(click the picture above for the high definition video - but also click YouTube for me!)
12:01 AM, Monday, July 2nd, 2007:
There are no copyright issues concerning this piece so please share it, steal it, wear it, feel it. :-)

That picture is actually half the size of the actual frame from the video. Man I love high definition. :-)


Seems like a bit of overkill does it not? High definition for a friggin' web video? Well, when you're talking about the magic of 4tvs, nothing is overkill. If people had any idea what it really takes to pull these puppies off each week their cerebral cortex would split. Going high-def however actually helps make things a bit easier. See now I can actually make this two shot you're lookin' at right here...


...from the very same 3 shot that you see right here. In fact, I can even zoom all the way into one character and whyyyyy can I do that? Because high definition is so much bigger than standard definition that you have all this room to work with. To even make my HD shot fit in the standard TV parameters I have to make it 45% of it's regular size - so you can imagine how much room there is to work with.

Poor Cam is still stuck in the standard era. Awwwwww... and he's just having the worst luck. You know, I never think much about why things are the way they are in EgoLand. I just kind of feel what should happen next - and truthfully, it's all part of my own personal struggles. It's always reflected somewhere in anything I do creatively. But blah, blah, blah - onto the show at hand...


Unaware of the restrictions, Gary brings a drink into the theater and proceeds to pour it all over setting off a nice little situation. I'm really having a ball with this new set-up because it really is like a weekly sit-com scene and with this new camera and being able to pan and zoom so much - whew, it is absolutely 3 different people in that shot. And without the monitors - there's just so much interraction.

This really is like The Price is Right bit every week - of course without the crossovers which is just so time consuming. I'm gonna be daring and try to pull one off at some point - but not just yet. I'm still having a helluva time with Vista's compatibility and have dealt with an average of 2 hard crashes an hour working on these episodes. It's rough - but there just aren't a lot of choices right now. No time to experiment with a schedule this demanding...

...but boy, I do like the look of high definition. :-) Just what we need, a more life-like Spencer. Heh. Alrighty - enjoy the episode, see you next week!