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7:15 AM, Wednesday, February 18th, 2004:
This is most likely a completely worthless entry. When I get back from work tonight and nothing has happened with all of this, I'll once again have egg on my face... but not holding back is why you keep reading right?
It has always been my way to constantly look at situations through other people's eyes. Most definitely to a fault. Because of doing that, I believe there is the possibility that the casting director at the show that I emailed last night (and apparently quite a few of you emailed) could respond positively. I explained the semi-epic journey of getting my sign on the air, as well as getting my face on the air and how yesterday I actually succeeded but... well hell, here's what I wrote:
Hello B*****,
So for weeks I've schemed, built 2 signs, spent days finding a place to put my sign and it finally WORKS!!! And the director/producers have the cameraman step an inch to the right to avoid the sign. LOL.
I assume it's because you don't know that is a harmless site that simply promotes me, the struggling entertainer here in LA.
All I'm asking is...was that intentional to keep it out of the shot once you went to commercial? Should I give up trying to NAIL my signs all over the outside of your studio? Or do you guys not mind? Just to let you know it's been quite a story getting that sign on the air:
And finally the entry in which it worked!!!
Heh. Anyway, thanks for your time...and let me know if I should stop wasting mine.
It isn't out of the realm of possibility that they may at least ask to see a tape of the trinitrons as they could make a funny story out of the "struggling entertainer" who NAILED his way into the show. At this moment that is still a reality.
So in my mind I go through all the future steps. I see them finding the show where you can see me sitting right over Ryan's head outside in the courtyard a couple weeks back, and now yesterday's show where "" was visible for a beautiful 43 seconds and making a little "story" out of it. From their perspective, with as young as their show is, it's the first time anyone has done this - and everyone likes "Where's Waldo" type things (finding the hidden website in the background). It would seem like a really interesting piece, and if they think so, it's also feasible that they would ask me to come on for like 2 minutes to explain how the hell I got my sign up over the business just for a few seconds. I mean they're on for 5 hours a know?
Of course I keep going with the chronological order. In my over-analytical mind if they were gonna do a piece on it, would they not ask me to come on for a second to laugh about it all? Would it then not be feasible for this "one-man boyband" to do a song? Hell it's all on wheels, the two minute version of "Come To" is ready to go...why not? Of course it's stretching, of course it's dreaming - but that's exactly what you never see in the one hour A & E biographies of the celebrities. The moments of excitement when you think something is happening. The ones that almost inevitably blow up in your face. The ones most people learn to keep inside because they don't want to look like a fool because they admit they are excited yet again.
But when you look at the whole thing, it all fits. A guy who has been out here over 4 years finally NAILING his website to a building in hopes of a TV camera spotting it because he can find NO OTHER WAY to break in. And it works. Why the hell not?
And that's truly what every journey out here is like. Dealing with all the ups and downs. All the possibilities. Torturing yourself with every step thinking...hmmm is this it? As followers of this journey know, nothing was bigger than "The Comedy Store" in November 2001. That was it at the time. But what's amazing, is that when you think about it, it's not out of the realm of possibility that when I check my email tonight I beat that night over 2 years ago. GRRRRR.
What's worse is by the time I upload this I'll already know...assuming she even responds to my email. Wow. There's my entry video. Taping my reaction. Why do I do this to myself? Why do I insist on putting a big ass camera in my face to show my reaction to huge moments in The Journey when they've ALWAYS been bad. LOL. I guess because I'm also the director of this project and the shot that goes in at this point in the movie - is that reaction. You're nuts not to capture that.
So...the reaction is?