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blacked out until 06.02.07
locked until 05.20.09
3:44 PM, Friday, May 18th, 2007:
Here we go again.
After constant haggling, we're promised last week we'd get the Living Room Live 3 contract by the end of this week. Charlotte calls them 3 times this week just touching base, enquiring about the paycheck I still haven't received for Oklahoma and nothing, not an email or phone call. We finally call today, last day of the week and the lawyer isn't even in today. So we wait until Monday and keep bugging. And this is just to start the process. They'll low-ball us again and we get to fight for another 2 months and I don't get paid and end up having to fill up my credit cards just to live as they string it on and on and on. It was at this point Charlotte stated the obvious... in any other situation, this is when you walk.
Frightening right? I mean if you look at it from any other standpoint - this is when you walk. Period. I took way less than I should've last year, worked 5 weeks without ever seeing a dime, they tried to skimp out on one of those weeks and only recently even paid for that. I bent over BACKWARDS during the show - being ridiculously ambitious and blowing them away (their words, not mine) - The Price is Right Bit alone was 10 times more than they dreamed possible, yet I destroyed my laptop in the process. I go to Oklahoma for them with no contract, they get pissed that we even ASK FOR ONE, and I still haven't been paid over a month after the fact... you walk here. You tell them to fuck off. The Up & Adam thing is in perpetual limbo and I'm certain at any moment it will completely fall through because they just don't seem to understand how television works... isn't that strange? How do I have more common television sense than those at CBS. How? Again, we could magically get the funding and be shooting our pilots for TV this summer - and I'll happily eat my hat...but I'm gonna stick to my guns here and readily admit that it's a DOA. If you don't understand the business model, oh and you circumvent Letterman it's dead on arrival. Period.
But the truth of the matter is it doesn't matter what's right and wrong - I can't walk. I have no influence on this. They will always try to suck every penny out WHERE IT DOESN'T MATTER, and then throw it out the window in other places. I'm curious to see what the contract is that is taking so long. I assume they're just trying to figure out what a good starting point is to end up at $2000. I assume they'll be like $1750 and we'll argue over $250 for the next 3 weeks. Fuckin' weak. And of course my ideas for the next one are much more complicated and will be a bitch to edit. When will I ever learn. Stop telling the truth and working so hard Adam, it's the worst thing you could do for your career.
And that's where the real story comes in: my career. My apathy towards it is at an all-time low. Call it laziness, but I just don't want to do ANYTHING. I'm so disheartened with it, it is such a drag on me emotionally and mentally - the fun times are now hassles...and I want a family. And I don't want to deal with this bullshit with a family. But really - what are my options...going back into the loan game? Well I'm just gonna forget I even said that and realize that I don't have a family right now...so I have the freedom to wait a little longer...
...but I will not wait forever.