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5:56 PM, Tuesday, January 20th, 2004:
So yesterday afternoon as I'm cleanin' up the house Ryan Seacrest's "On The Air" came on. Basically a TRL in LA with the open window in back and all, but on his show it's REALLY prominent. When I saw it I thought:  "Wow, Highland Ave...." Sat there for a few more seconds and thought "jesus man, that's like 10 minutes from me." You could see people walking on the street, and really no one was paying attention...unlike TRL where it's so popular that there's thousands of people causing a ruckus. It occured to me that I could probably hold up a sign with on it, and get some hits. Get some buzz...
I continued to watch the hourlong program (nationwide, click here for your time and channel) and it just amazed me how many times a certain spot was shot over and over and over. I had to at least try. The spot was pretty far away, so my sign would have to be massive, but it was just too obvious not to try. So today I made the sign (took friggin' 3 1/2 hours) and am planning to hit up the show on Thursday as Jess has the day off and she'll be able to watch TV and tell me over the cell where to move and what not. Ryan also goes downstairs to the courtyard at Hollywood & Highland in both shows I've seen, so I'd need to know that so I can run around for that hour for the best spot.
What do I plan to gain by this? You know, it's just a sincere, symbolic gesture of standing on a soapbox and screaming:  LOOOK AT ME. You know? After 4 years that's what I want to do - make a big ass sign, stand in the middle of Hollywood and go HERE I AM!!!! AHHHHH. There is more to this plan however...
...assuming I've made this sign big enough, and you actually can read - well it all goes into phase 2. That phase starting with me spending every 5-6 PM Monday through Friday moment of my life that I'm not working, holding that sign. The other part of that phase will be all of you supporters emailing the show asking:  "Who the hell is that guy holding a sign over Ryan's shoulder?". That will only work if you can actually READ the sign, and I get in a bunch of shots. I figure if I do that 2-3 times a week (trust me if I could afford doing it everyday I would) and they get enough emails...maybe - just maybe they'll notice.
It then occured to me that The Trinitrons even in the state it's in now - could do a 30 second bit of just music. I could edit that really quickly. And if by any means they actually called me up into the studio (which they do quite often on TRL in New York) I could get the audience behind me enough to allow me to set-up something the following week. It's a longshot, it's a crapshoot and it's exactly what I should be doing. It does also hint of a tiny bit of desperation but you know what? WHO GIVES A FUCK. Heh. Not to be so crass but you can call me anything you want right now. I'm so self-assured after putting together that I have what it takes, I don't want to waste a minute. If that means me making a temporary stay of residence (definition of sojourn) outside those studios with a BIGASS be it. Because the ends justify ANY means. When they click on - it's unique and it's different. I'm not just an actor or singer, I'm doing something no one has ever seen before and using guerilla tactics to let the world know that is certainly not beyond me. Publicity. That's what the backers said and with or without Garis - I'm getting it.
Here's hopin this sign is big enough to read and some stupid ass security guard isn't constantly following my ass around. I mean it's a BIIIIIIIIG window - but one spot is just PERFECT. And hey, at least all the cars going by will read it. Heh. It can't hurt - I know that much.
In other news, I got my first order on! Wahoo! Of course he did it the minute I lowered all the prices (heh) but that's fine with me, it's not about money really - just spreadin' the word. But to let you know, all CDs are now $8.88 and all DVDs are $14.88. That's as cheap as I can possibly go and will probably stay at that price forever. Check out the "Buy Together" buttons on the pages too - sometimes you can save a couple bucks on top of that price when you buy another disc.
Alright! Watch the show on Thursday and no matter what I'll be taping it if you miss it. Wish me luck.