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7:29 PM, Tuesday, February 17th, 2004:
Even Rob was impressed at the amazing ingenuity of getting his favorite website on the air:
Rob Schneider, the official celebrity spoksman for 4tvs. LOL. Oddly enough his ex-wife and daughter live in Columbus if you can believe it. So we're practically brothers! Heh.
Anyway, it worked and it worked very, very well. Unfortunately this will be the last appearence of on the Ryan Seacrest show. Allow me to explain:
So once again, get down there and have to lie to the boutique lady. I swear...I realize there's a language difficulty but does she not realize I'm lying? LOL. "Yeah, uhm...this is just a temporary sign until the new one comes...uhm..." Oh well, I was nice, asked her about her business and then scurried across the street to watch the jumbotron monitor to see if the sign would get on. I knew we had a good shot because they were only interviewing one person and that's when they usually use that camera angle. Oh how I wish I had someone filming me when it came on the screen.
...for no reason. Hundred people standing out here watching this, Rob Schneider comes on and I raise my hands and scream "YES!!!!!". A goofy moment in the history of Adam Kontras for sure. Looked perfect. The fact that I could read it FROM the jumbotron was amazing as the clarity is shit. They hit the shot about 5 times, then they cut to commercial. When they come back however to continue the interview...
(sigh). They change the entire shot. You know it's on purpose...because if the audience can read it - so can the producers in the botth and they will avoid it. Especially because it's advertising a website that could be ANYTHING. I can never really win because it's a .com. Period. They will always shoot around it. Even if I found a different place for it, say a little closer to the column with the blue neon? They'll just do what they did for the 2nd guest:
And shoot to the complete OTHER side of the pillar where you can't read anything. Of course there, I could probably stand on the side of the road with the sign, but alas - it's about an inch for the cameraman to move. Basically they control their own set. Duh. Every sign you see that says "I love you CLAY" is checked beforehand before it ever comes close to getting on the air. Truth be told, the publicists hand most of them out to people that they already have pre-made. LOL - how classic is that. I noticed it when the dude from that 70's show was on, Topher Grace, and I saw that all the signs looked like the same handwriting. LOL. Then I saw them putting them down after the show was over and walking away. Behind the scenes in Hollywood baby...
So this marks the peak...and the fitting end to the Seacrest Sojourn. So I thought. I put this on the site:
And actually got two emails RIGHT when it aired on the east coast at like 2:15 PM PST. The first just saying "I saw your website on Seacrest and had to check it out." Cool, cool...but the second is absolutely classic:
"I saw you on Seacrest. Are you affiliated with the liquor store below? I
need some Mad Dog to get my woman boozed up so that she'll bite my junk.
One time I fell in the fountain. Stay away from the fountains."
Jeff Ziegler, you are my hero. I'd say that I'm concerned about using your name without your permission, but I just nailed my sign over another business's sign in broad daylight to get on TV. LOL.
Now before they changed the angle I was actually considering keeping my sign up there for a day as I work tomorrow. I figured it would probably make it 48 to 72 hours before someone finally took it down. Especially with "Boutique Lady" telling everyone I was the owner. Now of course, it's a moot point because of the cameramen...or is it? I'm going to email the producers a that first picture and some links to this little journey so far and see if I can get them to NOT turn their cameras away. Maybe once they know it isn't some sex site they won't try to avoid it. Worth a shot anyway, but it is indeed a longshot. We all KNOW that they should put me on the air for my determination and good looks alone...LOL.
Anyway, enjoy the video. More later...