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8:26 PM, Monday, February 16th, 2004:
Well, so I'll lie my way to the top. Yet to be seen if I'll cheat and steal.
So with my handful of nails and my trusty hammer I was off to Hollywood again for the sign part 2. Had it all planned out - I would park in the 10 minute parking, run up and nail this sign OVER the "Internet Cafe" sign and then drive around looking for street parking.
Once I got up there however I realized that I couldn't reach the top. Even standing on a table I couldn't get it high enough. LOL. Even as I type this I don't believe that's a problem I can solve as I'm sure to get some heat if I bring a LADDER. So with my heart racing I start pounding these nails into the wood hoping the surrounding stores don't hear. Of course I have to go THROUGH the sign, and my mind is racing with all the "Destroying private property" laws but I had come to far to not at least try.
Again the jewelry lady came out and was asking me all sorts of questions. Lady with a heavy russian accent who was there the last time I went to "scope it out". Well she asked me if I was the new owner of the store since they left. "Why yes, I am..." And so started a string of lies that even I can't remember at this point. I just wanted her to leave. But in case you were wondering, I'm in business with this tall black fellow who came to her store last week. His name is Adam. My name is John. Our business is - and I'm putting up this sign temporarily just to test how it looks from the street. Adam and I are making this our headquarters for our website. (sigh). It went on and on as she just wouldn't leave.
After I got it up and proceedd to find a parking space about a block away I went to watch the huge jumbotron outside the theaters to see if my sign made it on. Unfortunately they never used the "money" shot as they had the studio set-up for both Kelley Clarkson and Clay Akins. When he's just interviewing one dude - they always cut to the shot. Doh.
You could BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARELY see 4TVS in one shot for about a second or two.
For some reason in the still it's completely unreadable. Yet on TV you could clearly read it. Strange. For reference, here's what the shot usually looks like:
That's perfect. You'll be seein' my sign all DAAAY. Now it has occured to me that the producers noticed it and specifically shot around it. At this point that's a little too "Conspiracy Theory" for me to buy. But when Ryan was interviewing Kelly by herself it was completely off to the right of that column with the blue neon lights over Stephen Baldwin's right shoulder. But again, I think that was because they had the studio set up for both of them. Tomorrow he's interviewing Rob Schneider so we'll see if my theory is right. I sure hope not. It's taken too much damn work to have them specifically ALTER their shots to avoid me. Jeez.
The good news is...the sign is perfect. As you can see from the entry picture, it's big enough, it doesn't get bled out by the sun - the only thing I may change is making the DOT for .com bigger so people immediately recognize that it's a website. The problem of course is, that if the audience can recognize it, so can the producers and I'm fairly certain they will try to avoid it. And honestly unless they go to the site, they could think 4tvs is about transvestites or something. Heaven forbid they have to pull a CBS and apologize profusely for advertising chicks with dicks. Heh. Either way, I should be able to pull it off tomorrow assuming we don't get an extra patient at work.
More than anything though, there's something that always feels good about aggressive, thought out, goal oriented actions in this "Journey" that I can update you on. This is truly the first thing that people back in Columbus don't just have to read about. You can watch it at home. Granted it's desperate. Granted it's pathetic...but you know what? Who gives a shtit? I'm to that point. I've been out her over 4 years and I'm ready to hold a sign up on the corner of Hollywood and Highland and scream LOOK AT ME!! DAMNIT. LOOK! I just choose to try to pull it off for a nationwide audience. Heh.
As well if they avoid "the shot" tomorrow with Schneider, this may be a hopeless cause. The only other static shots are so far away, even the Ryan Seacrest billboards aren't legible. I'll keep on tryin' though. Hey, at least it's an exciting thing to read about during the Trinitrons 3 writing process right?