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10:08 PM, Thursday, May 31st 2007:
Could a day be better summed up with what I just witnessed?
I know, I know - we're all "witnesses". Great campaign btw. But seriously - something really special occured in that game. I honestly believe going into this series, LeBron didn't believe. At 22 he had no idea even to himself how good he was. The first 2 games proved that - he almost seemed embarrassed to excel. Game 3 he had no choice and he took over, but not completely. They won the the next 2 games as LeBron seemingly matured in front of our eyes...
...but something unbelieveable happened tonight. It's as if he said:  "What if..." and just went for it. "What if I just go as hard as I can, take it on my shoulders - and just throw myself at the defenders and forget getting others involved for once? What if?" 25 straight points later and 2 overtime periods he literally astonished himself. Scoring 29 of Cleveland's last 30 points he just did it all - fade away 3s, monster dunks - got around double-teams, triple teams. To say he was unstoppable is an understatement. It's as if the only thing stopping him before was his own belief in his abilities. It was a beautiful thing to witness. He now knows he can do anything, and where will that take him...
I relate to LeBron because quite often my whole "jack of all trades" mentality with my talents is out of trepidation over not being good enough. In basketball, you can't blame a guy who gets a triple-double... but oftentimes that 10, 10, and 10 says: "What, you didn't think you could do it yourself?". It's a shitty double-standard in a basketball age of selfishness to actually slam someone for being unselfish.. but it's because it really does say something. When you have the talent LeBron has (talent I swear he wasn't fully aware of until tonight) and you just DON'T take over, there's a self-esteem issue. Period. And in many respects I seem to work extra hard at doing every, single, possible aspect of a project, partly because I have the talent too - but also because the thought of only doing one of those things and being judged solely on that? It's a little scary. I'd rather sit at a piano and sing a ballad than karaoke. Do I think I can't sing? No... but I feel safer somehow doing more so everyone isn't only looking at one thing. And if I personally built the piano as well, all the better. Interesting character trait.
ANYWAY - way off subject here. Today is marked as the end of negotiations with CBS for Living Room Live 3. Everything is signed sealed and delivered and things will start up tentatively the last week of June. Incredibly even after I agreed to the final offer, Steve suprised me with even more. I assume as a "thank you" for past work and it just floored me. It was just such a wonderful way to end what was one of the most stressfu months of my life. It really is an incredible feeling to know that you have a friend on the inside. I will say however - as I mentioned in the last entry - I have to start pursuing other things because what I went through this month almost killed me. No offense to CBS whatsoever, this is my personal financial issues, but it's ridiculously irresponsible of me to have waited for 3 months for the next Living Room Live "assuming" everything would be alright. Because of that I was literally rolling the dice with a mortgage. Never, ever, ever again. I will spend the next several months working my ass off on Living Room Live... and trying desperately to have some other income - be it voice-over work or other avenues because no one should live through the stress of this month...
...and speaking of that - holy shit right? How ridiculous was this month? Granted almost everything is locked - but assuming you're reading this 5 years after the fact and it's all unlocked... that's some crazy shit to befall a man in a calendar month. And what I announce next week? SHEEEEEEEIT. Your heads are gonna spin. Spinny-spin spin. So much for thinking there would be a couple down months in between LRLs. Why do I even utter the words?
So in fantastically over-dramtic fashion, May comes to an end. We end negotiations, and LeBron ends everyone's doubt that he is special beyond anyone's belief. This would be his senior year in college and he is a game away from leading his team to the Finals. No offense to Kobe who is also masterful...but he was on a stacked team when he came into the league. LeBron is doing this with no-names. If he gets to the Finals with this team, at his age, it has to be considered one of the most incredible feats in all of sports.
Alright, I'm beat. Heh, just wait'll you guys see what's gonna happen in June.