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8:08 PM, Thursday, December 20th, 2007:
You know, you were a smart mofo 6 years ago. But in true Adam fashion you gave someone a second chance assuming they grew as much as you did in that time. Unfortunately, I think you need to admit fault before that can begin and we all know that ain't happenin'. Isn't it wonderful though, to be able to handle it with such ease? Considering your opportunity was even bigger this time? Says a lot.
To an almost laughable degree, Charlotte is clearly not management material. It is literally so obvious that when it eventually comes up with her I can't imagine there being too much of a squabble over it. Ineptness is one thing, but the inability to accept fault is far more detrimental...just as it was last time around.
So why the entry? It's actually quite important for me to lay it out - even if it's locked forever (although nothing in here will be worse than what's unlocked in 2002). I need to remember specifics. Because honestly, I like her. I enjoy talking with her, we generally get along. Many of the same views on things. But dear jesus is she a bad manager.
She has literally rubbed every single person she's had contact with in regards to me, the wrong way. All of them. The list is actually funny.
-Bob Saget. She annoyed him so much that his agent finally yelled at her. I thought nothing of it at the time, she was trying to get ahold of him and did the best she could.
-Charlotte booked 3 shows the entire first year we were together with The Trinitrons and none of the executives she ever promised ever showed. I gave her the benefit of the doubt. An assistant from Paramount finally showed up at The Comedy Store (which I booked through a friend), but even that was a disaster.
-Belinda/Mitzi/Duncan at the Comedy Store. Still don't know what happened here. It's such a convoluted story. Basically I killed at the Comedy Store. Belinda who ran the night said Mitzi just called and that I'd be playing the big room from that point on, several shows. Never played there again. She pissed off both Duncan and Belinda to the point of not speaking. I spoke with Duncan personally 6 months later and he said: "no one here appreciated how pushy she was." Never spoke to Belinda, so don't know what happened there. Everything was in her hands so it doesn't really matter why it didn't work out - it didn't. And when you're the boss, it falls on you.
-Aspen? What a nightmare. Looking back she had so much control of that situation that I can't even begin to understand exactly what was happening. Everything was second hand, I never met or performed for any of the judges. Everything felt fishy. It blew up in our faces, we never got in after her spending an entire year saying that was the goal... and then had the audacity to say "your expectations were too high". Christ. The next year I submitted myself again and my contact there said clearly: "Your show is great, but it's not Aspen material at all. Not sure if you have ever seen the acts at Aspen - but this doesn't belong there." Once again proving the ineptness of Charlotte devoting a year of my time to this.
-The Paramount meeting gained from the assistant at The Comedy Store was with a casting director who lambasted me for not having a headshot and resume. Something Charlotte said specifically that I didn't need. The CD looked at me and said... the fuck? How am I supposed to help you? My headshots weren't done yet and it's clear that the appropriate thing to do as a manager would be to make the appointment after that. She blamed it all on the casting director which at the time I had little reason not to believe. She even turned it on me that if I don't get a callback for a pilot than it's clear I didn't perform well in the meeting. LOL! Classic.
-She had nothing to do with The Early Show, in fact Mike Lane's girlfriend at the time is who told him, who later emailed me. When I was in NY to try and pitch something her ideas was for me to be an on-air host each week introducing the acts. Although it seemed like a great idea, it had nothing to do with what ended up happening. Their idea was a web show and the only thing that got me that was me staying in NY for a month and bugging Tammy. My persistence, period. The reason I still took her on as a manager was basically to mend old wounds as I knew she had put her heart and soul (and money) into the original Trinitrons with nothing to show for it. Once I got the CBS gig I figured now that we were "in the game", she'd really be able to use her expertise to help out. Wrong.
-The first round of negotiations was one debacle after the next. Charlotte was going by guidelines in the guilds that had no barring on CBS as they hadn't signed or agreed to those guidelines. A point that was later brought out and made us look like idiots. They certainly played hardball, and I can't fault Charlotte too much because we did get more money when it was all said and done. But they were pretty pissed at her, and it really came out the next time around.
-In the span of 2 days of shooting on set, she managed to piss off every single person there. This I saw with my own eyes and am befuddled at how it's even possible with the people in question. Like the mellowest people ever. Jim the producer, Tyson, Jodi, Hunter. She was just really pushy and arrogant, didn't really seem like a big deal to me as I was used to it, and kept telling people how to do their jobs. I finally got a call from Jim asking if she please never come around again because not only did she piss him and Hunter off, but everyone in the make-up room. When I came back Tyson and Jodi (makeup) were beside themselves literally saying: "How do you put up with that?". I thought they were kinda being over-sensitive but come on, they're dealing with stars and agents and all of that shit daily. For them to say that is hard to ignore.
-The second contract negotiations pissed off CBS so bad they said they would never speak to her again, dealt directly with me and said quite clearly: "If we every have to deal with her again, you will not be working here." If it wasn't for Steve telling them to call me directly, it was over. They were ready to walk. Now although I was never able to hear the phone calls she made, I did eventually read the emails and they seemed fine to me. They were stern, but nothing I could see that would create such anger on their end. Hell, it could've been CBS all along but the bottom line is (and this is the point of the century folks) - it doesn't matter. Right and wrong doesn't matter here. Me thinking the emails seemed cool doesn't matter. I'm not a manager. I don't know how to negotiate with television studios. That's why I hired you. If they're so pissed at you that your client now has to negotiate WHILE he's writing and producing the episodes, you've fucked up. I had to do her job for like 3 weeks, and play actor, writer, director, editor AND pay her 15% the whole time.
-And finally - where are we? A year on national television over 30 national TV appearences and mentions and where are we? She did nothing. I was so busy with the work, I barely had time to ride her - but starting in June I made it very clear that we couldn't leave CBS empty handed. I had a feeling we had burned the bridge so bad that this was it and something had to develop before the gig ended. Yeah. Nothing. Not one audition, not one meeting, nothing. After Steve got fired (end of August), I begged. Said, listen I really need you to hustle on this I can't do this by myself. All she could say is I had to write the sitcom pilot and bible for The Egos to pitch to a studio. (sigh). I just wasn't doing enough.
When the gig did end (end of September), still nothing. She finally sent me on a website commercial audition for Schick, the Soapnet audition (which she says she still hasn't gotten an answer on), and then another strange Soapnet type promo or something? That's it guys. Begging, pleading. Send me on ANYTHING. PLEASE. Now of course the writer's strike hit in November and by the 15th - almost everything was gone and that's where we stand today.
Add onto all of that, I know of zero successful stories from any of her other clients. I think she said one girl got a holding deal that fell through (which is actually quite a coup to pull off) and a few actresses in a some small roles. Everything writing wise has never panned out (again, from what I know, she's quite private about it), and there's just an overwhelming feeling that she has no idea what she's doing.
The thing is, this time as opposed to 2001/2002? I've done my part man. The material is incredible, when the pressure was on me I outperformed every, single, time. I wrote every single episode by myself as well as acted and produced and editing them. I fought for The Price is Right and got it, I fought for Young & The Restless, and got it. That was all my doing and I succeeded and succeeeded and succeeded. When the ball was in my court, when the spotlight was brightest on me I never failed. You're never gonna find a client work harder or be more willing to do anything you need... except actually believe in you after all I described above. I mean I would have to be in a mental institution before I let her negotiate a deal for me ever again. Luckily in the last case, everyone that she pissed off is no longer with CBS and Steve and I are still friendly and talking so - whatever bridge was burned afffected the CBS situation very little. What is unforgiveable is how little she did other than that.
I won't blow up the house of course until I have another agent/manager. A very hard thing to pull off and now with the strike - on indefinite hold. No one wants to take anyone on until that's resolved. So hopefully anything that happens with us for the next few months will be commercials and whatnot where there's no negotiating involved and she can't fuck anything else up. I'll keep in contact with Steve and Tammy and keep on scheming. Yeah, I'm back to square one, but the shit is good man. The last few episodes of The Egos were astounding, it's just a matter of time until the rest of the world catches on.
...but can you imagine if I had real representation this last year? Wow. This could've been pretty special.