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11:11 PM, Wednesday, February 4th, 2004:
Howdy, howdy, howdy.
Alright, so here's the scoop. After IMing the MTV dude for a few days I've finally set-up a lunch meeting. The LA auditions are now on indefinite hold (probably the next two week) because of how poor the submissions have been. My radar goes up slightly because I can't imagine they couldn't find enough worthy acts to even hold an audition in this city...but alas he says there's only about 8 even slightly interesting concepts.
One of which is mine, but in talking more with him it seems my bit may be too polished for what they're doing. Leave it to me to find every conceivable way of getting rejected. LOL. Good news is, he's still very interested in the concept and wants to talk with me more about it. I've mentioned "mockumentary" to him and he thought that was a good idea...basically just some brainstorming as he really likes the concept and as I said previously - he's worked with most of the boybands at one point or another. So this meeting tomorrow should be very good. I will bet anyone $5 that it gets moved however. Maybe I'm a cynic, but you start to get a feel for things and I know where I am on the giant stovetop of this city and it's most definitely the back burner right now. We'll see.
The Seacrest Show. Haven't been shirking this guerilla stunt in the least, just been hard to make it with work and all at noon. I did however go last Thursday and was able to scope out the internet cafe sign for a good 15 minutes. There's a really funny ethnic lady who runs a boutique next door that was standing out there telling me 3 times the internet cafe was closed. LOL. Telling me where to go, then teling me to come into her store (there will be more of this later in the entry). She finally went back into her store so I could really check out the sign. Well, it's just a "banner" like sign nailed to the awning. Can you believe that? It comes up SO WELL on TV too. For reference:
As well they've been closed down for months. So what I'm going to do is make a sign to go OVER that sign, just for the hour the show is on and then take it off. I figure the fact that I can only do it like once or twice a week anyway for one hour shouldn't get me in too much heat. Of course it means making an entirely new sign, but I think I'll be able to pull it off relatively easy. I'm going to do giant BLACK lettering on the white background. Actually, I may go with the yellow background just to reduce the sun glare. Also planning on just using black construction paper over top rather than the whole marker thing. If the last one took me 3 1/2 hours to make, this will just be insane. It's gonna be much bigger. I "should" be able to debut it on Monday the 9th (40 years later Beatle fans).
In writing news I now have two killer ideas for the "short" Trinitron bits. I'm going to do 3 so I'm almost there. The big trilogy ender is again completely outlined and I'm slowly putting in dialogue and whatnot. It'll probably go this route for a few more weeks and then I'll have a breakthrough and just finish the first draft in a few days. My hair is still about 2-3 months out for Dewey, but I do really need to find a wig solution. As well I'm officially sick of my hair long now. Like for the rest of my life I think I'm done. I want to be able to keep my hair short. To be able to have a monthly haircut like the rest of the world. DO you realize I haven't had a haircut not related to the Trinitrons since 2000? And that was just for my wedding. I'm done. I guess you get to an age where you're just done fucking with hair. Yup, that age for me is 28 and 4 months. I will most likely buzz my head after Spencer this year (just to get rid of the fried hair) and then keep it short like it is on the opening of the site. It's about time.
Oh and Tijuana sucks.
How 'bout them Lakers? (sigh) Tijuana doesn't really deserve more than that sentence, but I guess I have to tell the story. So Jess and I took a couple days and went to San Diego to just chill. Get away from the computer, the phones - just hang out in a different city and be together really. Had a blast. Ended up doing the whole Mexico thing because hey, it's RIGHT HERE. Smart enough to not drive down there, there's a little shuttle that's $2 to take you over and it lets you park your car in the good 'ol USA for $6. Beats the hell out of the horror stories I've heard about parking in Mexico.
All I can say is this: I don't like salespeople coming up to me at BEST friggin' guess how much I liked TJ. Maybe the most pathetic place I've ever seen. thousands of shops with the owners ion the street in front yelling at you to come in. Yelling prices, broken english phrases and throwing jewelry and painted Bart Simpson heads in your face....forever. That's it. Shop after shop after shop. After about 45 minutes of this we decided to eat, which was adventurous if anything. I mean a bottle of beer and 3 tacos for $1.99 is always fun. The food was pretty good and we didn't DIE so yahoo! What fun. Happened to walk into the "Red light" district at 11 AM. Who knew? I pointed out this chick with a white miniskirt on to Jess: "Hey, she looks like a hook...woah - they all do. Wow! Let's go down THIS street Jess!" I mean it's 11 AM. I could understand 2-3 women hangin' out waiting, but there had to be 40. Strange.
Needless to say it just wasn't fun. Ended up buying a blanket for Kerry who was watching the pups and just got the hell out of there. I know it's not representitive of all of Mexico, but yeah - my Tijuana days are pretty much over. Granted at night it might have at night it would've sucked worse. It was scary at NOON. Man, I'm just old dude. I would rather sit on my front porch and watch the grass grow. Actually, the list of things I'd rather do then go back to Tijuana would probably be quite humorous...and quite long. Heh.
And finally you know I have to do this:
Be sure to click the boob in question for a close-up.
If you're all curious as to what I thought about this stunt I was honestly just shocked. Could there ever be a more uncreatively stupid moment in music history? Song, song, song...BOOB. I immediately laughed and said to Jess: "Do you know how many parents are freakin' out right now!? LOL" And to all the people saying it's no big deal, you gotta think of the parents who relax for one friggin day and let their kids watch the superbowl and then this happens. I personally would have no problem with my kid at ANY age seeing a boob, even in context this stupid, but that doesn't make it any less inappropriate. They have every right to expect no nudity during the SUPERBOWL. I'll be the first to say that violence is worse and oftentimes the grinding, suggestive shit is far more adult then any one BOOB could be...but the bottom line is, it's inappropriate. I won't even begin to argue if it was planned because we all know it was. The only person who has an out is Timberlake because it's feasible he was told it would reveal the red bra since it wasn't rehearsed. But Janet and her costume designer knew exactly what would happen. And christ Janet, I didn't even know you were a has-been until that moment. Way to go.
I'm sure I'll be writing to you next week about the meeting that's planned for that week. Heh. Man I trust no one in this town anymore do I.
Ahh, and the video is allllllllllllll the way from Entry #15 - figured since my first gig ever in LA was on this date, and this entry was it is again - guys, sue me. I'm reusing an old video. Shut up. 10 entries last month. ;-)