the article and send it to me.
Yeah, the "Gone, forgotten" title stings, but jesus it's been 5 years since I've been on the air there. Besides it was a great tie in for the video as I got to use an old "Late Show" song "Gone but not forgotten". And please know I'm not desperately trying to say that I'm "not forgotten" - the song just fit and I have to put a goddamn video with every entry. Honestly, I thought the whole article was really well written and I pretty much LAUGHED OUT LOUD the whole time I was reading it. I'm sorry but this line: "We know they're jokes because he writes "LOL" after each one so readers know not just to laugh, but to laugh out loud." Made me... well you know.
And I believe there may be a generation gap with the writer of the article because all the "cool kids" know that "LOL" means the person writing is laughing, it's not a direction for the reader. But it makes no difference, his article was really funny. And I loved the line: "The aspiring (insert entertainment profession here)" - nice to know they couldn't figure it out either. LO...great, now I'm rethinking all of my laughing placements. Classic.
So yeah, I'm pretty much jumping up and down. It's exactly what I hoped for and they can call me deluded, desperate, forgotten, arrogant, makes no difference as long as they're calling me that in print. I don't completely believe all press is good press, but at this point anything that gets more people following "The Journey" is a good thing. And I can't tell you how refreshing it feels to be pictured as arrogant from anyone.
Another quick note on the article, I believe they made an amazingly good inside joke with the "Young Adam Kontras" line at the beginning of the article proving they were indeed listeners of the early late show. In fact, it took an hour for me to realize it. In one of my various openings, I put a clip from "Jane London" of WTVN's afternoon drive-time show "John and Jane" calling me "Young Adam" as they interviewed me about the release of my CD in 1996. It was an inside joke around the station and for the listeners of the show as my age always became an issue. So I happily opened many an hour with her "Young Adam" line. So could it be the author was alluding to that? If so - kudos man. I barely cuaght it.
Now it's just a question of if I can pull off any press in LA. I have to rework the press release to have more of the "downtrodden struggling artist sticking up for internet rights" feel as "WTVN and CD101 host" really doesn't hold much weight here. I believe the fact that the writers can actually go to the site, and see the "story of the sign" unfold is a huge plus. There's a lot to write about. I'll hit up the LA papers next week. I guess any story with Seacest attached has a possibility of working. And wow, does everyone hate him? He's pretty oversaturated right now, but I didn't know it created such a backlash. Stern was making fun of him this week too. The article didn't mention that he also just took Rick Dees place this week officially replacing two of the radio industry's biggest names in a matter of months. Hell good for him. He's no more annoying than Rick Dees or Casey Kasem. He does need to chill on the face-time on TV though. He's setting up to be the flavor of the minute. Time will tell.
T3 is two sections and 3 song lyrics away from completion and I'm now officially looking for the actors needed. The problem with filming is that I can't move onto the next character until I film my scene with the fake counter-part. That may drag out shooting for weeks instead of days as it's been before. I could get around a couple of the TVs with some special effects, but G's in particular is mandatory for having them both on at the same time. Ugh. It'll be fun though.
So there you have it. Anyone new to the site, feel free to email me - put something pretty obvious in the title as my SPAM count is outrageous. I'll let you know when I'm performing in your neck of the woods. Also be on the lookout for other articles, as I obviously have no way of knowing unless one of you guys emails me. Oh and for old time's sake:
See they used to love me! Thanks again to the folks at Media Morsels. You'll be receiving your free Trinitrons DVD, courtesy of next week. Thought you might like to see what the forgotten radio guy has been up to. It's not as deluded as you may think.
LOL. ;-)