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12:01 AM, Monday, July 23rd, 2007:
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The Dictator
It's kinda funny that with the Egos' storylines, "ego" tends to be the only real conflict. That's what happens when you're in such tight writing parameters. In this world, all they care about are their "picks" and being better than each other. Believe me, I'm itching to get outside of these situations every week because it ends up just being a series of characters "going too far" with their self-worth and being put back in their place by show's end. Meh, it's a cute little set-up, but it's a repeating theme and that always gnaws at me.
Oh and today's episode made me once again want to remind everyone that my original intention for this bit was to give more information on each act and work that in, but CBS wanted each band's video to be what makes them win or lose so I really can't say anything about each act. I'm very aware that these situations each week all but ignore the bands and it really isn't my intention. I think some of these bands are awesome, and would love to know more about them as well. We're just trying to be fair.

So quite the ambitious show this week. The screening room really was under construction, we couldn't get into the boardroom until 11am, and we started with Adam at the normal time of 7am - which meant a lot of downtime. So I wrote the script so as to use all of our time and did the little Cameron/Hunter sequence in that middle time. Pretty fun little opening that allowed for Hunter's debut on The Egos. For a second there I thought I would actually be able to speak to a real person on-camera but unfortunately neither of us did as we were both behind the camera for each shot. Someday...
Gary loses his Big G.
MUCHO props to Hunter on the lighting end of things as well this week. We walked into that boardroom and my heart sank as it may have been the most plush boardroom I've ever seen. I wrote the script as if this was some sort of punishment for the boys and this place was anything but. So we cleared stuff out, got uncomfortable chairs, and the lighting gave it that interrogation room feel that hid the fact that it was so luxurious. I was very happy with how different this episode felt. I'm trying to think of a way we can get back in there one more time.

While I'm proppin' peeps let me thank Tyson and Kenny who both continue to make my life a helluva lot easier and have gotten our whole process down faster and faster each week. As you can see I'm determined to see actual smoke come out of my laptop, but I hate wasting even a second...even if my laptop is now (no exagerration) 5 times slower than it was before I started Living Room Live. It can still save me some time with such a difficult deadline to meet.

Because of the long wait in the middle this ended up being one of our longest days and Donna and I just ended up chilling at The Grove for a couple hours to let traffic get better. Didn't work very well as this is LA, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.
The final product ends up being a bit of a departure and I'm pretty proud of it. Several good moments and fun little situations. I also got some royalty free music from Hunter that CBS uses so I can finally have some variety. Believe me, it's not EGO that has those friggin' doo-wops in every episode, it was all I could legally use. Now the spectrum has broadened a bit. It should allow for some nice pieces.
Oh and I have to hand all the credit however to the best part of the entire show to Tyson who gave me the unscripted idea to mimic the Sharon Stone move in Basic Instinct. Just hilarious. And with my combat boots, quite a difficult maneuver I must say. Too funny. Spencer's just wonderful. Speaking of Spencer, I have to leave you with one more shot...
Hahahahahahahaha. Hahahahahahaha. Apparently there's a little Spencer in all of us.