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12:08 PM, Sunday, April 1st, 2007:
Man, come to think of it - that would be a great parody of "Still Crazy after all these Years..." to sing for your wife at your anniversary...
...then again it may come off as astonishment which wouldn't be very loving. Ha.
So, uhm, surprise!
We never got divorced. Filled out the paperwork, never filed it. The original paperwork from '05 is in Jessica's file cabinet somewhere in Ohio, long since out of date. For one reason or another we were just too lazy to get it together. Our families just love that. They're convinced we're both insane, but who isn't anymore. We've just gone about our business the past few years, always keeping in contact and maintaining our friendship. The love and respect between us has never faltered.
Of course there are new people in both of our lives and both considerably more serious than previous relationships. Jeff even proposed to Jess a few weeks back. Can't imagine what it's like to propose to a married woman... oh wait, yeah I (palaur) can. LOL. I figured the best way to celebrate that was to invite Jess and her new fiancee to Los Angeles! Stay with me and Donna for a week! Jess could stay in the house again for old time's sake!
So a couple weeks ago they came out and we just had a ball. It wasn't strange at all to have Jess back in the house again after all this time. Everyone really got along well. Jeff and I had met before and we're all videogame nuts so we had fun playing the Wii and the 360. Jeff, who's an auto mechanic, even taught me how to do a brake job on my car! Was I concerned about letting him do my brakes? Of course not! I'm only married to his fiancee. Why would he want to see me hurt in anyway? Oh, wait - you think he'd have a motive to see me die in some horrible car crash so he could finally marry her? Sheeeeeeeit. That would only happen in Hollywood...
...of course I do live in Hollywood but NAHHHHHHHHH.
The week was filled with fun restaurants and Jess getting to see her old friends. To top it off, Jess and Jeff went home with my beloved Nintendo Wii. Even though I've been a lifelong Nintendo addict, and have every game system ever made, I happily made their day (they haven't been able to get one in Columbus) knowing they'd get a lot more fun out of it than I would.
So yeah... good times. I will admit however, things are clearly different between Jess and I. It's clear we're on the right paths for us, apart, and it's heartwarming. Of course I should probably get into all that in the next entry as it is the first of April.