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10:37 PM, Thursday, March 8th, 2007:
As if I wasn't down enough, right? Let me get the explanation of that debacle out of the way first:
So, just like last time - I was completely comfortable (suprisingly so) - I just feel like I belong there. Weird huh? They walk me in, sit me down and I say hello to Julie. Only later do I realize, the stage manager is missing. She's the person that tells you how the blocking of the segment - where to look, so on. I was so comfortable it never even occurs to me. Julie is talking to the control room about a line to her script that's added she wasn't aware of, but she seems ok with it. If I look to my right I can see a monitor that shows our 2-shot, and then we start.
Julie starts off and there's apparently a problem with her teleprompter as she messes up her first lines (which turns my name into Adam Kont - and if you didn't know better you'd swear she said cunt - lol) - then it comes back out to us and everything is fine. Watching it again I came off pretty seasoned. That was about to change. LOL. She throws it to me and I notice in the monitor that it's on the 2 shot - so I turn and look into that camera and the teleprompter doesn't have my script. I'm trying to remember what the script was supposed to be when this dude, we'll call him BOB, runs over waving his hands and going to a different camera to look in. One I never even noticed was there. LOL. So I introduce the first act and when that piece comes up - all HELL breaks loose. Bob is yelling - "WHERE'S THE STAGE MANAGER!!!!". Julie is yelling something in the control room and the guy is running around frantically apologizing to me...
Then I introduce the 2nd act. While that plays...
More apologies, people yelling and pointing - I'm actually laughing at this point, but I'm a little pissed off because guess who looks like the idiot? Bob is talking to the control room:  "I'm running BLIND here, I don't know the shots" I introduce the final act and again while it's playing eveyone's talking, yelling and apologizing. Julie goes: "WHY DIDN'T WE BLOCK THIS? WHAT'S THE NEXT SHOT." It was quite humorous.
But it's all good - we go to the introduction of the winner and Julie asks me who the winner is... I think to myself:  "Well I'm not making that mistake again..." and I remember to look into Camera 1 and start to announce the winner. Of course NOW they've changed it to the 2 shot. ?!!? Again, I have no way of knowing this. There are lights on the cameras, but not very obvious, and you're reading copy... Bob has to look at the monitor to see which shot it is and then runs over to the 2 shot camera as Julie laughs and tells me we're in this camera now. I laughed of course and had fun with it. I certainly come off comfortable but just frustrated. Like how ridiculously unprofessional is this? And to every single person in America, except those in the studio, I look like the unprofessional one. After we're clear -Julie just apologizes profusely, the "guy" all but hugs me he feels so bad. Tammy is asking Bob "was I supposed to do something?"
I was so fuggin' pissed. I mean after the news last night with Up & Adam, this was almost too much. I know the right people understand what happened, but no matter what - I look bad. I don't really mind, as I've looked goofy before - but when it's COMPLETELY someone else's fault it just has this twinge of "unfair" to it. And again, yesterday kicked my ass so hard and now this. I literally wanted to crawl into a hole and I intend on not moving from this hotel room until my dad gets here Saturday afternoon. I'm tellin' ya - the depression is gonna hit, and hit hard - I'm bracing myself.
Got to talk with Steve about some of my concerns with especially the "internet fueling television" model. He brought up a good point... I'll paraphrase:
"You know _____ from MTV?" (I didn't, nor do I remember his name now) "Well he got fired recently for not doing enough with the internet. Execs are being pressured to show they're being pro-active and truth be told, no one knows exactly what that means. We're signing deals with yahoo, signing deals with youtube - we're trying to show that."


So what he was saying was that - the business model can be literally the catch-phrase of "internet" and get the development money. He has a point. He finally just said, "Don't worry about man, we're gonna take care of you - Vinnie is the head of late night, he knows what he's doing." The last part was a nice way of him saying - back the fuck off, you don't know more than the head of late night. And I was immediately submissive - LOL. I love Steve, I know he's got my best interests at heart and I will back off completely here. I didn't cross the line, but I walked up to it - he pointed that out and I understood. Then Tammy came up to me and reminded me that I had to shoot a piece for the pitch to Nancy Tellum (2nd only to Les Moonves) and the meeting was over.
It was nice because I had totally forgotten about it, and Nanci Ross reminded Tammy. It was a good sign that everyone else is really on-board with this. The taping went well and it adds a nice touch of professionalism to it with me being on that set.
Afterwards we went back to the CBS News building and I was able to sit down with Nanci and just straight up ask her: "What the fuck". LOL. Not exactly like that, but I asked her "what happened". She said she honestly had no idea. She was told a TV show, she was told starting in the big markets first, selling to affiliates. The first she heard of this internet thing was at that lunch. So that made me feel a bit better. She also tried to ease some of my fears about getting sponsorships and whatnot but I'm still not buying Aerosmith no matter what they tell me. LOL. She just said:  "Don't worry about it". Fair enough. That's 2 polite "Butt-outs".
The bottom line is, there's only one head of late night at CBS. Period. You go his route, or you go no route at CBS. If he says we circumvent Worldwide Pants...then so be it. If it's because he has poor standing with them? Nothing I can do about that. Vinnie gave me this opportunity, he named the damn show, and it's in his court to deal with those logistics. I control the creative end.
But I did look cute today:
You know what's weird? I look thinner on TV somehow. How does that happen? Anyway, enough happened today that I was able to avoid the eventual breakdown, but it's comin'. It's gonna be a bit more anti-Britney though. Grow my hair out, don't shave - lay in bed for a week. If it wasn't for my dad coming here Saturday afternoon I would never leave my hotel room. I'd eat and drink myself into the next week until I had to be on the air, and then I'd go home and continue until the feeling subsided. I'm ignoring everything because I have shit to do right now, but when that goes away - look out. I know myself well enough to know it's gonna be rough.
But I'll get up again. The fight won't end. I'll give it everything I've got.