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12:01 AM, Monday, March 1st, 2004:
I should probably mention at the very start of this entry that I do indeed take this seriously. Just because I've decided to deal with it a certain way doesn't mean I don't think it's a big deal. The bottom line is that after weighing all the options, it would be absolutely foolish not to push this as far as it can possibly go. That being said the following press release was faxed to Columbus via The Other Paper, the Columbus Dispatch, This Week, the Booster, the WSYX/WTTE Newsroom, the WBNS 10TV Newsroom, the WCMH NBC 4 newsroom, 610 WTVN and CD101:


LOS ANGELES - Feb. 28, 2004 - Former WTVN and CD101 talk show host, Adam Kontras, is getting more than he bargained for when he decided to do a little guerilla marketing. Kontras attached a sign with his website,, onto a building outside of the studios of "On Air With Ryan Seacrest" in hopes that it would be viewable on the nationally syndicated talk show that shoots against a backdrop of windows in Hollywood. It worked so well that the show had to rework their camera positions to avoid the sign and it only appeared during one segment. Satisfied, Kontras took down the sign and wrote about the story in the journal section of his website including pictures of his sign's 43 seconds of glory.
"It garnered two funny emails from a guy in Boston, but otherwise there was very little reaction. It was pretty harmless unfortunately" Kontras said.
Apparently the producers of the show felt otherwise as they forwarded his journal entry to their lawyers because of the screenshots used to tell the story. A few days later Kontras was served a cease and desist order from Twentieth Century Fox to take down the pictures.
"There are thousands of fansites with screen captures of shows that easily fall under the "fair use" section of the copyright laws. Fox is just targeting me for getting my sign on their show." Kontras said.
The "fair use" exemptions of the copyright laws are generally vague and depend on the courts to define them on a case by case basis. Kontras is confident that his site, and every other fansite showing pictures of celebrities and television shows, are safeguarded as they're communal sites sharing pictures and ideas with other fans, not profiting from the pictures with advertising revenues. Kontras has no advertising on and simply keeps the journal for friends and family following his journey in L.A. In fact, only now are complete strangers checking out his "sign entry" on the site since the cease and desist was ordered.
"This would've been the non-issue of the century had Fox not gotten the lawyers involved. Now they've got every tiny website in the world protesting their overuse of the copyright laws while reading about my sign. Thank you letters to the law firm are forthcoming." Kontras said.
Kontras is currently finishing up pre-production on his final stage show about the fictitious boy band: Adam & The Trinitrons. It's a one-man show in which he plays all 5 characters on-stage with 4 televisions showing pre-recorded versions of Kontras as the rest of the band. The final show in the Trinitron Trilogy ironically deals with censoring the band due to the current wave going through the country since Janet Jackson's Superbowl "malfunction". Kontras will premiere the show at the end of May in LA and plans to bring the show to Columbus in mid-September. For more information you can follow "The Journey" at
About Adam Kontras:
At 19, Adam was the youngest talk show host in 610 WTVN history running his late night "Late Show" for over 3 years. His production skills soon landed him the job as Production Director at CD101 where he continued the "Late Show" Tradition on the FM airwaves. It was here, Adam started building his one-man show, 4tvs, which would eventually take him to Los Angeles just 2 years later in January of 2000. He quickly made waves on the net starring in a Movie Review show (with his TVs) for Hollywood called Movie Minded. In 2001, he reworked his one-man show into a boy-band parody; The Trinitrons, that got him into venues such as The Ha-Ha Café and most notably The Comedy Store. He's currently writing a sitcom pilot and bible with the characters he's developed in The Trinitrons and is set to premiere the final stage show of the Trinitron Trilogy in May.
# # #
I'll rewrite it for LA once the Oscars blow over. As usual LNR Entertainment sent the faxes and we'll see what type of response is received.
Now what I didn't realize before this all happened is just how big this whole copyright issue was. There is an ENORMOUS amount of literature on the issue concerning the "injustice" of copyrights against free, creative thought. The fights these people are battling are pretty far-out there. I'm finding that I disagree with quite a bit of it, and don't see me becoming the champion of the anti-copyright movement anytime soon. is a pretty good site that has some of the various infamous video and audio that uses copyrighted material, as well as articles and links to other sites that discuss the whole issue. Within those links I found a site that deciphers cease and desist orders and gives FAQs on how everything works and what to look for in your situation that would garner a call to an attorney or simply ignoring it. There as an abundance of information on the issue...
...but these people are crazy. Take "The Grey Album" for example. The current posterboy for copyright violation. Not only do they defend the right to make such an album, they think Danger Mouse should be able to profit from it without paying The Beatles. Huh? Many goes as far as saying we should live in a copyright free society and that copyrights kill everyone's creativity. ?!?! Whatever people. If the only way you can be creative and make a living is by using other people's works, it's time to reconsidered your career choices. But it all comes down to profit really. I'm not saying there is no skill or art in remixing or sampling or "piggy-backing" on pop culture to create new art...but if you're gonna profit, the original artist has to as well.
So I can't wholeheartedly go into this as much as most people have. I believe common sense keeps that from happening. I completely believe that Disney should be allowed to own the rights to Mickey Mouse's image as long as they want to. The copyright laws go hand in hand with the expiration date of Mickey's copyright. Right before Mickey is to go into "public domain" Disney has gotten Uncle Sam to push the expiration date back...and back and back and back. This is what the majority of anti-copyright lobbyists pinpoint as the evil of the world, and I just don't buy it. Granted, the majority of Disney's catalog was "stolen" from Grimm's fairy tales, which was public domain, but just because that work of art was public domain doesn't mean Disney's wrong in wanting to keep their properties private.
If Mickey did become public domain his image and name would be fair game to be profited off of ad nauseum by anyone. How on earth is that fair? Yet because of how big Disney is, they get lauded by the masses for pushing their will on the laws to keep their copyright. Bottom line is, the world is a different place then when the archaic laws were written about copyrights having a one time limit of 14 years or what not. Those copyrights basically undermined the artist. As if someone who creates a cartoon character or a work of art doesn't have a right to make a living off it after 14 years, or their family after they die. I, as an artist, believe those songs, works of art, stories, characters are your lifeblood. They belong to you if you choose to copyright them, and they are yours. I feel people are free to do what they want with them, recreate them, share them - manipulate, whatever they want...but they can't profit off your work without giving you a cut. That's just my opnion on it. Many, many people disagree with me though, and it's a pretty interesting discussion.
Ok, after allllllllllllllll that comes my predicament. As this big copyright proponent how dare I post those pictures on my site?!?...
...are you kidding? Do you even have to ask? This is a goddamn weblog about some dude from Ohio trying to make it in LA. This is no different than the thousands, and I do mean thousands, of websites that follow celebrities and post pictures (screen captures mind you) of that celebrity on TV. Those fansites and in a sense THIS fansite (although autobiographical) isn't profitting from the pictures with advertising revenue, and posting screen captures is about as "infringeful" as a goddamn bulletin board over the water cooler at work. Hell only half of the 50 people on my mailing list even click the entries, most of these fansites are in the tens of thousands range. They're trageting me because I got my sign on their show, period.
And I truly have nothing to lose and everything to gain by this continuing. Unfortunately as much as I'd like it to's pretty much an impossibility. I'd have a better shot of Fox greenlighting one of my screenplays than them spending any amount of money to fight this. And without them pushing this along, there's only so much I can do. The thing that's great about the story, and why it may get press, is the whole "sign" incident. That's a good newstory. It's funny, interesting, makes people smile - the same reason I told the story in this journal is why a news station would tell the story to their readers/listeners/viewers.
And then of course there's the video. LOL. DV Therapy strikes again. I'm pretty proud of this honestly. As longtime readers know, the journey songs are just slices of the moment at hand. I thought it was interesting, as was the case with, for you to see the inspiration that goes into the songs. How does the artist take his environment and spit out the art? In Palaur it was pretty extreme, but in The Journey of course - there are just times when I have to perform it rather than write it.
The Charlotte videos are the best journey example of that. This is just my best response to Fox for wanting me to take down those pictures. The bottom line is, I can't. Out of 4 years of fighting and clawing, there's no way in hell I can turn off this spotlight. So I hope you understand Fox...I'm not gonna bail. Sung to the tune of "Ridin' the rails" made famous by K.D. Lang for the Dick Tracy soundtrack 15 years ago. Re-did it for "Lester's Theme" in my WTVN days...
...holy SHIT. I just realized what a copyright BONANZA my radio show was. How on earth did I get away with that? How can I be making more waves with this website than I was at a commercial radio station? Wow. There's something to ponder. Anyway, I have to finish up the T3 script and find these actors ASAP if I can even dream of shooting this in April. Until further notice, the seacrest thing is over on every level. No more signs, no more emails, hell no more faxes unless something happens.
If this is the's a pretty fun footnote to the adventure.
By the way the lawyer did respond to the email I sent with: "It is a copyright violation to post the pictures, and so you must remove them from your site." Then gave me his phone number for future questions. Juuuuuuuust in case you were wondering.