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12:01 AM, Saturday, January 10th, 2004:
Ken…Kennny…Kenneth. Kenneth Christopher Kontras. Heh.
Did you know they were gonna call you K.C. when you were born? When you were born, I was WOOOOOOOOOOOAH. I was 14. And so it happens. Full circle. Anyway, I was 14 years old, and what I was going to say before that revelation was that I bought a deck of cards at the gift shop before coming up to see you and wrote on them "K.C.'s Cards". Strange huh?
Then again I was gonna be named Adrian. Even as a friggin' BOY. Whew. I dodged a bullet there. Adrian Kontras. Hmm, other than the horrible Rocky references I would've gotten as a kid - that doesn't look too bad I guess.
Man, it really blows me away that you're the same age I was when I first held you. Hey now I'm exactly twice your age! Shit, that's not a fun thing to say. Moving on.
So you're another year closer to driving, though after what you did to that scooter I'm not sure that's a good thing. Heh, at least you'll be able to fix the first motor you burn out. Good skill to have.
Whew, what do you talk about when you're 14? All I cared about at 14 was sex. Sex and writing songs…
…to impress the girls that I wanted to have sex with. LOL. It rules that I can actually talk to you like a normal person as opposed to that kid you can't say the f-word in front of. Heh. On the sex issue however, I'll have you know that I waited (not by my own choice really) until my 16th birthday and was indeed protected. So I can give you that piece of advice. Hell, diseases aside - you just don't want a kid man. And it can happen in an instant. As well, you know you can always call me if you need to talk. Been cool getting calls from you lately.
Anyway, your video had quite a bumpy ride this year. I had the idea of having another me pop his head out of a computer screen while I was working, since that's all I've been doing lately. Have him scare food out of my mouth and then we'd sing a song. The food part was funny as hell, as you can plainly see in this picture:
Now that's classic cinema right there. So I just put that part at the end of your video. The rest however, just didn't work very well. Spent 3 hours framing out my friggin' head frame by frame...and it just didn't look good. Besides, I have a feeling I was a little too dirty. I have to remember that when I was 14, it was a SECRET that I was the way I - so we'll pretend for another couple of years that you have no idea what I'm talking about. ;-) Kinda like the "door" rhyme in your video.
Anyway, enjoy the real video. I did this technique where I sing your song REALLLLLLY slow and then speed it up, but keep my pitch the same. Thought I'd show myself freakin' out left. Your birthday sure is fun. Heh.
Hope to see you soon!

In 4tvs news I'm in the midst of an absolutely enormous site rebuild and have a million things I want to share with everyone, but I'm going to give them their own, proper entry. Assuming nothing newsworthy happens to me for the rest of this month, the entries are pretty laid out.
#298 will be about the site rebuild, all that's gone into it - all the changes, why I'm doing it, what it means…yadda yadda.
#299 will be on 01.23.04, the 5 year anniversary of the very first 4tvs shoot. Uploading a shitload of new pictures and video. Hard to believe it's been that long.
And the big #300 will be a section of the site I'm soooo friggin' proud of. It may be the best parody/idea/publicity stunt I've ever done. Also the most time consuming. Most assuredly worthy of the big Entry #300.
For now I go back to the hell that is webwork. I did all the fun stuff first, and now all I'm left with is endless days of busy work that make me curse how poorly I organized my site in 1999/2000. What an absolute pain in the ass. But one that I'll explain in the next entry.
Again, Happy B-Day man. Talk to you soon,