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9:19 PM, Monday, April 30th, 2007:
Well I guess now would be the time to tell you that the big scene I was in actually included 3 speaking lines with Tony. Oh and at the end he shoots me in the face. Uhm, and I tell the big secret of the final 5 episodes as I fade away...
...but they cut it. LOL. Yes this would be the time to tell you that but alas it isn't true. The scene I was in was the 2nd to last scene where Tony is told of the death of Heche's wife...but they skipped right to him going to Heche's house. Seems they cut it to add a bit more mystery to the death. So me putting my jacket on as I exit the Bada Bing in front of Mr. Soprano will never see the light of day. There is some good news however, in the first bar scene I was in I was somehow the only extra out of 70 even recognizeable...
How lucky is that? If you check out any Bada Bing scenes in The Sopranos almost everyone is a sihlouette. Depending on how good your monitor is you can not only make out my face, but my black hat, black shirt, and even my black leather jacket. The black leather jacket that held the infamous camera from one of my all-time favorite entries ever - Entry #581 - Tony Sopranoland - if you haven't checked out that entry or video - do so immediately. Craziness.
But hey - I'm in a Sopranos episode. As I stare at that picture I get kind of giggly. Episode 81 of 86. There I am. Forever, you can't take it away from me. Realize there is no other show in the history of television that I can imagine being like this about being background. Maybe a guy at the bar at Cheers. That would've been a helluva feat considering I was 17 when it went off the air. Heh. Anyway - there ya go, enjoy the last 5 episodes, I'm certainly dying to see how they wrap this up.
Speaking of wrapping up, we wrapped up the final day of shooting with Crooked X here in LA today. Interviewed Doc Mcghee and Spencer Proffer down at their offices on Sunset, got another few hours of footage for Jim to look through (heh) and the highlight of the day by far was Forrest and Jessie doing their first acoustic set and literally blowing everyone in the room away.
It was their first time meeting their new mangament and they thought they'd run through a few songs with 'em and I gotta say there's no better way to do it than stripping down to a naked set...and still managing to rock. It really is phenomenal how good these kids are and as I mentioned in the previous entry - you just have to pray the music industry is ready for their music because if they are...these kids will be superstars.

We ended the day doin' some shots on Sunset with the boys checkin' out the sights. The package is going to air May 28th to kick off the 3rd Living Room Live:  Battle of the Bands.

Which means I've got a few more weeks until the crazy 13 week schedule starts. Enough time to organize some stuff on the homefront, and try to forget about all of the ridiculously stressful things that need to transpire this month. From contracts to funding meetings to plan b's, c's and d's... this is the game I wanted so desperately to be a part of wasn't it?
I know, I know...be careful what you wish for.