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8:37 PM, Thursday, January 22nd, 2004:
Word. That was almost the title today: Word. Let's do this all chronological and shiznit...
Jump in the car around 11:25 AM for the 12 Noon shooting. Found out right after I put the entry up that it is indeed anything but live. In fact I think only 3 or 4 markets ever see it live - majority see it on the east coast with a one hour delay and here in LA with a 5 hour delay. So I couldn't do the cell phone trick with Jess - I just had to stand my ass in THE spot for a friggin' hour. (sigh).
Got there in like 10 minutes, parked near Marty Moose's old apartment and walked over to the spot in between the palm trees that got the most coverage behind Ryan on the show:
Well, that happens to be the property of the Renaissance Hotel. So that lasted about 29 seconds. The guy was nice about it but still made my ass leave. And in hindsight saved me an entirely wasted day. I proceeded to walk towards the studio in the courtyard where there were people gathered for the outdoor segment. We were about 5 minutes from air and somehow I just walked up there and looked like I knew what I was doing. The producer looked at my sign and said there was no way. No advertising whatsoever. He said I could join the small audience (that had been waiting for hours) if I put the sign under the lighting rig. Why not I thought - might as well get on TV. So I looked at the camera set-up and assumed where the action would be and stood in line...then as they were about to go on air I JUMPED on this concrete couch like thing and heh - you can see the result:
Hell you can even see the Hollywood sign to the left of me above that girl's hair. Perfect placement. Talk about being in the right place at the right time. Kid told me he had been there since 10:00 AM and I walk up 5 minutes before and you can't even see his pathetic ass. That girl in front of me had a pretty primo spot and a better smile to tell you the truth. In fact:
I always end up looking like a villain when I think I'm being cool. LOL. I really just felt like the loser guy in his 30s next to a bunch of kids born in the 90s. This show certainly targets the mid to low teens crowd. Anyway, I was in about 5 minutes total of footage even after I edited EVERYTHING out. So there's a whole section I just didn't put in the web video because it was just too damn long. Saved it for later use though.
After they finished with the outdoor part of the show, I jumped back across the street to the one corner I noticed on the monitors they pan to very rarely...but it's a lot closer than the first hotel spot. I figured I might as well stand there for the last 20 minutes of the show - maybe I'd get lucky...
Well, yeah - I'm there. Heh. But we now see thatit's just tooooooooo far away. And that spot is quite a bit closer than the other spot - so thank GOD that dude made me leave or I'd have sat there for an hour. It was also windy as HELL, and as you can kinda see in the video I'm having a helluva time keeping it straight...but it mattered very little as the sun just completely bled it out. I zoomed one frame up REALLY big and could make out 4. Even if I had a black sign with red or white letters, it's just too far away I believe.
So why didn't I hold something up when I was in the audience!?!?! I knew that producer dude would've freaked and I looked at this as more of a reconnasaince mission and I didn't want to blow everything. I mean I guess I could just jump my ass down there and start talking to Ryan with a sign glued to my shirt before they dragged my ass away...but not the first day. Oh and no, a shirt wouldn't help - that would simply keep me from being in the audience.
Looking over the footage there's one other place that may work:
Assuming I had a sign that was about twice as big, and probably black with white letters - outside the internet cafe is a great spot. Only problem is it's a rarity that it gets on screen during the hour - maybe once or twice a show - whereas the first spot was hit about 40. But again, too far away. This is zoomed in and has a possibility of being read. May get the "private property" bullshit again, but it's worth a try. I'm gonna use the sign I have now on Monday - and if it doesn't show up well, but I get it seen - I'll make a seriously big, expensive bigass one. And I'll just camp my ass out there every day off I have from 12-1 PM.
Although I must admit - I think having an Adam Kontras sign could be a better plan of attack. Assuming I do find a way to get it shown, I think the producers of the show would be more likely to respond to the "emails" (phase 2 of this plan) if they know it's just a guy trying to promote himself. A website just makes it seem like it's a money thing. We'll see how well it shows up and go from there. Unfortunately - Adam Kontras is 11 letters and man that might be pushing it for viewability. Hmmm. Sucks, because the one big thing I learned today is is just bad news. People see it and they just don't want any part of it. They always assume it's some scam. If I could make it say Adam - then maybe...but 4tvs makes no sense to anyone.
We'll see. It was fun. And hey - there's my television exposure I said I had to have to have this be a successful year right?
...HELL NO. Heh. 4tvs, on the air. Probably not national - but most definitely here in LA. Has to happen. Needs to going to happen.
But this is kinda fun. So check out the show on Monday afternoon and keep watchin the right side of the window for the internet cafe. I probably won't bother trying to be in the audience as it does little for me other than be "cool". If the sign thing just doesn't work whatsoever - yeah, I'll just be audience boy whenever I can and have Trinitron DVDs on me. I'm also gluing that hat to my head. I swear that people always remember my ass with that. If they see me enough who knows.
God this really seems desperate - but man, the whole thing took like 90 minutes out of my day INCLUDING the drive. I mean for national television exposure you can't beat that. And while I'm writing T3 it's a fun little subplot of The Journey.
Big year anniversary tomorrow, check it out.