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8:34 PM, Wednesday, February 25th, 2004:
Highs and lows baby. What floors me is just how sincere the lows are. Like I wait until it's really kickin' my ass before I write about it yet the next day you finish some of the script and POW - life's a goddamn Candyland game. You guys sick of this yet? Heh.
So the good news is the script's first and third acts are completely finished. Dialogue, music everything. All that's left is a few holes in the middle and two songs. I am forcing myself to sit on it for awhile before saying "it's done" because it's just being written so damn fast...but I knew in December it would be an easy write. The plot fell in my lap from an old Boyles Episode and absolutely wrote itself. It's just the perfect send-off. Shooting is going to be a blast.
The question of when now comes to mind and I honestly think I can shoot the first 2 TVs during the April 3rd weekend. It gives me about 6 weeks to plan everything out and get the people I need. (sigh) I might as well say it now...there's no way I can write about this final shoot without bringing this up because it's such a HUUUGE part to the process. I won't even bother making this coded for those who don't want it to be spoiled. There's enough secrets that knowing this won't ruin it for you.
Adam replaces the band with actors. In an homage to a series of about 5 Boyles Episodes that I follow damn near PLOT-VERBATIM, the band quits and Adam is forced to use replacements. The reason I'm even saying this is that those holes in the script are for the auditions for said actors and of course shooting this is going to require a serious amount of planning as for the first time there will be other people involved. So now doing 2 TVs in a weekend is most likely impossible as there will be 3 people involved.
On top of that there's an extraordinary amount of "extra" shooting for the DVD and parts of the show that are outside the TV. So my time as each character is going to be extended from the normal "one day". By the way I included one of the hidden extras from the T2 DVD some of you may have missed. Heh. Enjoy.
...oh yeah and I actually have to find said replacements. (sigh). Luckily, or unluckily - not sure yet - I only need look-a-likes. They don't need to be able to sing, they only have one line each, but they have to be in a sense the "real-life" counterparts to the people I play. So I want the best stereotype I can find. Makes me cringe to write it, but I need the most gangsta lookin' black dude I can find, the absolute sureferest lookin' surfer dude in this city - and then...Spencer. Heh. The only requirement other than looks will be acting ability. I want them to steal the show. So even with a finished script in a couple weeks, actually finding at least the first two (G and Dewey) may be quite a feat. Something about finding black gang members and asking to put them on camera that seems a bit unrealistic. Heh.
But it's all starting to come into full swing. My hair however won't be ready until May at the latest, so it's going to force me to come up with some sort of wig/extension thing for Dewey. I knew I needed to do it, so luckily the script moving so quickly is forcing me to. Needed that motivation. It's tough to get motivated when actually sitting on your ass for 3 months will solve the problem as hair GROWS. Heh.
My dad is actually going to be out here the weekend of May 22nd. It's possible that I could premiere it by then. May be pushing it though. Oooh... I guess that gives away the next secret. Doh.
So the premiere isn't going to be in Columbus. :-( So sorry guys. Lemme explain. I need to put this next DVD together as professional as humanly possible. Which means really expensive cameras, at least 3 of them, and a crew that knows the whole show to shoot it. Two shots of just Adam and a TV, sweeping handhelds, a lighted audience without the Paris Hilton night vision professional as I can humanly afford. I've met up with a guy out here who has a production company, Tone Mesa Media Group, and has access to, and experience with, some incredible equipment. Two very, very nice cameras even including 24P which will give it the look of film that is just extraordinary if you've ever seen it, and a great ear for audio so I can finally mic everything correctly on DAT and mix in the audience as opposed to relying on the mic from the camera. And unfortunately guys, I just can't pull all that off in Columbus. The 'ol static stage shot just ain't cuttin' it for this DVD. Now realize I will still be performing it there this September like I always do, but it can't be on the disc. But who am I kidding, now you guys don't have to buy an empty DVD case at the Columbus show and wait for me to ship you the disc. Heh.
So there you have it. Things are rollin'. I am embarrassed to even admit to what the last entry held, but someday it'll ALLLLLL make sense. There's pressures on me that are completely out of my control that just pile up. Oh yeah, and I'm trying to break into the toughest business in the world. But I really, really, really have to be able to look at this site,, and just chill out. I've consistently produced and created pieces of work I'm completely proud of. There are no "Ishtars" on that page. I have not underachieved, I have overachieved...the only difference is the audience size. That will come. Just have to listen to my own advice, follow my heart, and continue to create. Man, why the hell can't I remember that on days like Monday?
PS - happened upon a great new diet in case anyone out there needed to lose weight. Roof Diet. Amazingly it involves eating pizza! So what you do is, take the hottest slice you can find and proceed to scald the roof of your mouth for 3 seconds. That should be just enough time to cover the whole area pretty good. No exercising, no pills, no calorie counting - that's it! You've now made it nearly impossible to bite down on any type of food for the next 5-7 days. Amazingly, if you DOOO try to eat? You will only prolong the healing process and lose even more weight! Magnificent! The pounds will fly off! (sigh) I wish this was a joke. Goddamn Lean Cuisine pizza had this hidden pepperoni under the cheese that I proceeded to SEAR to my mouth for so long that 4 days later it still hurts to take a bite. Heh. I've lost 3 pounds.