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7:19 PM, Tuesday, March 13th, 2007:
What a beautiful ending is right. This was just a wonderful day. One for the record books, one that I got to see through the eyes of a proud father, and one that I will never forget.
First of all:  SUPRISE!! You're interviewing Madeline! The night before I find out I'm conducting the interview. I guess they all assumed I would assume... who knows. But I was shocked and excited to say the least. I got to feel all "anchorish" and my only concern was that kids can tend to be difficult interviews...

Madeline was of course, adorable and BEEMED "happy" every moment I was around her. While we stood there waiting I kept pokin' her arm and smilin' at her as if to say:  "This is pretty cool huh?". I feel so much like a kid these days anyway, that I had zero problem relating to her. I think that showed in the interview.
This is the last time I'll mention it, because it's getting old - but I was as calm as it seemed on TV. It absolutely feels like I'm right at home and now when I look at the footage I'm conentrating on the little things:  "Oh I should have my eyes open a bit more there..." or "My feet in that position look a bit more comfortable". Now of course it's like a drug addiction...I want more and more time. That competitive thing comes out and you start to feel aggressive - kinda fun on this level actually. Who am I kidding, it's unbelieveable. It is amazing how quickly your career can shift.
Hangin' out in the green room with Madeline and her family was a trip. Though I've fully accepted that no one really watched The Egos bits, the friends and families of the contestants most certainly did and it was fun to feel the awkwardness of everyone when I walked in. Madeline's grandmother was on the phone with someone when she said:  "Should I tell you I'm sitting next to Adam Kontras right now?" LOL.
I love the above pic though. Grandma's like:  "I'm not so sure about this one..." Ha. That or:  "What is UP with that haircut?" :-)
For my father of course, it was just a celebration. I mean it was for me as well, but he was taking in every moment the same way I did last September and it just tripled the enjoyment for me. Happiness is contagious and everyone involved in Living Room Live was just so happy to see the result of 3 months of work. It's unfortunate anyone had to lose, but I guess that's the nice part about being on the inside - ya get to celebrate either way.

Of course Madeline turned the "celebration" into an absolute crowning of a new star. The graphic on-screen while she sang read "A Star is Born" and it isn't even close to being in doubt. The juxtaposition of her talking voice to her singing voice is so jaw-droppingly striking the entire studio was beside themselves. I stood off to the side with tears in my eyes watching this little girl literally change her entire life in one moment. It was like watching someone making the game winning shot. Soooo wonderful to be a part of that and feel the energy in that room as she nailed that song. Congratulations Madeline.

As they did last time, they brought the fmaily on to end the show and pops took a page out of the "Ballsy Adam" book by seizing the opportunity. Ha. Love it. National television debut! :-)
Now it occured to me the day before that there would be a grand piano on the set and that it just wouldn't hurt to ask if they could post-tape (after the show) me recording a song. Luckily the guy making that call just happened to be Tony. Tony was the guy I dubbed "Bob" in the "Bordering on Britney" entry. He was so apologetic for the goof-ups with the cameras and was just happy to help me out. So they lifted the grand piano onto a different part of the set, lit it, mic'd it - set it all up for me to run through "Saying When".
How incredible is this to have? They did a full 3 camera shoot, edited it all together - I'll throw on the graphics and overlays:  voila. I'm performing live on The Early Show. As I said with "The Price is Right" bit - it adds sooooooo much credibility to what I'm doing. It wouldn't suprise me that in the midst of all that's going on, I find a way to rev up some music industry interest.

So funny how that works. The second it looks like someone else is showing interest, everyone opens their ears and their eyes. But I'm old enough now to know that's true...and I'm just POUNCING on every opening I can find. Good things don't come to those who wait. They come to those who make opportunities every way possible. It was audacious to ask the crew of The Early Show to set all this up for no other reason than I asked...
...but you ask anyway. There's a certain audacity to all of this, so don't overthink it. Just go with it.
Afterwards, Dad and I walked to the CBS offices to get dubs of the song, the show and another bit for the "Up & Adam" funding pitch coming up. Got to sit down one more time with Steve and he reiterated the "I want to be remembered for discovering you Adam, not for news". This from the guy who turned The Today Show into what it is today with the hiring of Katie Couric back in the 80s, created Dateline NBC...whew. It's just one of those comments that hits you at your core. All of the little things I could worry about concerning getting the show off the ground tend to dissolve when you realize that he and Vinnie truly do want to help me...and they will. They're both as excited about this upcoming project as I am and they know they've got someone that will work his ass off to make it revolutionary. And to have him say that in front of my father...
...will there better moments? Yeah, there probably will be. But this is the best one to date.
PS - a HUGE thanks to Chad who got his butt up quite early to come down and take these pics. They're gorgeous as usual and are ridiculously precious to me. Keep fighting the fight man, you know your excellence shines through - you're gonna look up one day and have so many projects that you'll be turning them down. It happens at the drop of a hat. Be there to catch the hat.