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2:00 PM, Thursday, February 12th, 2004:
Leave it to "The Boob" to inspire a day like no other.
Wednesday is easily the busiest day at work. It's a 10 hour day with patients not only for Doc, but for the physical therapist. As well it's a day when our billing lady comes in and there's a whole slew of problems to solve. It's the best day for me because I dig multi-tasking. Having a million things going on at once and a huge list to get through by day's end is like a big-ass videogame to me. I know, I'm strange.
So I'm wipin' down a table for the next patient - goin' through the Trinitrons 3 outline in my head. May have mentioned it before, but Adam forces the band to go "clean" to appeal to a wider mainstream audience. At the time of the outline I wrote the dialogue to incorporate the publicist giving Adam the idea, when it hit me that a certain event has single-boobedly changed all television entertainment. Granted this will pass relatively quickly once the networks realize they're still losing to HBO but it's a funny time in history for sure. I still think the "boob" was inappropriate, but the backlash is just goofy.
What it sparked yesterday was incredible. One piece of changed dialogue triggered the "rough" dialogue for the entire friggin' show. Throughout the day I would type a few words and then run to the next project in the office. Sittin' on hold with an insurance company, type a few more words, then back to filing something. It was pretty much the most perfect way to write because I never had time to feel stuck. By necessity of the job I HAD to move on to other things. Meanwhile - I could think about it and not have that blank page starin' at me. Any of you who have ever tried to write creatively certainly know how difficult it can be sometimes and you have to force yourself to walk away from it and come back...well here I had to do that every few SECONDS. I couldn't sit and write for more than 60-90 seconds at a time because so much was going on...but my head could move around all day. It was an absolutely magical day. Got more done at the office (work related) than I've ever completed in one day. At the same time I wrote the entire script other than a few holes and problem areas that I'm wrestling with. It was astounding. It's days like this that I believe I could write professionally. I love the art of writing, the problem solving of writing, the intelligence of writing, the vision of writing...but I must admit it's still just a piece of the process to me. Writing it with no thought of producing it is a bit empty. Every writer feels that way and it's the successful ones that swallow their pride and let that go. You're never gonna direct your own material in this town unless you're frontin' the money...although rare, rare exceptions occur. Anyway, not gonna analyze my career here. Just talking about the day... this morning I reread everything and put it into appropriate format. Man this show is by every definition: the next level. Trinitrons 2 was the perfect transition into a much more creative show that is every bit "movie" as it is live performance. Location changes, transitions - 2 subplots goin' at once, new characters - it's absolutely the shit. I'll tell you though, writing G without cursing has got to be the biggest test of your "Backspace" key ever invented. When I write the characters, I just perform them. Much like how I did The Boyles. I turn towards whatever TV I'd be talking to, do the voice, the mannerisms and so's a good way to get the "feel" for the lines. Makes it much more natural...which means G says "shit" about 3 times a line. (sigh). I'll admit that G doesn't really feel like G as much in the clean version, but his "attitude" more than makes up for it. You actually think he's cursing just by the delivery when in fact it's as clean as Sesame Street. I have a feeling however - performing "Clean G" is going to be an absolute bitch. Since G is first, there's quite a bit of ad-libbing and if there's one thing I'll probably never get the hang of, that's ad-libbing a rated G forum. Heh. There will be some funny outtakes on this next DVD I'm sure. I'm picturing slipping a "fuck" into a line and then realizing it and well...yelling fuck. Heh. Good times man, good times.
What's nice though is the audience who has seen the first 2 shows will feel the tension because the "cleaning" of the show is part of the plot, so it's funny that they can't let loose. I couldn't be happier...this will be the sendoff of all sendoffs. It's just so perfect that the plotline I had truly dreamed up in 1997 for the Boyles for cryin' out loud was already as to fit with what I'm trying to do right now. Word.
Anyway, I will assume the script is done by the end of March, but shooting is going to be quite difficult to do anytime soon because for the first time there are going to be outside people in these TVs. Arranging that is gonna be difficult. I believe it'll still be June/July before that happens. The short Trinitron Bits however I will be, no I won't. Damnit - I can't do them seperately because I have to cut my hair. ARGGGGGGGGGGH. Must find wigs that'll work.
And finally, I got the supplies for the new Seacrest sign and it is HUUUUUUUUUUUGE. Check out the Seacrest Show on Monday, possibly Tuesday, and Thursday for my latest attempt at guerilla marketing. I'm gonna be NAILING this sign on top of the "Internet Cafe" sign, as they're closed down, then taking it down after the hour. Let's see how that works out. LOL.
Oh and of course the MTV thing. Heh. Haven't been able to reschedule the meeting. Welcome to Hollywood. It was a catalyst to do the picture and video gallery with Quicktime for MAC users. At this point I belive that's the only positive I'll be able to take from it. Once it all passes over I'll give you a little more insight to my feelings, but for now I'm still trying to nail this guy down to meet. Back burners can still be just as hot Mr. MTV dude...