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2:51 PM, Thursday, February 19th, 2004:
Nothin' like leaving you guys with a cliffhanger last time huh? LOL. I got more...
...than I ever have before. First of all, .wmvs work on EVERY computer including macs. They also load immediately and all you have to do is click the link once and it opens in its own window and keeps you on the page you're reading - and lastly look awesome for the size. Hard to beat. If you're a mac user, go here. If you're a PC user on XP go here. And if you have 98 SE, ME or 2000 go here. If you're still having problems PLEASE TELL ME. Videos are absolutely integral to following The Journey.
So what happened? Nothing. No email, no response. Love me or hate me, just don't be indifferent. LOL. But that's most likely how they feel. Also, the lady probably was sick of reading emails with in the subject line. I resent it today without 4tvs in the title but still - they have better things to do obviously.
What I didn't show however in the video was me reading two emails sent to - which is the address I have the seacrest viewers linked to from the site. Get this:
Hi I just thought I would let you know that I make all my own Clay signs, and don't know a soul who ever got one from a producer. This may happen for other artists, but NEVER Clay. He has an enormous, enthusiastic fan base, and does not need any boost for his appearances.
I will be going to two concerts, and I can assure you, if signs, lights, etc. are allowed in the venue, there will be an astounding amount for Clay, and they will all have been brought from home. I have seen him 3 times in concert, and this was the case at each.
Hope this clears things up. Thanks for reading this.
Not to be outdone, superfan Christa:
We are an elite group of fans...we make our own signs and tee shirts.
Before you speak maybe you should know alittle about Clay and why we are fans. We watched Clay win his way through American Idol. He was brilliant. He was like Rocky Balboa as the underdog. He hit notes and sang songs like an old pro.
Here some things you should know about Clay Aiken. Did you know that SNL had it's highest ratings ,the night Clay was on? Did you know, David Letterman beat Leno the first time in a year, the night Clay was on? Did you know that Ed's rating jumped 2 points, the night Clay was on? Do you know that for a year Clay was in the top 10 most looked up people on the Internet? He still on the Lycos top 50 list. Do you know that Clay sold the most single CD's of anyone in 2004? Clay fans are organized. We are all ages. We make signs, Crowns, Flags, Teeshirts and jewelry. Go to ebay and see how talented we are. Did you know that Clay has over 1,000 fan sites on the Internet. We are proud Clay fans and we make our signs and nobody at any show or event has ever passed us a sign. We make them ourselves.
AKA Maplestik
First of all, here's what I wrote that spawned this:
"Every sign you see that says "I love you CLAY" is checked beforehand before it ever comes close to getting on the air. Truth be told, the publicists hand most of them out to people that they already have pre-made. LOL - how classic is that. I noticed it when the dude from that 70's show was on, Topher Grace, and I saw that all the signs looked like the same handwriting. LOL. Then I saw them putting them down after the show was over and walking away. Behind the scenes in Hollywood baby..."
It's the honest-to-GOD truth people. In fact I went down again today (more later) and I watched the PAs talk about where they got the MARKERS for the "I love Camille" signs that they handed out to the people who were in the outside audience. The reason? Because a lot of these people who are in the background are just people who happened by. This is the corner of one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world, so they line up to see what happens and to make the shot look better the crew hands out signs. Period. LOL. I never said they handed out "Clay" signs, I said they CHECKED all "I love you Clay" signs, which is why I can't get a sign on the air.
But God love "Clay's Army". I have a lot of respect for Clay, he has an incredible voice, and it's nice to see a truly talented "non-manufactured" singer just sing. It's rare. And as a singer myself, it's simply nice to see true talent come through. Keep up the good work Clay fans...
So I went down again today, I had kept the nails up from Tuesday so I was able to just put the sign back on those nails. Got up and down without the boutique lady even seeing me. Ran across the street and proceeded to watch them specifically avoid the sign at every cut. So the sign days are now officially over. I've watched the show shot for shot for weeks now and there is simply no other way to "guerilla market" the outside because they simply no longer zoom in to anything that would be readible. The "Internet Cafe" was truly the only shot. Everything else is just too far away. Now...
...that's the back door. And you know what, I was successful in the back door. Let's review:
The front door is now swinging open a bit as they're having viewers send in tapes to be an on-air correspondent. Because of how I've been able to "sneak in" so far, it might be an opportunity to make a funny video showing all I've done to get on, and see if they maybe at least air the tape. The problem truly is the whole ".com" thing. It's pretty clear that they DONT want to put that on the air, so bringing that up in my audition tape might hurt me. Who knows, maybe I'll make 2 different versions.
At this point, assuming I get no email back from the producer I've written - this is pretty much over. I'm better than these tactics, and anyone who's followed this knows that I actually have the talent to be asked onto the show as a celebrity. From comedy to singing to's a matter of a few more connections and the right buzz before that would happen. So to continue to do this does reek of "second rate" and to go any further (like scaling the outside walls of the studio) is just goofy. It's been fun as hell. I've done exactly what I wanted to - and I'll put together a little video for them showing what's happened, and maybe they'll get a kick out of it.
Alright - back to finishing up Trinitrons 3 (Act 3 is absolutely complete!! Dialogue and all!!) and I'll have an MTV update in the next entry. LA baby. Gotta love the characters you meet in this town. Anyway, check out the video. A little behind the scenes footage from Ryan when he was outside today. As well, one last shot of: "The Sign That Was..."