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1:22 PM, Monday, April 16th, 2007:
I have a bit of a challenge in front of me. I somehow have to convey in this entry what's happened in the past two months without really saying anything. I have to explain that what I was told on February 10th that changed my entire life and lead to countless locked entries and cryptic videos, was not in fact accurate. It was quite a different story in New York and only extreme rationalization can spin that puppy. I have to express that there is still potential for some great things, but what originally blew my ever-loving mind was at the very least a miscommunication. I have to do all of this without blame or frustration as I sincerely am quite grateful for the position I'm in, but have to write this entry anyway because for all intents and purposes my life is exactly as it was at the end of January: still scheming and plotting a way into the industry and making the most of the opportunity CBS has given me. What happened on February 10th is a distant memory like many of the things that come in and out of "The Journey". It could certainly lead to some big things...but so could another cartoon, or a television pitch, or a movie pitch, or anything else Charlotte and I can conjure up in the meantime. That's life, that's "The Journey".
So...how did I do?
Must be a bit of a shock to some of you, especially those who knew what the February 10th entry encompassed. Truth be told, Lucy absolutely pulled the ball from me in New York and a month's retrospection has made that crystal clear. Looking back it feels like I was handed a gift certificate for a million dollars, and a month later in New York found out it was a lottery ticket to win $50,000. A very selective and exclusive lottery mind you, but a lottery nonetheless and certainly not for a million dollars. Jarring to say the least, but when the smoke clears - you're still excited about your chances. The reason I'm writing this? It just has to be public already. Friends and family alike assume that I'm on Cloud 9 because of the un-be-fuggin-lieveable news in February and it just isn't the case. I'm not depressed or even the slightest bit sad, but as I said above, I am exactly where I was at the end of January: still scheming and plotting a way into the industry and making the most of the opportunity CBS has given me. I love everyone at CBS (hell I named my dog CeBe S. for cryin' out loud) and couldn't be more grateful and excited for the future. Living Room Live 3 will start up in a couple weeks and in fact I have some even cooler news regarding an act from LRL 2 which I'll talk about in the next entry. So things are gooooooood...just not that good. :-)
Not so good however if you were a tree in the Valley on Thursday...
Had to piece together 2 pictures to make this one, mofo is THAT big...

Not sure if pictures or words can even do this justice, but the one on the right should help. Roxy is a huuuuuuuuuuuuge dog. She is over 125 pounds. Hell you can barely see the friggin' guest house. Oh and the base of this puppy is so big I can't even come close to getting my arms around it. I was actually concerned when I came home that there was a puppy trapped under this thing (they were both safely inside, if not scared shitless).

So it was a little WINDY on Thursday. In the 7 1/2 years I've been in LA I have never seen a stranger day than that boy. Windier than you can imagine, without a cloud in the sky - and as Donna and I were out and about I was certain a tree was coming down in my yard. Trees that have been up for 30 years... I knew weren't gonna make it another day. I drove home - and yup, not only did the wind RIP this puppy CLEAN out of the tree - it was the biggest possible section of any tree I had. Took out the cable line, the power to Keith's house, and another limb was bending the main electric line to such an extent I was sure it would pop at any moment. The electric company finally came out the next day and promptly told me: tough shit, you're main electric is still on - so we're not taking anything.

But hey - it's an excuse to buy some powertools. Few things make me giggle like a school boy than playing "homeowner" in the backyard. Actually, the role of "homeowner" would be to call someone who knows what the hell they're doing to clear that mess up. No, my new beard forced me to play the role of "Lumberjack" and do it myself. Heh. Everything's an adventure when you have to keep up the site. No way I wasn't tackling this project for the entry video alone. Sheeeeeeeeeeeit.
Anyway - my beardedness will last but a few days more as I'm gonna need to look like "Anchor Adam" next week. Details soon about that. And again, please don't be concerned for me about the other stuff, it's bound to happen over and over throughout my career. What a gigantic lesson "The Journey" has turned out to be...