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10:46 PM, Tuesday, January 23rd, 2004:
Man, you'd think it was January 2000 with all these entries. What can I say, things keep happening. The productive streak that just won't die.
So I awoke yesterday ready to go take on a Seacrest once again when I noticed the name of an MTV Producer I had emailed last week jump onto my AIM list. Jess was lookin' on Craig's List last week and noticed a listing: "Presently shooting new MTV pilot “Egos” seeking people with crazy wacky and unusual talents for their 1-2 minutes of fame. Please e-mail us a description of your “talent” phone number and e-mail."
(sigh) Slightly made me cringe only because I actually have talent and I don't want to be lumped in with the whole "Reality TV - 2 minutes of fame" horseshit...but it was worth an email. Especially for a show entitled EGOS. How can you deny that 5 of me onstage doesn't fit THAT bill. Heh. So I sent off a quick email on Thursday and never thought of it again. Wasn't the first time I'd emailed things like this. Never heard back. Because it was an AOL address I threw the name onto my buddy list. Once again, something that usually never works because most people block themselves from anyone not on their list - but I thought what the hell.
So the name pops up, I say "hey there" and he replies:  "the boyband dude..." Word. Guess I don't have to introduce myself. It turns out that they've gotten hundreds of submissions from LA, and all but 8 of them (including mine in that 8) have just sucked. They're doing the auditions nationwide and LA has been the weakest city. Doesn't really suprise me actually. Hell American Idol couldn't even get anyone from LA. Take that as you will.
He thought the idea was really interesting and was checking the site for videos but couldn't find any of the show. So immediately I'm pissed because damnit - what did I just spend a month of my life to avoid? This scenerio. So I start directing him to videos within the journey and he can't watch any of them because they're .wmv files and he's on a mac. Damnit x2. It occurs to me at this moment that the rest of my day (and most likely week) is GONE. I will be redoing the Trinitrons section now to include a myriad of quicktime videos so mac users can easily watch them. As well, including a tutorial of how to watch .wmv videos because many of you are having trouble with it. By the way, mac users can download windows media player for mac too, but I want them to only do that if they want to read the journey and whatnot - but for straight up show clips - man, you gotta be able to see it right away.
Luckily, the original Trinitrons Chronicles were done in .mpg format and he could see that. He dug those and said he had to get his staff to see this show as soon as possible. Thought the idea was great, said he even worked with the Backstreet Boys and 98 Degrees and was impressed with the parodies. So he said he would forward the links to his staff and I told him I would set-up anywhere, anytime for them to show it live. It's on wheels, with the help of another guy I could set it up in 5-10 minutes easy. I figured just a two minute run-through of the music, say "Come To" would be appropriate for TV.
He signed off and I was off to work on the site. I needed pictures and video up of the show ASAP. This shit can't happen again. The chances of this guy being online and me being able to personally direct him is oh so lucky. Just irks me that I could've been so careless as to not have quicktime up for clips of the show.
Well all day Monday I worked on the picture gallery. Click around on it and tell me if it makes any goddamn sense that those 5 pages took over 10 hours. Isn't that crazy? I mean just placing pictures and what not. Had to recreate quite a few, but still. The best part is that now there's specific shots of the show LIVE - which was missing before. There's even the only shot of "The Comedy Store" in existence before they yelled at my dad. Always wanted a place to put that. Word.
Then of course came the video gallery which was a complete other pain in the ass because I just could not figure out how to design it. I still don't LOVE it, but it'll do. Got the quicktime compression down very well, in fact better than .wmv, but there's a slight quality loss. I would change all the video from the Journey to quicktime if it would run like windows media. Windows Media brings up your player and starts to stream it right off the bat. Quicktime embeds into the browser. At least by default - who knows.
Anyway, so now all 16 Trinitron Chronicle videos are in one place including 6 brand new videos simply for quicktime format. For the first time we now have full versions of "Come To" live, the two "Backstreet Boys" songs live, hell even "Lock The Taskbar" and "Ooh-La Oh-La". So even without any upgrades to a current mac, someone can se some clips - and they can see more if they want to by downloading windows media player for macs. Can't beat that. I still may scour the whole site for ALL related Trinitron videos and throw them on that page as well - but it's already a mess...who knows.
So when's all this gonna happen with MTV!? Believe it or not, they have so few good entries right now, they can't even hold auditions. They need at least 20 and he said they were stretching in LA with 8. Probably only 4 strong considerations. So it's gonna be postponed from this week to next. No biggie, I'm here, and he's obviously interested so I'll at least get to show 'em my stuff....I hope - who knows really. My biggest concern is that it will be out of place. Ya know? You imagine a show of people with wacky talents and you see the "guy who can twist his arm backwards" or some shit. Like Stupid Human Tricks. Where does a full 5 piece boyband come into play? It's not a perfect fit, but I have to think he'll find a way to get it on if he likes it as much as I think he does...
...and yes it has indeed occured to me that this could secure my entire goal of 2004 within a couple weeks. Heh. Kinda like 2001 when I said I wanted direction by the end of the year and got it in February. Nothing is official at all yet, but man, how do you not put "Adam & The Trinitrons" on a talent show called Egos? LOL. Come ON already.
Finally, because of all this, Seacrest will obviously have to wait awhile. My next opportunity barring something with MTV will be next Monday the 2nd. For now, send out some good vibes because things are lining up again...