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1:47 PM, Sunday, April 29th, 2007:
It's gonna be the same, every place they play, for the remainder of this year. The year where no one will know who Crooked X is. The crowd of people in their late 20's, early 30's will look at these 7th graders walking onstage and roll their eyes. They will make fun of the T-Shirts they're wearing because they're certain that no one that young could actually understand the impact of the bands on their chests. There will be "sighs", shitty little comments, and jokes about how opening bands suck...
...and then they will plug in their instruments and proceed to erase every thought you had before you heard them:
Some pictures have sound don't they?
I spent a good part of their concert last night watching the crowd. This was the "Ballroom Blitz" and there were a dozen bands so the majority of the people were there for the event, not Crooked X. Which explains the scenario I described above. The people that weren't "rockin'" just sat there with a smile on their face. During "Brick in the Wall" (a brilliant way to win an older crowd) I watched this guy in his late 40s sit there with the biggest smile on his face. You don't have to be a musician to appreciate a kick-ass band when they're playing a song you love...and just killin' it. By the start of the second song the crowd was roaring and when they walked off that stage, they had the respect of everyone in that room.
...and then the next band went on. Heh. In what had to just be surreal to that band, the crowd around Crooked X's merchandise table was bigger than the people watching them play. The band was signing shirts and CDs... you just had to shake your head. I'll have you know I did not forget my fellow Ego members and got them some T-Shirts. Spencer you'll be happy to know that a pink-spaghetti strapped top is waiting for you when we meet up again later next month. :-)
The guys had to get up at 4 AM to be on the plane but stayed until everyone got their stuff signed. That will be a daunting prospect in the future boys...
...and the girls. Good golly the girls. There will be a few. It's funny I actually asked them about that in the interview. They were very clear that once one of them dates anyone...they're off-limits to the entire band. Even if they've broken up. I thought this was quite impressive for them to have come up with - and then I talked to some of the girls at school. One of which who went out with 3 of them and is now just a "friend".
This really is a reality show waiting to happen isn't it?

It's a lot of things waiting to happen, but I've never come across a situation more primed to explode in a positive way than this band, these parents, and this scenario. Keep your fingers crossed that the cycle of music is ready for this - because if it is these guys will be HUGE.

For now I wave goodbye to Oklahoma, I'm sure I'll see you again.