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10:58 PM, Wednesday, July 11th, 2007:
Yes, my eyes have always been 2 sizes too big. :-)
This was gonna be a locked entry. This was going to be a hate-filled, scream-at-the-world rant during a time when I literally can't turn a corner without getting hit. Literally.
From getting in an accident and being too trusting trying to help someone avoid their insurance, to dealing with computer people who won't fix my computer that crashes every 10 minutes unless I take it apart and put a floor fan on it, to dealing with a harddrive recovery place so hell bent on bankrupting you for one friggin' file, to hearing excuses from people that have owend me hundreds of dollars since March, to dealing with banks and credit card companies who fee you incorrectly and make you chase them down to correct it, to ongoing negotiations with your employer about something you wouldn't even believe if I told you... it's been a trying couple of weeks for me.
All coming to a head yesterday with me almost losing it as I was basically told, "Sorry, you're out $1500 - thanks for trusting us." So what do I do when I'm spinning that hard? I go back in time and start a project of loading old VHS footage to remaster digitally and save...
...and suddenly I don't have a care in the world. I'm 9 years old making a video with my dad, now being able to re-edit how we always wanted to. The sights, the sounds, I am completely at ease. I have a script to write tonight for a shoot tomorrow but I'm happily putting it off to gaze into 1985. It's actually therapeutic. It's like comfort food. For someone like me, being able to throw in a tape and "be there" is the most comforting feeling I've ever known.
And then of course you have the video in question. Ha. Entitled "What to do on a Saturday Afternoon" it was literally just that. My dad had visitation rights with me from 2pm - 6pm every other Saturday and we always tried to do one special thing (like there was time to do more - lol). Usually seeing a movie, but this day, February 9th, 1985, "Papa" as I called him then had a relative's camera and we decided to make a movie.
Of course with no editing equipment you're left with the old "2 VCR" trick and for this we barely even used that. He would just stop the camera, tell me what to do next - start it up again, repeat x40. What you end up with is a 17 minute video about a little boy stealing his father's car to go get a coney. Now my dad did have some musical gear, so he was able to add music and voice to it - for '85, and to a 9 year old kid, it was the coolest thing ever.
Now I of course archived the original just for the giggle of how endearingly amateur it was...but had to edit it properly simply for both of us. We would've had a blast with equipment 20 years later. Hilariously, with just normal obvious editing - 17 minutes becomes 5 1/2. I even tried to keep a lot of the abrupt cuts so it still feels like the old bit, but the 6 minute extended "eating-a-coney" scene had to be trimmed. :-)
But how amazing is this when you look back on it? Talk about an obvious influence in my life. It was a creative outlet that just filled my imagination with possibilities. I wanted my own video camera so friggin' bad I can't even begin to tell you. My dad didn't have his own until 1989 and since I only saw him sporadically, there just wasn't a lot of access. I finally got my own in 1995 (the day I met Michael Jordan) and never looked back obviously...
...and now it's all this. I'm just shaking my head at how much influence you can have on a child at an early age. We did several movies like this, then he helped me make highlight reels of Michael Jordan in the early 90s - and eventually we did a full 30 minute feature called "Slick Tracy". It was so bonding for me and he obviously realized I had a passion for it. All I ever wanted to do was make more stuff. From movies and then eventually songs. I guess it was just always in me to create constantly.
But pops - I have to tip my hat to ya. As Donna said watching this: "You are clearly your father's son", and it really didn't hit me this hard until I was editing this together. I'm so remaking this with my kid someday. Christ it'll be over 30 years later. Bleh. That really makes my head spin...
...but thankfully it's about heartwarming things and not the firestorm I walk into the second I end this entry. We all have our therapeutic comforts in life, luckily this won't kill me.