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12:01 AM, Monday, July 30th, 2007:
There are no copyright issues concerning this piece so please share it, steal it, wear it, feel it. :-)
The Man Upstairs
If you can't beat 'em...
So Gary's done tryin' to deny it. He realizes that 12 straight losses means only one thing: he is the kiss of death. Why hide it anymore? So he dressed in black (sort of) and embraced the dark side within, and now "Death-G" will preside over Living Room Live for the forseeable future. Hey, at least he looks pimpin'.

And then there's Dewey... being Dewey. I gotta say - after last week's interrogation room - these are some comfortable chairs. The projector is now directly above this seat so if you lay back and open your eyes... your reflection is starin' right back at ya.
Good Times.
...not so good times would be Spencer - thinkin' he's all cute by waving his hand in front of Dewey. For some reason Spencer thought it would be quite funny to get a rise out of Cameron and creates oodles more work for him.

Cam was not amused.
I am however. I'm amused that week after week the friggin' writer in me just can't resist writing something that is going to be ridiculously taxing for the "post" man. I keep pushing and pushing. Each week I tell myself I'm gonna take it easy and not make this harder than it already is... and each week I get an idea that I can't help but type...
...and thanks to that back and forth - we get wonderful pictures like that one. :-)
Everytime I look at that pic I see one thing. I see a man basically SHAKING the audience. HELLO??!?! Is anyone out there? Is anyone seeing this? ...but I just can't get anyone to listen. I'm doing 10 people's jobs at once and I'm spread so thin I'm starting to think there really are 5 people. For the first time in my life I can see a sketchy future where I can't remember who I am. Today I reacted to something and the first thing I thought of was "Heh, that's how Gary would react." Then I sat there and thought - "No damnit, that's how you reacted..." Psychosis + Anonymity = The Journey.
Someone out there has to end this.